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Descriptive Essay | Step by Step Ultimate Guide 2020 | RMH

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In This Hub You’ll Find

Descriptive Essay Step by Step Ultimate Guide 

It might sound very challenging to write the best descriptive essay. Nobody says it’s easy to achieve the best paper.

But no worries about it! Because RMH is here with an excellent page!

The descriptive essay is a famous essay type for writing for everyone. That's why an efficient and easy to understand guide is the most useful thing!

Here, on this paper, you will acquire more detailed information about:

*What is a descriptive essay?

*How to write a descriptive essay?

-How to write one for university?

*A magnificent sample for a descriptive essay

*The purpose of descriptive writing

*Point by point descriptive essay

*Descriptive essay structure, outline, template

*How to write a descriptive essay introduction, thesis and conclusion?

*Descriptive essay for your education level;

-For middle school

-High school


In addition to these; RMH is providing more than 30 descriptive essay topic ideas in total at the end of the page!

Are you ready to learn how to write a perfect descriptive essay? Let’s begin!


What is a Descriptive Essay?

The descriptive essay is an academic writing type that aims to describe a particular thing. It is an essay type that requires different things than other essay types. The depictions and descriptions should be strong enough for readers to imagine what is described. Therefore; a descriptive essay has different perspectives and aspects when it is compared with other types of essays.

It's so possible to consider a lot of literary texts as descriptive writing or essay. Here is a list of literary genres that can contain a lot of examples for a descriptive essay:

-Travel books







All of the literary genres above can include descriptive writing at some point. Moreover, it's effortless to make that list longer and longer. Therefore; descriptive essay examples and definitions can be extendable.

The descriptive essay aims to appeal one or more than one senses of our perceptions; touch, smell, hear, sight and taste. That's why it's essential to use the correct language to end up with an excellent descriptive paper.


How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

For writing an excellent descriptive essay, some initial information about the essay type can be essential. Knowing and understanding what descriptive essay exactly is will ease the process of writing. Therefore; RMH provides an ultimate definition of descriptive essay!

Descriptive essay is an academic essay type that aims to describe something with a vivid and detailed language. The thing that is described is usually a place, a person or an object; rarely an emotion as an abstract thing. This essay type requires to be more creative than other academic writings.'

As it can be seen clearly, a descriptive essay can be seen complex, but it's not impossible. We can move into how to write a descriptive essay now!

Follow our guideline for writing an excellent descriptive paper!

1)Choose the topic carefully.

2)Brainstorm and research for background information.

3)Define the target audience.

4)Formulate the thesis statement.

5)Draft an outline.

6)Start to write the introduction paragraph, continue with the body paragraph, and end up with a conclusion.

Try to follow the steps that are given above to write a descriptive essay. The language that is used in this type of essay is very vital. Follow the coming instructions on this page for having the best and correct language usage.


Descriptive Essay on Writing

Descriptive writing essay is something important that should be figured out in detail. Let's remember together why the descriptive essay is popular writing in every kind of literary texts! Because it can be easily found in various literary genres. Those genres can be exemplified like; travel books, journals, poetry, memoirs, diaries, novels, stories and so on...

It can easily be said that descriptive essay is prevalent and one of the most used writing in a lot of writings. Therefore; it's convenient to access the examples of the writing before beginning to write one.

It's also crucial to look thorough some instances of the descriptive essay to see how it is written correctly. Hence, checking out a story, a travel book or anything can be easily your source. However, it also carries the importance that this popularity also doesn't leave any open door for so many mistakes. Thus, the writer should be careful and effective in writing a descriptive essay.

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay for University?

The university level is an introductory level that the students are asked for very severe writings. Since the descriptive essay is an academic writing type, it is asked by the instructors a lot. The critical point on writing a descriptive essay is to combine creativity with a vivid language. Therefore; it might sound challenging at the beginning; however, it's going to become convenient with RMH!

Apply the following steps carefully for writing a descriptive essay for university!

1)Choose the topic carefully: Decide the one topic that you will be writing interestingly and confidently.

2)Research about background information: Research about your topic. The background information about the topic will shape the introduction paragraph.

3)Decide on the focus of the paper: Choose the focus of the paper. Which sense is your paper going to appeal?

4)Identify the target audience: Identify the target audience, so you can manage the language level that you will choose.

5)Outline the essay: Plan your essay before you begin to write. Formulating the thesis will be a bonus benefit at this step.

6)Start to write the paragraphs: Start to write the introduction, bodies and conclusion.

7)Use descriptive and figurative language: Remember, you aim your readers to imagine the thing that you describe in their minds. Use the vivid and detailed language to achieve it better.

