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Analysis Essay | What is Analytical Writing | 2020 RMH Guide

Anlayisis Essay

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Analysis Essay | What is Analytical Writing

We know that writing an analysis essay is challenging for students.

Ride My Homework is going to be the best guideline in this challenge!

Students will learn

-Analysis essay

-Analytical writing

-What is a literary analysis

-Literary response

Besides these 4 amazing headlines, students are going to see interesting analysis essay topics for 2020


The purpose of analysis essay is to look really deeply at a text so that the writer is able to answer the questions; how and why

Why is an analytical essay important?

When a text, film, poem, painting, and play is analyzed, the meaning that created by the author will come to light; the language creates meanings

Ask yourself questions to create a perfect analysis essay argument


Analytical writing requires to evaluate complex ideas, approaches, theories or outcomes, and make them clear and understandable.

Critical thinking is the first provision of analytical writing.

Critical thinking is not agreement or disagreement with the presented topic; it is an assessment of every element of the work by examining deeply

In this way, you can make connections between arguments and evidence to see every single positive and negative side of a statement

While thinking critically and writing analytically your main methods should be

-compare and contrast of ideas

-evaluation of facts and evidence

-assessment of clarity of language (Do the readers understand the argument clearly?)

ANALYSIS ESSAY Outline & Structure

There is the ideal structure of analysis essay below!


Hook: Start with a catchy sentence to attract your reader

Background Information: Inform the reader about the text

Thesis: Clarify the claim of your essay

State title and the author of the work; it’s the date of publication

Tell the writer’s thesis

Identify your own thesis statement and claim about the work

The poem, Men of England, by Percy Shelly, is a touchy poem because ………


Claim: The topic sentence of the paragraph

Evidence: The facts, reasons and examples that support your argument

Connection: Combine your argument and evidence to explain why this work is important

Transition: Write a clear and short transition sentence to begin a new paragraph

Tell the main idea of the work

Answer WH- questions

Give information about setting, plot, characters and theme


Reword your thesis properly

State the importance of your analysis

Give a good recommendation


The introduction is the first punch of the analysis essay, so it should be powerful and charming to attract the audience

Analysis essay introduction consists of 3 essential part


The purpose of the hook is to grabs the reader’s attention to make the essay readable

Hence, the hook should be captivating and interesting.

An appealing hook can be

Be sure that the readers can find the answers in your body paragraph easily

The facts and a pieces of evidence should come from credible, reliable sources

It helps you to attract the audience your knowledge

When you use a metaphor, the reader wonders what the writer means

Words always have a great influence on people. Therefore, the quotation words should be memorable, striking, and powerful


The thesis statement is the central message of the analysis essay. It refers to the main idea of the argument.

It must be one or two-sentences.

The thesis statement helps the writer to set his/her position and give the audience a sense of direction (a short of guideline)

A strong thesis statement should be


The body is a significant part of an essay.

It has to give clear and detailed explanations to make the argument understandable.

The well-written body paragraph includes

Piece of evidences rescue analysis essay from being a usual summary

The writer should tie every argument to each other with a transition sentence in paragraphs. Thus, the reader will be ready for the next and relevant discussions.


The conclusion is the final words of a writer, so the most memorable part of an essay.

To make it impressive

Answer this question in your conclusion paragraph to state the importance of your essay

The thesis statement is the main idea of an analysis essay. If your last sentence reaches the same point with the thesis statement, the credibility of your essay will increase

New argument requires new, long, and detailed explanations, BUT this is a conclusion.

You have to conclude written paragraphs arguments


The principle of an analytical essay is to explain work (text, movie, painting, article) in detail to increase the audience’s understanding

To write a good analysis essay on an article

  1. Read the article critically

The critical reading means a deeper examination of the argument of an article and its supporting points, also the possible encounter arguments

  1. Describe and explain the argument that the author state

Only if you know the claim of the article well, you can analyze and criticize it. Otherwise, your analysis will turn a summary

  1. Make your own argument about the article

Analysis of an article is not a subjective reading BUT end of the analysis, you should state why you discuss it, what will leave for the reader

What is a Literary Analysis

Literary analysis definition

Literary analysis is a piece of writing to make clear how and why a literary text (poem, short story, novel, and play) is written.

Hence, writing a literary analysis is challenging for students.

To make it easier

Do not forget, every literary text has a message. The writer makes particular decisions for specific reasons.

You ought to point out the author intention and state the significance of it

To make an academic analysis, you have to know the literary terms and concepts.

To clarify, if you do not know what the climax is, you cannot explain the peak of the plot.

That is why pay attention to the terms below!

