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An opinion essay might sound challenging to write when it is first assigned. However, there is no need to be worried about it! Because RMH is here to guide you about every detail of an opinion essay.

Do you think your opinion essay writing task is very tough? No worries! On this page, RMH aims to ease this challenge in many ways.

Here, on this page, you will get more detailed information about;

*What is an opinion essay?

*How to write an opinion essay?

-How to write one for the university?

*The purpose of writing an opinion essay.

*An ultimate free example of an opinion essay.

*Opinion essay structure and outline.

*How to write,



-Conclusion for an opinion essay?

*Opinion essay for each education level;

-Elementary School

-Middle School

-High School


Moreover, at the end of the page, you will acquire an impressive list of opinion essay ideas and topics! Are you ready to learn every single detail about writing an opinion essay? LET'S BEGIN!


What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a popular writing type that aims to explain a particular thing from the writer's point of view. Hence, the perspective of the writer and unique ideas can be used easily. Opinion essay sometimes can be confused with the other essay types; however; opinion essay has unique features to be distinguished.

While writing an opinion essay, the writer should express the ideas on a particular matter. This expression should be done by giving opinions on a reasonable logic. Supporting the ideas and using a strong argument is vital.

Every student can face an opinion essay writing task at any time. Therefore, it is very significant to know every detail about writing one.

Are you a student who is struggling with a problematic opinion essay task? Don't panic! RMH is here. Keep reading the next headline to learn how to write an excellent opinion essay.


Writing Guide for Opinion Essay

How to Write an Opinion Essay?

It might sound very challenging to write the best opinion essay for the first time. However, there is no need to worry because it's not so challenging when you know how to write. Before giving how to write tips about an opinion essay, let's start with the basics. At first, you should know, "what is an opinion essay?" We explained it earlier on this page, but let's remember the exact definition together:

Opinion essay definition;An opinion essay is a formal writing type that requires the writer's opinion on a specific topic. The writer's opinion should be stated as clearly as possible. Reasons, arguments, viewpoints should support the opinion. Moreover, the examples MUST BE given."

Now, here are the great tips for how to write an opinion essay!

1) Find your topic carefully.

2) Do your background research about the topic.

3) Make a list of the main points of the essay.

4) Be careful and do not be off-topic.

5) Outline your paper.

6) Start to write your introduction according to the outline and collected information from the research.

7) Give your arguments, viewpoints, examples in the body paragraphs.

8) Conclude with the conclusion paragraph.

Try to apply all of the steps and tips that are given above for you. We assure you that you can end up with the best paper ever!

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How to Write an Opinion Essay for a University?

University is the education level that any kind of assignment is assigned. An opinion essay is essential at this level. College requires writing a lot of professional writings. Lecturers and instructors will assume that you already know how to write an opinion essay. That is the reason why they might expect very professional essay writings.

In addition to these, some colleges ask for writing an opinion essay in the admission process. Therefore, high school students also might need to write an opinion essay for university.

Do you need to write an opinion essay for a university but don’t know how? Here are the great tips and steps for it coming for you!

-Search for possible topics: Make a list of the topics you would like to write about.

-Choose the best topic for you: The topic should be the one you already have opinions about.

-Research: Research background information about the topic. Try to find supporting examples.

-Think about the point of view: Think about the arguments, perspectives to provide. Decide which ones are worth mentioning.

-Brainstorm about improving the arguments: Think more about advancing your arguments in the body paragraphs.

-Outline the essay: Plan the essay before beginning to write.

-Start writing your paper: Begin with an introduction, give details with bodies, end with a conclusion.

-Don’t skip the editing and proofreading part at the very end: After you are done with writing, read the essay out loud, and edit it after a while.


Writing an Opinion Essay

Do you find it very difficult to write an opinion essay? Or maybe you might find it confusing to write. All of them are possible and very likely to feel anytime. However, RMH is here to clear every confusion and ease every challenge!

Writing an opinion essay is actually not as challenging as it seems. The basic definition and the correct steps for writing should be known by heart only. All that needs to be known is the real aim of the essay type. An opinion essay shouldn't be confused with an argumentative essay. In an argumentative essay, the primary purpose is to giving reasonable and scientific arguments to convince the reader. However, an opinion essay only requires giving a personal viewpoint.

The writer should know every detail about writing an opinion essay. That's why you must read the entire guideline on this page.

Thus, writing an opinion essay's initial and primary focus is to express opinions with examples and strong arguments. Convincing the readers isn't the main focus of an opinion essay.


Example of an Opinion Essay

Looking at the other written examples of an opinion essay can improve your opinion essay writings. Therefore, RMH is giving a great sample essay for you! Read the sample essay and try to inspire from it!


Topic: Should there be a school uniform?

School Uniform: Why It is Necessary?

