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Exemplification Essay | Step by Step Ultimate Guide 2021 | RMH

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Exemplification Essay | Step by Step Ultimate Guide 2021 | RMH

We know writing a remarkable exemplification essay is challenging for many students!

Therefore, Ride My Homework has prepared an informative exemplification writing guideline for all!

In our page, you are going to learn

-what is an exemplification essay

-exemplification essay template

-how to write an exemplification essay

Besides these incredible subheadings, there are 30+ exemplification essay topics according to your education level below

You Cannot Write a Great Exemplification Essay without Knowing What Exemplification Essay is

Here is a basic definition of the exemplification essay:

An exemplification writing is a subtype of the argumentative essay.

As known, the argumentative essay explains and proves its claim with logical argumentation. Nonetheless, the purpose of writing an exemplification essay is to prove a point by supporting it detailed examples and reliable sources.

Examples should be given the general to the specific. Therefore, the author would clarify its topic step by step.

For instance,

Broad: a novel

Specific: Great Expectations

More specific: a spiritual and intimate autobiography which is written by Charles Dickens.

It would be best if you wrote more examples to explain why this novel called as a spiritual and intimate text. In other words, prove your specific claim by particular and relevant examples from the story.


We assume exemplification essay on writing is a nightmare for all students. That’s why Ride My Homework will explain point by point how to write an exemplification essay.

The first step! It is impossible to write a perfect paper without knowing the exemplification essay format.

The exemplification essay outline has its principles which are different from the argumentative essay.

Exemplifcation Essay Outline & Structure


It would help if you grabbed the audience’s attention. You can quote from a literary work or a movie. Besides, you can ask a question or rhetorical question. Moreover, using historical or current facts or statistics can be useful for your text.

The reader has no idea about your topic. Thus, give background information at the beginning by organizing it general to specific.

The thesis statement will be a guide for the reader.

You ought to give the main idea(s) of your writing.


Each body paragraph should include detailed examples.

The first sentence of the body paragraph should be the topic sentence. The author ought to explain what will be proved in this paragraph by baking up examples.

Give a vivid and reliable example to prove your claim

The second example should include more details than the first one

The last example ought to be completely accurate and obvious to support both the argument and the first and second examples.

The concluding sentence of the paragraph must make a connection between the first and second paragraph.


                   1.Major supporting details

  1. Minor supporting detail
  2. Minor supporting detail

                   1.Major supporting details

  1. Minor supporting detail
  2. Minor supporting detail

                   1.Major supporting details

  1. Minor supporting detail
  2. Minor supporting detail

                   1.Major supporting details

  1. Minor supporting detail
  2. Minor supporting detail

                   1.Major supporting details

  1. Minor supporting detail
  2. Minor supporting detail

                   1.Major supporting details

  1. Minor supporting detail
  2. Minor supporting detail

Pay attention!

Body paragraph 3 can be optional. If you explain and prove your argument in your first two paragraphs, there is no need for the third one. Nonetheless, if you want to explain more and give details, write the third paragraph.


Even though writing a long and detailed essay seems attractive, it can be tedious and complicated.



It is easy to write an introduction for your exemplification essay by following our guideline below!

You should do a little bit of planning to make it flow better in the end. The reader doesn’t know your topic, so giving a piece of background information would be better to inform the reader.

Write a general statement to warm-up.

The first sentence of your introduction is the first impression of your essay. You have to attract your reader if you want them to read your paper. Hence, write a hook

A hook can be startling statistics, anecdotes, a famous quote, rhetorical questions or an alluring sentence.

The introduction paragraph of the exemplification essay should be shorter than body paragraphs. It is a preview of your paper. When you talk too much, it will be tedious, and you will not save your words for body paragraphs.

Be brief but obvious.

A thesis statement is the core of exemplification essay. It is a demonstration of what will be explained and proved in the body paragraphs.


The thesis statement gives the main themes of your paper. Therefore, the author must explain the key points in a clear and definite way.

You cannot only answer a question or say “yes or no” for an argument.  Also, it is not proper to discuss merely a general subject.

The thesis statement is not the argument itself. It is the interpretation of the questions. If you want to write a forceful and precise thesis statement, you should ask yourself “what is my purpose? What will I say about my topic?”

A factual statement cannot be arguable. You should choose a thesis statement that includes a point of view that could be supported with evidence. 


There is an excellent example of exemplification essay below! We will explain every line step by step.


