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Synthesis Essay HUB | 2021 Ultimate Step by Step Guide

Anlayisis Essay

In This Hub You’ll Find

Synthesis Essay HUB | 2021 Ultimate Step by Step Guide

It is challenging to write a great synthesis essay for all students

Therefore, Ride My Homework has prepared an excellent guideline for you

In our page, you are going to learn

-what synthesis essay is

-Synthesis essay outline

-how to write a synthesis essay

Moreover, there are outstanding 30+ synthesis essay topics below!

Learn What is Synthesis Essay First

Before writing a synthesis essay, you should learn the meaning of synthesis and the purpose of synthesis essay to write the correct essay.

What do you mean by synthesis?

Synthesis means the mixture or combination of different ideas, beliefs, opinions or styles to make a whole new.

While writing a synthesis essay, you ought to argue a particular point based on proven statements.

What is the purpose of writing a synthesis essay?

The main purpose of the synthesis essay is to find and explain insightful connections between multiple opinions and concepts to construct a new theory or thesis which supports a particular claim. 

In other words, you ought to take a core idea to discuss by comparing different sources. Therefore, you should examine a variety of sources and identify their relationship to write a proper synthesis essay.

It is Time to Learn How to Write Synthesis Essay Step by Step

You have learned the synthesis essay definition and its purpose. Now, we will inform you of the process of writing a perfect synthesis essay.

Synthesis essay consists of 3 basic parts:

  1. The Introduction
  2. Main Body Paragraph
  3. The Conclusion

Note: There should be at least 3 main body in a synthesis essay.

Before learning point by point synthesis essay, let’s clarify an important aspect of it!

What is the purpose of a synthesis paper? Where do we use synthesis essay?

Synthesis essay is used for 4 critical purposes:

E.g. A comparison between the conspiracy theories (assassination of John F. Kennedy)

E.g. Social and economic effects of new immigration laws on USA society

E.g. Argument: School kills creativity.

      Opposite argument:  School helps a student to improve his/her skills

E.g. What is some of the plans to attract more customers- not only women but also men- for a beauty company?

What Should a Synthesis Essay Provide

The primary aim of the synthesis essay is to compare two or more different point of view to make a clear analysis of a claim.

Therefore, your essay should explain different approaches to a particular point that are given.

The reader might not know theories, concepts or opinions that you discuss.

Secondly, you ought to state the differences or similarities between these topics to make your points clear.

Be careful!

When you both give all differences and similarities at the same time, you might deviate from your principles. Your essential aim is to synthesize multiple opinions to discuss a coherent argument.

Well, you should reach a final point. The reader ought to understand some important points:

 -what is the importance of the ideas that are explained?

- what are the connections between them?

- what is the author’s perspective?

-how multiple ideas come together to produce a new argument?

The Nightmare: How to Organize My Paper

Synthesis Outline

We know it is really hard to organize an essay for you. Therefore, Ride My Homework will be your best guideline to learn synthesis essay format.

Before learning the synthesis essay outline, let’s learn the importance of outline.

There are many essential parts of an essay, and every part serves a different aim. If you don’t combine them to each other properly, your synthesis essay will be unreadable and complicated.

However, you want to take A+ GRADES, and you want to explain your argument without any chaos in your paper.

The importance of the synthesis essay outline:

  1. It helps you to put the pieces in their right places.

An essay consists of:

The title (it doesn’t be needed in some exams)

An introduction

The thesis statement

Body Paragraphs (it can be 3 or 5 paragraphs)

Supporting details and examples

A conclusion

If you know where they should be, you can write easily.

  1. You can be focused without any confusion during the whole writing process.

Synthesis essay outline gives the optimal order of the context. Therefore, even though you have many things to say, you cannot lose your way.

Outline & Structure


The title should be relevant to the content and grabs the reader’s attention.

You can use some adjectives, adverbs or powerful words that can describe your main subject.

For example,

The topic: Students shouldn’t wear school uniform.

The title can be “What if I take off my school uniform?






After learning the synthesis essay template, it is easy to start writing a synthesis essay.