    Education is the main element of the human being's life. Since people started to look for reasons for anything, education became the most important thing. For the evaluation, learning and questioning are very important, and education provides both. Since people started to found schools, uniforms have been made compulsory in many countries. Some private schools wanted to have the uniforms, maybe just to have their brands. Anyhow, uniforms are always beneficial for the sake of the students. There are three great reasons for it being necessary.

    First of all, school uniforms can determine the students of a particular school. In other words, if the students have the uniform, the school that they are receiving their education can be noticed easily. Therefore, it is suitable for the school brand and more comfortable to detect their students anytime. As security, this is very important. Any dangerous person from outside of the school can be detected easily, which can prevent any danger in school or school.

    Another reason is about security again. The student, even outside of the school, can be distinguished. For example, if an elementary school gets lost, he can be brought back to his school, thanks for the uniform. It will be straightforward for people to find the student's school and the family in this way.

    The last reason is that when the students have a uniform, it can prevent them from committing a crime quickly. If a student wearing a particular school uniform tries to commit a crime, it would be easy to find his identity. Therefore, it can prevent high school students from misbehaving when they are wearing a uniform.

    To sum up, school uniforms are essential for some particular security reasons. The first reason is that any dangerous person around the school can be detected. Secondly, it will be easier to find any possible lost student, and lastly, it can be excellent prevention for students to misbehave. These are enough reasons for the necessity of wearing a uniform in school.


What is the Purpose of Writing an Opinion Essay?

Understanding the opinion essay with every detail is essential for writing the best paper. To understand the opinion essay in every detail can require a lot of effort. However, you can be sure that after that effort, you will be writing your essay effortlessly. Once you know what you are writing, it will become effortless.

That is the reason why RMH thinks the purpose of the opinion essay must be known by heart. You must know why you are writing. The purpose of writing an opinion paper is to express your ideas about a particular subject. While expressing your ideas, you must use your own viewpoints, arguments, and examples. The primary purpose is to give the reader your opinion.

When the readers are done reading your essay, they should be aware of your opinion about the title. Moreover, they should also be aware of the reasons for your opinions. Therefore, supporting your arguments with examples will always make you one step closer to a good essay!

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Point by Point Opinion Essay

As RMH, we claim that every detail about an opinion essay is very crucial. That's why we also are giving all the essential information about it for your sake. Let's start with the theoretical question about the opinion paper. You might be wondering, "What should an opinion essay provide?" Here is your answer!

-An opinion essay should provide the writer's opinion on the different points of view with strong arguments supported by examples.

-An opinion essay should express the writer’s opinions professionally.

What about answering the question, "What shouldn't an opinion essay provide?"

-An opinion essay shouldn’t focus on convincing the reader.

-The main issue of an opinion paper is the opinion of the writer itself!

There are some particular things that you should apply while you are writing an opinion essay. We are listing the things that you should DO, and you SHOULDN'T DO! Follow them to write an excellent paper.

What you should DO:

*Use formal language while writing.

*Present the topic in your thesis statement CLEARLY.

*Start each paragraph with a clearly structured topic sentence.

*Use the present tense as your grammar.

* correctly use the citations and sources. See how to write a paper in APA style here!

What you SHOULDN’T DO:

 *DO NOT USE slang or jargon.

*Allow using short forms. E.g., use "do not" instead of "don't."

*Never give the statistics numbers without a reliable source.

*Try not to repeat the given arguments.

With the given tips. You now know how to write an opinion essay point by point. Give it a chance and try to write your opinion essay now!


Outline & Structure

Structure of the Opinion Essay

If you want to write an excellent essay, you have to know everything about it. The structural elements and structure of the essay are very vital in this context. Even though it looks like every essay type has similar structures, each essay has unique features. The purposes and the focus of the elements show variety in each essay type. Opinion essay has its unique features as well.

Opinion essay format has 3 essential structural elements. These elements are given for you in the following:

-Introduction paragraph: It is the first section of the essay. The topic should be prepared to be presented. A piece of background information, hook sentence, and thesis statement will serve this purpose.

-Body paragraph(s): The central part of the opinion paper. The main arguments should be given and supported by strong examples.

-Conclusion paragraph: The last part of the essay. The paper should be briefly wrapped up in this section.

It is important to use structural elements correctly and functioning. The essential structural elements should show the general frame of the paper. Don't worry! It is not as complicated as it sounds.


Opinion Essay Template

Outlining the essay is the most essential prewriting steps of writing an opinion essay. Opinion essay templates can be used as an inspiration to draft the essay before beginning to write.

The research was done before, and brainstorm about the topic can save time and grade very easily. Everyone would like to have an excellent grade on the essay writing task. Moreover, saving time is the primary goal of every student. RMH understands each one of you! Therefore, we are aiming to ease the process for you as much as possible.

An opinion essay template is the only thing you look for if you want to write a good paper quickly.  Outline template can be generally framed; however, we should highlight that every outline should be customized according to the topic.

Follow the next headline to see an example of an opinion essay template.