The title should be catchy. The love of attraction is a controversial topic for many people, especially in today’s world. While some of them believe the power of it, a group of people rejects it. That’s why I have chosen this title to grab the reader’s attention.


The first sentence:

I am the creator of my destiny.

My first sentence is related to my title. However, it does not give details.

Second sentence:

Everybody says “OMG! I wish, but it was impossible. How did it happen?  This is a miracle. Yes, this is a miracle. The miracle of you, your heart and brain.

The second sentence gives a clue about my topic, but again there is no detail.

The thesis statement:

I have changed my terrible destiny with the love of attraction.

The thesis statement says that the author will explain how he has changed his destiny by the love of attraction.


The first sentence:

I met the love of attraction when I was 10. The first day when I met my first English teacher, I decided to be an English teacher. I was a little child, and there is someone who speaks a foreign language like telling an fantastic story. It was so impressive for me.

The first sentence gives the topic sentence. The author states that the paragraph will be about how he/she met the love of attraction.

The second sentence:

When I had gone home, I told my mother that I decided my career: I am going to be a perfect English teacher. She laughed and said “you are too young to decide such kind of thing.”

Whenever I played my friends, I said “guys! I would be a teacher, and you would be my students. I would teach you how to use the correct grammar in English” I acted like a real teacher all the time.

Right now! I am English language and literature professor at Chicago University. Is it destiny? Is it a choice? Is it a childish game? It is actually the love of attraction.

In the second sentence, the author gives an example from his life how he/she used the love of attraction unwittingly and how it affected his/her life.


It is hard to believe in spiritual energy for modern people. However, love of attraction has been a powerful method from past to today. Even though many people don’t realize, they can build or destroy their life with words and actions. Luckily, I have built my life by the love of attraction: I decided to be a teacher, I mentioned my dream to myself, my family, my friends and universe. And the universe responded to me the way I wish and hope.

The conclusion paragraph reaches a certain point: the author has learned how he/she controlled ideas and actions, and what the positive effects of it on his/her life.


Even though many students assume that the conclusion is a summary of the paper, the conclusion of exemplification essay restates the key points of the writing: it is not a summary.

The exemplification essay conclusion should give a sense of completeness. To clarify, the writer ought to make connections between explanations and examples, and then the text must reach the final and absolute point.

The author cannot mention a new argument in the exemplification essay conclusion. Every new statement should be explained by supporting details. However, in conclusion, the writer has to bring examples and explanations altogether. This is ending: no need for a new beginning.

Here is a brief example of the exemplification essay conclusion.

Overall, the technology has many positive impacts on learning process: students can reach the information easily via internet, they can also save their time by using record devices, and students don’t need carrying heavy books and notebooks: they can take notes on their computers. Therefore, it helps student in critical thinking and problem-solving. As all reasons are considered, we can say that technology is a powerful contributor to learning in the modern world.


It is difficult to choose the best topic according to their education level for students.

Ride My Homework will give significant tips for selecting the right topic.

You will also see 30+ exemplification essay topics below!

Enjoy them!

Exemplification Essay Examples for Middle School

Exemplification essay requires detailed examples to illustrate a topic. Therefore, you should concrete a specific topic that you can find many examples of it.

When you choose a too narrow topic, you cannot find adequate and qualified examples for it.

For instance,

The topic: Talk about the literary language of a famous writer in his/her novels.

You should choose a novelist who wrote many novels to compare his/her language in every masterpiece. Therefore, for instance, you cannot select J.D Salinger as a novelist because he wrote just one novel. It is Catcher in the Rye (1951)

It would better be talking about Charles Dickens since he wrote several novels.

  1. Do you believe that everyone can be a good leader?
  2. Should school uniform be compulsory?
  3. why is homework beneficial for students?

Exemplification Essay Examples for College

You should support your every example with minor details. Thus, choose a general topic for your essay so you can find countless examples.

Be careful!

If you cannot organize your supporting details, your essay turns a complicated and incomprehensible text. Hence, make a draft and choose the most exciting examples to attract your reader. Also, your examples should be relevant to both each other and the explanations.

  1. How ethical rules affect people’s social behaviours?
  2. Do you believe that saving nature means saving humankind?
  3. Is it possible to stop racism?


Exemplification Essay Examples Elementary

How do you feel when your teacher doesn’t give good examples of a topic?

As you know, examples make it easier to understand.

You know your topic, but the reader doesn’t know. And the purpose of your writing to enlighten your reader about a particular subject. Therefore, you should select a topic that you can support with 2 or more examples.