8)Proofread and edit: Don’t skip editing and proofreading. This step will carry you one step closer to the perfect paper!


Writing a Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay can sound challenging because it requires so many things in detail. However; it’s not impossible to manage with RMH! Let’s remember what descriptive essay is together.

A descriptive essay is the writing type that aims to depict an image on the readers' minds while appealing to 5 senses. These 5 senses are listed below for you:






Moreover, writing a descriptive essay requires creativity. That's the point that descriptive writing differs itself from the other writing types. Therefore; descriptive writing is a complex writing type that requires a combination of a vivid descriptive language and creativity. However; it might be enjoyable and pleasing to write a descriptive essay because it doesn't have strict rules. Most of the time, it is based on unique ideas and experiences.

The critical point on writing a descriptive essay is to depict the thing very professionally so that the readers can simultaneously imagine the thing on their minds.


Sample of a Descriptive Essay

Reading the examples of a descriptive essay before beginning to write is beneficial. It will be illuminating the essay type cleared on your mind. Moreover; you can feel less lost before starting to write the essay.

In the following, you will be having a great example of a descriptive essay.


Topic: Which day, you don't like? Why?

The Day I Don't Like: Sunday.

     Everyone has their own favourite and non-favourite things. As human beings, we like to discuss, like and detest. Listing the things that we like to do or listing the things that we really like is everyone's fun activity—for instance, asking the favourite things when we want to get to know people... Because all the favourite things actually describe us. They make us who we are right now. In my experience, the days that you like might tell something about your personality, as well. I always hated Sundays, for example. While most of the people like it, I was not a massive fan of it. You might be wondering; why? This paper will be about my personal experience of not to like Sundays.

    I grew up in a lovely but busy family. Both of my parents were working, and there was nobody to look after me. Because of some financial issues, my parents couldn't send me a daycare centre either. Hence, even though it was lovely and full of care family, my parents did not know how to take care of me in my childhood. The only solution that they could find is to ask my grandparents to take care of me in the weekdays. The only issue was that my grandparents were living far away from us.

    Because of these kinds of problems, my parents needed to leave me to my grandparents' house in the weekdays. Therefore; I was spending my weekends with my parents, weekdays with my grandparents. It was a big issue for them to take me each evening. That's the reason why I was sleeping over my grandparents in weekdays. That's the reason why I don't like Sundays. Sundays were the days that I was left to my grandparents then five days without seeing my mother. Since I am thinking about my age at that time, I was very young. That's actually the reason that I like Fridays the most because on Friday nights my mother was coming to pick me up.

     As a consequence, the reason that I don't like Sundays is that it always reminds me of leavings from my parents. However, I must say that I was enjoying my weekdays in my grandparents. It's all about that I don't like leaving and Sundays are the leaving and sad days for me.


What is the Purpose of Writing a Descriptive Essay?

It's essential to understand the descriptive essay on every point and detail to writing a good one. This page aims to cover all the details about the descriptive essay; that's why now we aim to cover the purpose of descriptive writing.

The initial purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to depict and describe particular things in order. This particular thing can be a person, an object, a place, an experience or an event. If we think more abstract subjects; emotion can be described as well.

Since the fundamental purpose of a descriptive essay is to depict an image on readers' mind, the language should be very figurative. Descriptive words are essential to use while depicting a picture. This description can be done by appealing to the 5 senses of our perceptions. Therefore; the language and choice of words are vital.

Moreover, another purpose of a descriptive essay is to write creatively. Hence, it's aiming to describe things with the right combination of figurative language and creativity.


Point by Point Descriptive Essay

It's never so manageable to write an excellent descriptive essay without any trouble. Since it aims to describe a particular thing, it might also have become pleasing to write one. Beginning to write can always struggle, but if you know every single detail and point about the essay type, you can survive.

It might become entertaining to write a descriptive essay because there are no strict rules for writing it. The unique ideas are useful if you give them. The creativity is all you need while writing. However; your question still might be like "what should a descriptive essay provide?" Here comes the answer to you...

-It should provide a description that appeals to 5 senses; smell, touch, hear, sight, taste.

-It should provide a depiction that can make the readers draw a picture of the thing in their minds.

-It should provide a vivid and figurative language.

-It should provide details.

-Lastly, it should provide a creatively told story.

The thing that should be described in the descriptive essay can be the specific things in the following list:

-A person

-An object

-An event

-A place

-An experience

-An emotion

The descriptive essay can be based on unique ideas, experiences and emotions. All you need to achieve is to make the readers feel in the way you want.