Let’s learn more and more!

You Are Ready to Learn How to Start a Synthesis Essay Now!

You are going to learn how to write an introduction for a synthesis essay step by step.

The introduction paragraph consists of 3 basic steps

  1. HOOK

The hook is an opening statement of the introduction paragraph. It is generally the first sentence of the paragraph.

The main purpose of the hook is to grabs the reader’s attention. It should be related to the overall topic of the synthesis essay. Thus, the reader wants to continue to read the whole paper.

A hook has several different variations; it can be a question/rhetorical question, quote, statistic or anecdote.


The reader doesn’t need to know your topic. You should enlighten the reader step by step. Background information is the given information after the hook to clarify the overall theme of the content.

For example, if you discuss the causes of acid rain, you should explain what acid rain is briefly to make it clear for the reader.

Pay Attention!

The introduction is the trailer of your synthesis essay; thus, it cannot be long and complicated. You will give details in your main body paragraphs.

Hence, the background information should also be brief and understandable.


The thesis statement is the core of the synthesis essay. In the thesis statement, the writer should give the main argument.

It will be a guide for the reader.

Synthesis Essay Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the most critical part of the introduction paragraph. It should the last sentence of the introduction.

Let’s give clear answers to 2 important questions about the thesis statement.

The thesis statement explains the main theme of the synthesis essay; therefore, it is a sort of road map for the reader.

The reader learns what will be discussed in the whole paper.

There are 4 critical functions of the thesis of synthesis essay.

  1. Thesis statement is specific

The writer cannot give a general point of view in the thesis statement. Important parts of the subject should be stated in the thesis to discuss.

  1. It is not a fact or statement

The writer ought to present the arguable side of the topic.

For instance,

The fact: Fast food is harmful to children health

Arguable thesis statement: Fast food should be banned in the primary school canteen’s

  1. The thesis statement cannot be longer than 1 or 2 sentences

Synthesis Essay Introduction Examples

Here is a great example of the synthesis essay introduction

The topic: Higher education ought to be free

The Hook:

Do you plan to study at a university? How much will cost your choice?

Background Information:

It is believed that elementary and secondary education is right for all people. However, college and university education shouldn’t be free because higher education costs much, which causes economic problems. Hence, the cost of tuition and fees are increasing day by day in the modern world.

The Thesis Statement:

I suggest that higher education ought to be free for several reasons: educated society and widened workforce.

H2: How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for a Synthesis Essay with Examples

The conclusion is written to wrap up the whole essay. There are 4 basic functions of the conclusion paragraph.

  1. Restate the thesis statement in a new way

The thesis statement gives the main theme of the paper. You should remind the most powerful and proven part of your argument in conclusion.

Be careful! Saying the thesis statement word by word makes your essay boring and unprofessional.

You should make a fresh sentence.

For example,

The thesis: higher education ought to be free because it increases the education level of society.

  1. Synthesis the major arguments and opinions

A well-written conclusion cannot be the summary of the whole essay. It brings all major points together and makes a connection between them. Therefore, the writer can reach a final point.

  1. Make your significant points and the context clear

One of the main purposes of the conclusion is helping the reader to understand the main argument without any problem. Thus, the writer ought to explain the importance of the topic clearly.

Synthesis Essay Writing Guide According to Your Education Level  

It is daunting to write a proper synthesis essay according to your education level. Every level requires different qualities. Ride My Homework has prepared excellent guidelines for all students.

We will give great tips you all to write the best synthesis essay.

Let’s start!

Synthesis Essay Examples Elementary

It is important to understand the function and the purpose of the assignment is crucial for the elementary level. Thus, elementary students must see what exactly the synthesis essay is

Here are wonderful tips to help you!

  1. Learn what a synthesis essay is first!

If you want to know where to start and how to start, you should know what your purpose is. Hence, it would be best if you search for the function of your task.

Find answers to these questions. Then, follow the tips below!

If you choose a synthesis essay topic according to your interest, it will be enjoyable to write about it.

Writing an essay is the most important part of academic education. Your instructors want to see your ability to use academic language. Hence, please avoid using abbreviations and slang; also making an incomplete sentence.

