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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph for Your Homework?

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph for Your Homework | RMH

Compare and contrast paragraph is the writing type that everyone would need to write at some point.

It might be very challenging to write a good compare and contrast paragraph.

Don’t worry! Ride My Homework is giving you a guide about it to you!

On this paper, you will have detailed information about;

How to write a compare and contrast paragraph?

-Best way to start to a compare and contrast paragraph

-How to conclude a compare and contrast paragraph

Great tips for a good paragraph

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph?

Compare and contrast paragraph aims to compare and contrast a particular subject.

Compare is focusing on the similarities, and contrast is concentrating on the differences.

The compare and contrast paragraph must include 3 elements in the following:

Topic sentence

Supporting sentences

Concluding sentence

The topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph, and it must tell about the subject.

It identifies the subject that is going to be compared and contrasted.

Supporting sentences can be written in two ways.

The similarities and differences can be told one by one.

The similarities can be listed and explained first, and then the differences can be listed and explained.

In both ways, the similarities and differences should be explained very well and in detail.

Concluding sentences should summarize the points that are mentioned in supporting sentences.

This sentence should be brief and wrap the paragraph.


Best Way to Start Your Compare and Contrast Paragraph

The beginning sentence of the compare and contrast paragraph is important.

However, before you start your compare and contrast paragraph, some points can help you with starting.

Brainstorming about the related topics on their similarities and differences.

Taking notes on the points that are going to be mentioned.

The tips above are the things that can be done minutes before starting to write.

The topic sentence takes place at the beginning of the paragraph.

The way you start your compare and contrast paragraph is important because here you are identifying the topic.

Starting directly with giving the names of the topic and things that are going to be compared will be effective enough.

There are various ways to write the topic sentence.

The following sentences can be customized while writing a compare and contrast paragraph’s topic sentence:

There are several similarities and differences between …......... and ….........”

“........ and …...... are similar and different in some ways.”

“......... and …...... share some certain similarities and differences in aspect.”

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5 Great Tips for a Good Paragraph

Writing an excellent compare and contrast paragraph isn’t easy as much as it seems.

There are some ways to end up with a good paragraph.

Here are Ride My Homework's 5 tips for a good paragraph:

Take notes before starting to write your paragraph.

Gathering ideas and brainstorming about the similarities and differences between two subjects before starting to write will ease the process.

Therefore, make a list that includes similarities and differences. This will be easy to organize your paragraph.

Arrange the length of the paragraph

A good compare and contrast paragraph should contain at least

One topic sentence

Three supporting sentences

Lastly, a concluding sentence

The supporting sentences are essential because they must support your argument.

Also, they must make your point clear enough.

However, BE CAREFUL not to make your argument so long.

Be clear and brief; your paragraph shouldn't be either so short or so long!

Be careful with the unity of your paragraph.

Don’t forget to start your paragraph with a topic sentence. Then continue with the supporting sentences.

Finally, if you don't conclude your paragraph with a concluding sentence, it will make you have an incomplete paragraph.

The unity of the paragraph is essential for your reader to read your paragraph easier.

Be careful with the order and choice of words.

While writing the supporting sentences, the order is very important.

Be sure that you are giving the similarities first, and differences later.

Also, be sure that you are not using complex words.

Remember! You must avoid the confusion, so use basic but effective words, and be careful with the order!

Use transition words and phrases.

For the coherence of your paragraph, use the transition words, phrases.

This will make your paragraph to be read more accessible, and your similarities and differences will be more precise.

Therefore; while writing the supporting sentences, use the words or phrases given below:

The first/ the second/ the third

The first/ second/ third similarity/ difference

Another similarity/ difference

The last similarity/ difference

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How to Conclude Your Compare and Contrast Paragraph

To have a complete paragraph, a concluding sentence is needed.

When writing a compare and contrast paragraph, concluding sentence can be confusing to write.

All should be done is to gather all the points into only one or two sentences.

Therefore; in concluding sentences; summarize the similarities and differences and interpret your points.

Be careful! Don't bring any new ideas or similarities or differences while concluding your compare and contrast paragraphs.

E.g. “The similarities and differences between ….... and …... are …..... …..... …....”

         “........ and ….. are similar in …........... ways while they are different in …...... ways."

This is the right and best way to conclude your comparison paragraph.


How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a fair and effective compare and contrast essay can be challenging.

However, a useful guide can save you!

That’s why we have prepared a detailed guideline to write the best compare and contrast essay.

To learn how to write a compare and contrast essay; check out our Hub page!


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