See, you can enjoy writing while writing a descriptive essay quickly.


Descriptive Essay Structure

Essay structure and structural elements are one of the top things of writing an essay. For writing a descriptive essay, as well. After learning every detailed background information about the descriptive essay, you must learn about the structure. This step is crucial before starting to write.

Even though every essay structure seems the same or similar, they actually have unique features. Therefore; knowing the structural elements of a descriptive essay will lead you to the excellent paper.

In every descriptive essay format, there are 3 essential structural elements. Those elements are given below!

1.Introduction paragraph: It’s the first paragraph that you will be writing. You should introduce the subject in here.

2.Body paragraph(s): Get into details in the body paragraphs. Give the details only in the leading paragraphs; bodies.

3.Conclusion paragraph: The last paragraph of the essay. You need to end the paper with a brief conclusion.

In addition to these elements; in the descriptive essay, it can be said that language usage is another critical element. Vivid and figurative language is a particular structural element that belongs to the descriptive essay.


Descriptive Essay Template

Essay outline and the template is the second important thing after structure. The writer should go through all of the pre-writing steps before beginning to write. Planning the essay and outlining it is one of the most crucial steps of the pre-writing process.

A descriptive essay template is a necessity to have because it both helps to figure out the structure of the essay and brainstorm about the topic. Essay template includes the plan of the essay and the little notes on the topic. Therefore; it eases the writing process to a large extent.

Hence, the descriptive essay template is the little template that shows the structure of the essay, and little notes on the topic. That's the reason why the template is vital to develop the essay.

If you wonder how to write an outline for the descriptive essay, follow the next headline! Keep reading...


Descriptive Essay Outline

As it was already highlighted on this page earlier, outlining the essay is very significant. Outlining the essay means planning the essay before beginning to write the actual paper. While outlining the descriptive essay, you can add and take-out ideas, play around with the structure, and brainstorm. That's why it's beneficial to not to skip this step.

Generally, a descriptive essay has 5 paragraphs structurally. In the following, you will see the free descriptive essay outline template from RMH! Remember! It's a basic outline, and you need to customize it with your notes.

5 paragraphed descriptive essay outline



Thesis statement


Body Paragraph 1

Idea 1

             Topic sentence



Body Paragraph 2

Idea 2

              Topic sentence




Body Paragraph 3

Idea 3

              Topic sentence






You can feel free to use this template to customize!


How to Start a Descriptive Essay?

Starting a new essay is always struggling. However, we know how to ease it. The descriptive essay is a writing type that requires a lot of creativity and language skills. However; if you go through some pre-writing steps before starting to write, you can manage anything!

Here are the pre-writing steps that you should apply for an excellent start to a descriptive essay:

1)Find a good topic: The topic of the paper is vital. You should be interested and confident about the topic of the paper. So, take your time and think about the topic.

2)Brainstorm about the topic: After you chose the topic, brainstorm about it. Think about what you already know about it, and what you can tell about it.

3)Research for background information: Research about the topic because you will need to combine the brainstorm outcomes with the research.

4)Formulate the thesis: The thesis statement is the crucial statement of the paper. Formulate it before you begin hence you will know the path.

5)Outline the essay: Plan the essay before. Use the research and brainstorming outcomes to customize the outline.

6)Find an intriguing title: Try to grab the attention of the reader with an intriguing title.

After applying the steps above, you can move onto writing the very first paragraph. Follow the next headline...


An Introduction for Descriptive Essay

The introduction paragraph is the first paragraph that both you will be writing and your reader will be reading. Therefore; it’s very crucial to have a good one. It’s your first chance to impress the readers already with the very first paragraph.

You might be wondering how to write a good introduction paragraph for a descriptive essay. Here is the answer...

*You should begin the paragraph with background information about the topic.

*Later, you should start to set the scene.

* you aim to grab the attention of the reader, so use a hook sentence around the middle.

*Start to introduce the topic and present it briefly.

*End the paragraph with the well-formulated thesis statement.

Applying these steps will make you end up with a well-organized and catchy introduction paragraph.

Descriptive essay introduction example can be benefitting from reading. The more you have examples, the closer that you become to a great essay. For an excellent example for the descriptive essay introduction paragraph, see the sample essay that is given earlier on this page!


Descriptive Essay Thesis

The thesis statement is the heart of the essay. If you formulate it wrong, or if you miss writing it, the essay will fail quickly. Hence, it can be said that the thesis statement is the most vital statement of the paper.