Pay attention!

If you choose a too general topic, you can find countless examples. However, you cannot write all of them in your essay. Therefore, you ought to organize and limit examples.

  1. Has music positive effects on people?
  2. Can keeping a diary improve writing skills?
  3. Do you believe that mothers are the best friend of their daughters?

Exemplification Essay Examples High School

The exemplification essay topic should be arguable and interesting for everyone.

When you choose a specific topic, it might not be appealing for the reader. Besides, the chosen topic has two opposite sides to be arguable. For instance, it is impossible to argue on “a child can smoke” However, “the government should ban the sales of cigarettes to those under 18” to discuss.

  1. Is making a mistake the best way to improve?
  2. Is the grade systems in schools’ fair for all students?
  3. Can playing games help to improve creativity?

Exemplification Topic Ideas

You have learned how to select the best exemplification essay topic for your education level.

We have prepared an excellent exemplification essay ideas list for you!

Choose your best!    

  1. Which one is the determiner of the personality: the environment or the genetics?
  2. How can appearance change people’s mind in a job meeting?
  3. What are the impacts of fashion on teenagers?
  4. Discuss the opposing sides of distance learning.
  5. Are books the only source of knowledge?
  6. Do you think that online education is more beneficial than traditional education?
  7. How religion affect modern culture?
  8. Should the government give free medical care for all people?
  9. Is having a college degree enough to get a job in the modern world?
  10. Do you agree that vegetarians actually save animals?
  11. Will Netflix replace the television?
  12. Compare free and paid college education. Which one is the most preferable one and why?
  13. What is the importance of hidden cameras in public places?
  14. Should people sleep at least 8 hours to improve their productivity?
  15. How can making exercises prevent Alzheimer?
  16. What is the importance of communication? Does it make people happier?
  17. How can teams works affects creativity and productivity?
  18. What are the permanent impacts of musical torture?
  19. What is the most intellectual type of leisure: reading or travelling?
  20. Can data protection solve the problems?
  21. Why is positive thinking crucial for psychology?
  22. What is the red line between free speech and hate speech?
  23. Why do people behave hatefully in social media?
  24. What is the role of sexting in a couple’s sexual life?
  25. Do you believe that fruits and vegetables in American supermarkets are actually healthy?
  26. Will the fast-food industry change people’s eating habits forever?
  27. Can capitalism co-exist with socialism?
  28. What do you think about mass media culture? Is it nihilistic or not?
  29. Do you think all the governments ought to legalize the weed?
  30. How daily TV consumptions affects people’s subconscious?
  31. Does listening to music while studying make concretion easier?
  32. Have women a better memory than men?
  33. What are the negative impacts of home-schooling on children’s socializing?
  34. How can immigration affect a country’s economy positively?
  35. Is giving anti-depressant to animals ethical?
  36. Discuss the impacts of free marketing on small business
  37. How capitalism destroy the world-peace?
  38. Discuss three crucial reasons for mental illness
  39. How a parent’s ambition affects their children? Is it a good motivator?
  40. Do you think American society ought to consume less meat?



  1. What are the main points in an essay?

There are 2 main points in the exemplification essay.

1.The thesis statement


The thesis statement is the central theme of the paper. The author declares what will be explained in the body paragraphs. Thus, the thesis can be a guide for the reader.

The exemplification essay means nothing without examples. The writer should explain the topic sentences clearly, and supported with detailed major and minor examples.

  1. how many paragraphs is an essay?

A well-written essay includes five paragraphs.


-Body Paragraph 1

-Body Paragraph 2

-Body Paragraph 3


  1. What is the basic structure of an essay?

Every type of essay has a different structure.

For instance, two body paragraphs are enough for a compare and contrast essay; contrary to this, and an opinion essay needs three body paragraphs. Similarly, writing three body paragraphs would be better for an exemplification essay.

Exemplification essay requires many detailed examples to support the main claims. Therefore, the writer should write three paragraphs not to limit his/her writing.

  1. How do you make exemplification?

Making a great exemplification is the hardest part of exemplification writing. Therefore, you should choose the most relevant and alluring examples for your subject.

Firstly, focus on your primary purpose.

Ask yourself: what do I want to explain to my reader?

                       What is the importance of my topic?

                       Which is the best example of my argument?

                        How I can support my claim by using this example?

                        Is there any alternative to improve my examples?

                        Which sides of my topic are worth to illustrate?

Take notes your answer and examples. Then, check which examples answer your questions correctly.