You should pay attention to some significant elements to analyze deeply

These elements help you to understand the message of the work


Literary criticism is criticizing a literary text based on some literary theory. The main goal of literary critics is to find the best way to interpret literature.

Follow the tips below to write a good literary analysis essay

Every literary genre, novel, poem, short story, novella, has different elements. To explain, if you want to discuss form and content, you ought to talk about a poem instead of a play. Or, if you talk about the relationship of plot and subplot, you should choose a play

The main purpose of the literary critic is to explain “what a piece means” and “how it achieves its effect”

A well-written literary critic explains how actions, speech, quotes, examples, and events display themes and ideas.

Be sure how the writer uses literary devices to support his/her points

The summary is a way to inform the reader about the text. HOWEVER, it does not mean merely paraphrase, restate, re-telling what happens.

You should mention key points to make your argument clear, and back it up.

Literary criticism requires close and critical reading. One cannot analyze every element of the text in the first reading. Also, it is hard to memorize details of the work

Therefore, you ought to take some reminder notes in the margin. These notes can be about concepts, the language of the text, your comments, a theory that is mentioned in the text.

Critical Literary Analysis Essay Examples

Before writing an analysis essay, make the purpose of the work clear, analyze the structure of the text, and evaluate whether the author accomplishes his/her purpose properly.

Follow tips and write an excellent critical literary analysis essay example

Inform the reader

The title

The author

The publication date

The context: it helps to understand the whole idea of the work

A critical summary demonstrates your understanding of the source of work. Do not leave your impression, and be objective

Critical questions help to organize your analysis paragraph

-How to text is organized?

-The style and the rhetoric of the text?

-Is the message effective?

-Does the message of the text reach the target audience?

The readers know that the whole essay is already your opinion. Saying these conventional words make your essay unsure.


Literary analysis (literary criticism) means interpretation of a literary text.

Literary texts: a poem, a short story, a play, a novel or even a movie

The literary elements help the reader to examine the meaning and significance of the literary works closely.

Literary elements:


To analyze the plot, identify three basic points

Exposition: the events and characters are first exposed the reader

Casual Events


Character Analysis

Decide the characters’ personality, moral ethics and appearance

Analyze the character of the characters (persons can be self-deceived, bias or kind)

Determine who is protagonist, flat /round /dynamic character


The theme is the fundamental and unifying concept of the literary work

It ought to be stated the generalization of the life instead of being a reference to a specific character


Thanks to the setting, the readers are going to understand

Where the story is; in which period of the time

What target society

What is the social context: custom, value, tradition?


The literary response is a reaction to a piece of literature that one has read and heard.

The response of literature can be





Literary analysis is the act of thinking carefully how the elements (parts) of a literary text affect the whole.

How characters, setting, and plot affect the text? How did they used to create meaning?

These two important skills allow students to understand the meaning of the literary text and how they can form their own perception of it.

There are 3 crucial steps of literary response and analysis

To assess the writer’s work academically, students need to support it by using textual evidence from the text

Textual evidence can be examples, quotes, references, and details in the text. Supporting the argument these evidence makes the argument (the essay) reliable and readable.

Literary elements mean setting, plot, characters, and theme. You should prove how they can contribute to each other, and how they can create the message of the text

Literary devices mean

Consider whether literary the usage of the literary devices helps the writer to accomplish his / her purposes.

 Analysis Essay Topic Ideas for 2020

Historical Analysis Essay

Choose arguable and analytical topics. E.g. “What is Industrial Revolution” is not arguable so you cannot examine and analyze it. Nevertheless, “The effects of the Industrial Revolution on American society’s economy” can worth to analyze

Visual Analysis Essay

State the practical painting techniques, choice of colors and the painter’s aim

Image Analysis Essay

Do not forget the main purpose of the image analysis essay: tell a story and evoke emotion. Therefore, be sure about the message of the photo and analyze it

Poetry Analysis Essay

Review different artistic, functional, and structural elements that create a poem

 Fiction Analysis Essay

 Focus on literary techniques of the fictional text

 Story Analysis Essay

Pay attention to how plot contribute to the development of the story

 Public Policy Analysis

Think about policy techniques critically, and evaluate the one particular aspect of it

 School Environment Analysis Essay

Benefit from your own experience and observation in the school

Pay attention to the relationship between plot, subplot, characters and events

How do they help to the writer to reach his goal? What is the meaning of the text?

Food Journal Analysis Essay

Enlighten the reader what exactly food journal is. Then, you can see aspects and elements of it

Business Analysis Essay

Remember the aim of business analysis essay: to gather the different techniques and collect information to make business decisions

 Business Data Analysis Essay

Business data analysis helps managers to make strategic decisions, solve critical problems and achieve major goals.

Economic Analysis Essay

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