The thesis statement initially aims to present the topic. It names the topic. At the end of the introduction paragraph, it must be placed. Also, it shouldn't be any longer than two sentences. Therefore; the thesis statement is the brief and topic-identifying sentence of the paper, and its place is the end of the introduction paragraph.

Another purpose of the thesis statement is to frame the paper for the reader and explain the purpose of the topic.

It means that after your readers have read the introduction paragraph, they should be sure what you will be covering in the rest of the essay.

That's the reason why it's a significant statement. Thus, be sure that you don't miss or skip writing a thesis statement.


How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for a Descriptive Essay with Examples

Writing a conclusion for a descriptive essay is as hard as writing an introduction. The conclusion paragraph is the last paragraph that you will be writing. Also, it is going to be the last paragraph that your readers will be reading. Remember, you aim to impress the readers, so you need a persuasive conclusion paragraph.

Are you wondering about how to write a good conclusion paragraph for a descriptive essay?

Here comes the answer...

*Start the paragraph with the restatement of the thesis statement.

*After the restatement, continue with summarizing the details that are given in the body paragraphs.

*Try to wrap up the paper.

*You can include some personal feelings and ideas here to make the ending stronger.

Applying these steps while writing the conclusion paragraph will make you end up with a great essay.

REMEMBER! You mustn’t mention any new ideas in the conclusion paragraph. A short, brief and summarizing paragraph will be efficient.

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Descriptive Essay for Your Education Level

Teachers and instructors can assign a descriptive essay in every education level. Since the fundamental aim is to describe a particular thing, it fits in every level. Moreover, it requires creativity; that's why most of the students will enjoy while writing a descriptive paper.

Every student needs to know how to write a descriptive essay because they might face with descriptive writing anytime. As it was also highlighted previously on this page, descriptive writing is a writing type that can be found almost in every literary text. Therefore; it's a trendy essay type, and there are a lot of sources that can be taken as an example.

As RMH, we aim to provide the best information in detail. Therefore; we prepared the rest of the page. The writing instructions are already given you earlier on this page; now we provide you with the topics for each education level.

Hence, the next of the paper comes for the students who are looking for the best topic for their level.


Descriptive Essay Examples Middle School

Middle school students can need to write a descriptive essay often. That’s why RMH is providing the list in the following!

Here are the topics that are suitable in the middle school level:

1) Discuss the ways to get the attention of a teacher.

2) Discuss cyberbullying.

3) What is your favourite subject to study?

4) Explain how do you spend your day at school step by step.

5) What is your favourite meal? Describe and explain why.

6) What is your favourite season? Discuss the reasons in detail.

7) Describe your town in detail.


Descriptive Essay Topics for College

The college students are expected to write more serious essays. Therefore; it’s better to take writing a descriptive essay seriously. In the following; you will acquire a list of topics that you can choose and write a descriptive essay:

1) Describe your secret place on campus.

2) Describe the first time that you fell in love.

3) What is the importance of studying college?

4) Discuss the ways to get a college scholarship.

5) How do you study for an exam?


Descriptive Essay Examples Elementary

It’s not so often that elementary school students are assigned to write a descriptive essay. However; they can start to practice writing with a descriptive essay.

Here is a list of descriptive essay topics for elementary level:

1) Describe your favourite snack.

2) What's the most exciting birthday of yours?

3) Describe your best Halloween costume.

4) Write about cooking. Do you find it fun?


Descriptive Essay Examples High School

High school students should know how to write a good essay because they might need to write one for college application. Moreover, they often need to write an essay for their assignments.

Here is RMH’s list for descriptive essay topics for high school students:

1) Discuss the ways to seem cool in school.

2) Bullying in school corridors. Discuss.

3) How did you feel on your first disappointment about a person?

4) Have you ever needed to change school? How did it feel?

5) Write about the benefits of reading novels.


Descriptive essay topics

Here come the bonus descriptive essay ideas for you...

1) Write about a failure story of yours. How did you feel?

2) What’s the place of smartphones in your life?

3) Write about the most excited party that you attended.

4) Describe a superstition that you find very strange.

5) Describe your dream profession.

6) Who is your favourite scientist?

7) Describe the way you perceive god.

8) What's your favourite sports activity for every day?

9) Explain your everyday routine for weekdays.

10) How do you feel when you cook for your loved ones?

11) Discuss a popular TV show. Why is it popular?

12) Describe your favourite novel.

13) WWII. Discuss in detail.

14) WWI. Discuss in detail.

15) Discuss Julias Ceasar. Is he a legendary commander?

16) Describe your dream road trip.

17) What is the best trip that you had with your parents?

18) Describe your first love.

19) What is your best childhood memory that you remember?

20) Describe your first break-up.