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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For College Students | 47+ Topics | RMH

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For College Students 

It can be a real challenge to find compare and contrast essay topics for college students.

Don't worry! Ride My Homework prepared a practical guideline to help you.

On this paper, you are going to have more detailed information about;

Compare and contrast essay topics for college.

Compare and contrast essay examples for college students.

How to write a college-level compare and contrast essay


Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College

From the beginning of the school years, every kind of essay writing is asked by the teachers.

Compare and contrast essay is one of the most used and wanted essay type.

Even in college, the students may write one.

If you lack inspiration about finding topics, the list below comes for you...

Capitalism vs Communism

Any two world religions?

Astrology vs Astronomy

Differences between the benefits of working in daytime and nighttime.

Biology vs Chemistry

Ego vs Superego

Gas vs electric cars.

Life in a small town vs a busy city

Renaissance Art vs Baroque Art

Traditional or online shopping.

Chinese Communism vs Cuban Communism

Fossil Energy vs Nuclear Energy

Macbeth vs Hamlet

Monopolies vs Oligopolies

North vs. South Before the Civil War

Online jobs or traditional jobs

Online vs Traditional Education

Roman Empire vs. Chinese Empire

US President vs. UK Prime Minister

Using renewable versus fossil energy

If more categorized topics are what you are looking for, here is another list!

More Compare and Contrast Topics

Compare and contrast essay’s first aim is to compare two things so that comparing;

Movies and music

Well known authors

Popular politicians

Historical events –such as wars-

 will be very suitable for your paper. Here is an ultimate list for easy compare and contrast essay topics.

Barack Obama vs Donald Trump

Benefits & disadvantages of being school teacher vs university professor:

Buying things online vs shopping at malls.

Fiction vs Nonfiction

Greek Pantheon vs Nordic Pantheon

Newton vs Einstein

Physical power or the power of words

Plato vs Socrates

Smart house vs usual home.

The negative and positive influence of religion

Cold War vs Traditional War

Diets vs drugs for weight loss

The economic development of America vs China

Jane Austen vs Charlotte Bronte.

Modern literature vs Classical Literature

Profit vs Non-Profit Organizations

Public vs Private Transportation

Stephen King vs Terry Pratchett

Two works of Shakespeare

World War I vs World War II

These were some compare and contrast essay topics for college.

With the topics above, now you are ready to write your paper!

However, if you still want to have compare and contrast essay examples for college;

Ride My Homework prepared this guideline for you!

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples for College Students

The information below is given for the college students who are looking for compare and contrast essay examples.

How to Write a College Level Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay mainly analyzes how two associated subjects are similar and different.

Before starting to write the compare and contrast essay;

Find two relevant things to compare and contrast.

Create a list of the thing alike and different of these two subjects.

Start to collect ideas and check a variety of sources.

The third step is significant because, in college, you have to prove your ideas with reliable sources.

Here are some online encyclopedias and sources that you can benefit during this process;






Don't forget about the Brainstorming!

Brainstorming about everything you know and then going back and looking for connections is very important!

After completing the initial tips before starting to write, now it is time to learn about how actually to write it!

Here are the excellent guidelines about how to write a compare and contrast essay and compare and contrast essay HUB!

Organization of College Level Compare and Contrast Essay Examples


General Statement

Information about the topic

Thesis Statement


1.     Paragraph: At least 3 similarities

                                 Topic sentences and supporting sentences


2.      Paragraph: At least 3 differences (differences should be equal to similarities that you gave in the previous paragraph.)

                             Topic sentences and supporting sentences

**It is vital not to include any ideas which are not connecting with the topic sentence.



Restate the main ideas

Put a final comment

(In the final comment you can give suggestions, advice, solution or you can just interpret the main points.)

Here is an outstanding guide about compare and contrast essay structure for you!

For the ones who look for free compare and contrast essay examples for college level; it comes for you...

Outline of Compare and Contrast Essay for College

Topic: Macbeth vs Hamlet

                                         TITLE: Macbeth and Hamlet



   Since ancient times, tragedy has an important place in people's lives. Even though the tragedies and theatre are losing is popularity as time passes by, there are still huge fans of tragedies. When tragedy is said, one of the first names which come to our minds is of course Shakespeare. Macbeth and Hamlet are two well-known plays which were written by Shakespeare. There are some similarities and differences between these two famous plays.


  1. Paragraph: Similarities


   The first similarity between Macbeth and Hamlet is that they are both Shakespearean tragedies. In history, tragedies take a significant place in art, and both plays are carrying the elements of tragedy. They both include murders and a lot of blood. The other similarity is both of these plays are about family relationships. In Macbeth, the main characters are husband and wife. Also in Macbeth is it is the same with Hamlet, there are stories of fathers and sons. Also, in Hamlet, we have the story of a father and son. Sons who want to take revenge for their fathers. The last similarity is that both of them have the ghost scenes. As we know that Hamlet starts with the ghost scene, and in Macbeth; after killing Banquo, Macbeth sees his ghost in Banquet.

2.Paragraph: Differences


    Although there are similarities, there are also some differences between Macbeth and Hamlet. The first difference is that Macbeth is set in Scotland, but Hamlet is set in Denmark. Therefore, the places of the plays are completely different from each other. The second difference is Macbeth is a play about ambition, but Hamlet is a play about revenge. Hence in these two tragedies, the motivation of killing is different from each other. Macbeth kills for ambition, and Hamlet kills for revenge. The last difference is the feeling of guilt. While Hamlet is not showing any remorse about killing Polonius, Lady Macbeth kills herself because of the guilt that she feels. This can be seen as a significant difference between the two plays. 



    All in all, there are a lot of similarities and differences between Macbeth and Hamlet. Being Shakespearean tragedies, being plays about family relationships and having ghost scenes are the similarities between two plays. On the other hand, the places which both plays set in, the motivations of murders, and the characters’ remorse of killing are the differences between Macbeth and Hamlet. Both of them are great works of the most famous British playwright, and great tragedies to read.


This outline is given for you as an example from Ride My Homework.

Now you know how to write a good essay!

We also prepared more compare and contrast essay topics for college students.

Below you will find 7 more compare and contrast essay topics for college...

Ego vs Superego

Hammurabi's Code vs Magna Carta

Machiavelli vs Sun Tzu

Messaging vs Vocal Communication

The Middle East vs Europe in the 11th century

Modern Republican vs. Modern Democrat

Neolithic and Paleolithic periods


On this paper, Ride My Homework has given you;

47 compare and contrast topics for college students.

Compare and contrast paper examples.

Guideline of writing a college-level compare and contrast essay

With these guidelines and tips, now you will be able to find excellent compare and contrast topics for college.

ALSO, you will be able to write a good paper.


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