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Compare and Contrast Topics for High School Students

37+ Compare and Contrast Topics for High School Students

Here you can find 37+ compare and contrast topics for high school students. A writing guide with one topic example is included. RMH 2020

It is challenging to find easy compare and contrast essay topics for high school students.

Ride My Homework is here to make essay writing easy for you!

On this paper, you are going to acquire;

  • How to write a compare and contrast essay quickly
  • Compare and Contrast essay topics for high school students.

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Easily?

The initial aim of writing a comparison essay is to find two associated subjects and point out their similarities and differences.

Ride My Homework prepared an essay example to show how to write a compare and contrast essay quickly.


Topic: Football vs Basketball

TITLE: Football and Basketball


*Start with a general statement and background information that gives the idea of your topic.


General Statement and background information:

   Throughout history, it is possible to see that sports have been played all around the world. There are a lot of different kinds of sports, and it is very likely to say that sports have been advanced in each century. With these developments, new types of sports have been invented, as well. Sports also have a lot of benefits to the human body; it keeps the body in shape and health. 

Thesis Statement:

Football and basketball are some of the most popular sports which are played by a lot of people all over the world. There are some similarities between these two sports; however; they are also different in some ways.


*In every paragraph, give your topic sentences then give your supporting sentences.

  1. Paragraph: Similarities


   There are some apparent similarities between football and basketball. The first similarity is that they are both team sports. Both of them are played in teams. Team sports are beneficial to young children to learn how to act in a group, and the team plays. Therefore; these two team sports are also helpful in the development of children. The second similarity is that they both are played with a ball. The main subject of football and basketball is the ball. They both use a ball to gain scores over the opposing team. The last similarity is that they are both fun activities to do. Both of them provide fun and a lovely time. Both are watching, and playing can provide fun with a friend or with family.  

  1. Paragraph: Differences


   Even though football and basketball have a lot of things in common, they also have a couple of differences. Firstly; although they both are team sports, the player number in each of their teams is different. While basketball teams consist of five players, football teams have eleven players. Hence, the player number in groups is a clear difference. The second difference is that football is played outdoors on grass ground, but basketball is usually played indoors on a wooden floor. Therefore; the places of these two sports are played in show difference. The last difference is the body part that is used while playing football and basketball. While only foot or head is used to control the ball while playing football, only hands are used to manage the ball in basketball. So, it is an apparent difference between football and basketball.


*Restatement of the main ideas which are represented previously and putting a final comment.


   All things considered, football and basketball have some similarities such as; being team sports, both are played with a ball, and being a fun activity to have with friends and family. However, they also have some differences. Those differences are the number of players in each team, the places that they are played in, and the body parts that are used to control the ball. In my opinion, both of these sports are top-rated sports, and they will keep their popularity all the time because they are great sports. 


This is an illustration of how to write an easy compare and contrast essay.

With the help of this example, now you can write your essay quickly as well!

Still, if you lack inspiration about what to write about, we have topic examples for you!

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Interesting Topics for High School Students

While essay writing is always a necessity in high school assignments, it also can become pretty dull.

The secret of less boring essay writing is to write about interesting subjects.

The topic depends on your interests; hence, it can be anything you would like to talk about.

Ride My Homework listed 10 interesting topics below for you;

  1. American vs. Chinese concepts of beauty.
  2. Desktop computers or tablets.
  3. E-mail vs usual post.
  4. Fantastic Four or the Avengers?
  5. Helping others or taking care of themselves.
  6. Earthquakes vs tornadoes
  7. OS vs Android.
  8. Radio or newspaper.
  9. Rock vs rap music.
  10. Sitcoms vs Reality Shows

These topics can be the inspiration for high school students who want to write an interesting comparison essay.


Top 10 Classic Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

High schools can also require some more severe essay writings.

To write a more serious essay, you need a classic compare and contrast essay topic.

Classic subjects will save your essay writing process and your grade because it will be easy to write about!

Here is a list of classic compare and contrast essay topics for you...

  1. Chemistry vs Biology
  2. Classical vs Rock music.
  3. Modern and ancient philosophers.
  4. E-books vs paper textbooks.
  5. Difference between effects of books and video games on morals.
  6. Facts vs Truth
  7. Geology and mineralogy.
  8. Tangerines vs Oranges
  9. The line between right and wrong
  10. Watching a movie at home or going to the theatre

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Popular Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

You might be wondering; what are the essay topics which are used by high school students generally.

Writing about a popular subject will also make everyone to read your paper and your ideas more interestingly.

Ride My homework listed 10 popular comparison essay topics for high school students!

  1. Apple vs pear
  2. Audiobooks or paper books
  3. Black vs white: best colour for formal meetings
  4. Digital vs printed photographs.
  5. Playing video games vs reading: Which one is better?
  6. Spending time with family or friends
  7. Sports or diets: which is more effective?
  8. Sports or musical instruments
  9. Testing or stress-free education
  10. Thanksgiving or Halloween


Bonus 7 Interesting Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

We also prepared more interesting topics for comparison essays.

Here are the bonus easy compare and contrast topics;

  1. Active vs passive rest
  2. Being a child in the USA or China
  3. Celebrities or parents as role models
  4. Football vs baseball
  5. Playing inside vs outside.
  6. PlayStation versus Xbox
  7. Soccer vs basketball.


On this paper, Ride My Homework has given you;

  • A compare and contrast essay example to illustrate how to write it easily
  • Compare and contrast essay topics for high school students.

Those guidelines will help you to write a good paper.

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