Your main purpose is to prove your idea clearly. Therefore, your sentence should be simple but effective.

No one can know what is going on in your mind without any clear explanation.

Synthesis Essay Examples Middle School

The most significant thing is to understand a particular subject clearly for middle school education.

If you understand a specific topic clearly, you can argue on it. Also, you are able to compare it to the opposite one to prove your perspective.

Well, the main purpose of the synthesis essay is to bring together two or more different ideas to make a new argument.

If you want to write a great synthesis essay, follow the tips as the following:

You should prove your argument. Therefore, if you find relevant subjects and synthesis them well to back up your point, it would be best for your essay.

The synthesis essay is written to make connections between multiple ideas to create a new idea. Hence, if you explain how different ideas support each other, or how opposite opinions feed on each other it makes your essay more reliable and professional.

Synthesis Essay Examples High School

If you want to write an excellent synthesis essay, you should be able to do close reading and analyse.

If you clearly understand the main theme of your topic, and it will be easier to search it.


The topic: How social and political problems affect child labor in the Victorian age?

  1. Search the one critical social and political problem in the Victorian Age
  2. Learn what child labor is
  3. Make a connection between social problems and difficulties that children had experienced

The most significant thing is to making connections between multiple ideas to write a synthesis essay. Hence, you should be able to look at the big picture without bias.

It would be best if you determine what the problem is and what reason for it. Then, you would be related to different ideas together to reach a solution.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay for University

Ride My Homework has prepared 4 great tips for writing an effective synthesis essay for university.

The organization will make things easier for you.

Check 5 paragraph synthesis essay outline above and determine what will you explain in your paragraphs step by step

If you don’t explain the text’s hidden meaning, or if you don’t state the important points of the information, the reader might misinterpret it.

Therefore, it would be best if you evaluate the sources according to your arguments and make a connection between them.

Take a note about what you will discuss in your synthesis essay, what the importance of your subject is, why do you need to explain your topic to the reader.

When you give a clear answer to these questions, you will shape your thesis statement. 

A synthesis essay is used for comparing different theories, concepts, or claims to make a new and coherent argument. Hence, avoid just making a comparison between sources! Please, compare, analyse, and collate them to bring them together.

Well, you have learned how to write the best example of a synthesis essay according to your education level.

It is time to choose synthesis essay ideas. Enjoy them!

Synthesis Essay Topic Ideas

Let’s learn how to choose the best topic for your synthesis essay!

There are two important tips below!

It will be hard to discuss a general topic like global warming. You can find many sources, articles, data, and arguments on it.

It is impossible to synthesis all of them or bring them together.

On the other hand, when you choose a too specific topic- a psychoanalysis of child characters in Shakespeare’s masterpieces- it will be hard to compare and analyse because there no many child characters in his works.

You cannot argue on a fact; for instance, eating fast food causes obesity.

Who can deny this fact? Therefore, the topic should be arguable.


The waitress should be received more tips because they are paid a lower salary 

Synthesis Essay Topic Ideas for College


A synthesis essay is a critical thinking process: the writer must synthesis the information from at least 3 different sources. Then, the writer should be able to evaluate the positive and negative factors to release the implications of the arguments.

In contrast, an argumentative essay is written to defend, challenge, or take a position about a topic. It should be more philosophical. The sources which are used can be the point of the author. However, the sources ought to provide supporting ideas, concepts, or information. Thus, the writer can make his/her point.

Of course, you can use a quote in a synthesis essay. However, you should be careful! If you give a direct quote, the reader might not understand your point. Hence, you must interpret the quote or make a connection between your point and it.

It is really hard to write a synthesis essay for many students because they don’t know what synthesis skills are and what an example of synthesis is

Let’s give clear answers.

Firstly, you shouldn’t be in a rush during the reading process. A synthesis essay requires close reading and evaluate the information. Therefore, you should be patient, and you should be able to think analytically.

If you want to write the best example of a synthesis essay, you must read well-written examples. So, you can see how to make your point and bring different pieces together to support your argument.