Opinion Essay Outline

An opinion outline is an essential thing to do in the prewriting process. Outlining the essay means planning the essay before writing. The research and the brainstorm are essential elements while creating the outline. You can take notes, structure the essay while drafting an outline.

Moreover, if you write your notes down on the outline, you can be sure you won't forget to mention anything. RMH provides an excellent opinion paper outline template for you to inspire! Here it comes...

e.g., 5 paragraphed opinion essay outline




                                          Thesis statement

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraph I

First reason

Supporting the argument with facts and examples.

Body paragraph II

Second reason

Supporting the argument with facts and examples.

Body paragraph III

Third reason

Supporting the argument with facts and examples.


Restatement of the topic

Summary of the reasons

Feel free to customize the outline template that is given above!


How to Start an Opinion Essay?

It is never easy to start writing anything we know! However, some particular things can be done to ease the start. We call it the prewriting process. Before beginning to write, applying some specific steps can make your starting much manageable. Therefore, using the tips and prewriting steps as a guide before beginning to write is very smart.

Here is the prewriting steps list for on opinion essay:

1) Choose the topic wisely: Find a relevant topic that you want to write about. Also, choosing a familiar topic would be easy for you to write opinions about.

2) Research widely about the topic: Research for your arguments and examples.

3) Determine the audience: How do you want to inform the audience? Who are your readers?

4) Draft the mainframe of the arguments: Take notes about the arguments, determine the strong and general ones. Categorize and organize them.

5) Brainstorm about advancing the arguments: Think about the possibility of improving your arguments.

6) Outline the essay.

After applying the steps above, the first thing written in the opinion paper is the introduction paragraph. See the following headline for guideline about it!


Opinion Essay Introduction Example

An Introduction to the opinion essay is the first section of the essay. Also, it will be the first paragraph that the readers will be reading. The first impression of the paper will be made with the well-structured introduction paragraph.

In the following, you will see a list of an introduction paragraph's requirements for the opinion paper.

-The introduction paragraph should start with attractive and catchy background information.

-It should continue with a hook sentence. -It can be a quotation, statistical number, or a rhetorical question-

-Present the topic of the paper with a well-structured thesis statement.

Remember! The introduction should grab the readers' attention! However, it shouldn't be too long. Reveal the topic at the very last sentence and get into details in the leading paragraphs, NOT in the introduction!


Opinion Essay Thesis

The thesis statement is the most important statement of the essay. The purpose of the thesis statement is to present and reveal the topic clearly. The thesis statement of an opinion essay should have some particular features.

Here are the things that your thesis should include:

-The thesis should be a significant statement or claim of the essay.

-It should reveal the topic of the paper wisely and shortly.

-Thesis statement should only be one or two sentences. No longer than that.

Remember! The thesis statement MUST be written at the end of the introduction paragraph. You have to start to present the topic and finally reveal it at the end of the introduction.

A well-formulated thesis statement will be saving all of the images of the paper. Therefore, be careful about the thesis statement. Follow the given tips while formulating it.


How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for an Opinion Essay with Examples

The way of ending the essay is as essential as the way of starting it. The last section of the essay is the conclusion paragraph. Nobody would like to end up with an incomplete essay. Therefore, you need to write the conclusion paragraph.

It might be significantly struggling to end the essay entirely; however, don't worry about it because we're here!

Here are the little tips about how to write a conclusion paragraph for your opinion essay:

-Start with restating the thesis statement.

-Give a summary of the main arguments that you pointed out in the body paragraphs.

-Sums up the paper.

-A unique idea about agreeing or disagreeing on the topic can be done.

REMEMBER! You shouldn't come up with a new argument or an idea in the conclusion paragraph. The essay should be wrapped up in this paragraph only!

Topic Ideas for the Opinion Essay

Opinion Essay for Your Education Level

Every student can end up in a situation that requires opinion essay writing. Therefore, every student should be ready for such a difficult task. The main focus on writing an opinion essay on different levels is the topics. At each education level, the difficulty of the topics can differ. That's the reason why you should find the most suitable topic for your education level.

Are you a student who is looking for opinion topics examples for your education level? Bingo! You're on the right page! Keep reading to find the best topic for yourself!


Topics for Elementary

Here are the opinion essay topics for the elementary level:

1) What’s the best lecture for you?

2) What’s your favorite snack?

3) What are the best ways to have fun with friends?

4) Write about the right sides of remote education.

5) What are the features of a good birthday party?


Topics for Middle school

Below, you will see excellent opinion essay topics for middle school:

1) Should teachers give less homework?

2) What is your opinion about school food?

3) The benefits of distance learning.

4) Why history lectures are boring?

5) Should there be a school uniform?


Topics for High School

Here is the opinion essay list for high school students:

1) Do you think e-books are dangerous?

2) Does music have a significant role in generations?

3) Write about the importance of studying.

4) Is social media dangerous?

5) What are the ways to make people read more?


Topics for College

Here are the excellent opinion essay topics for college!

1) Are eating disorders affected by 21st-century fashion?

2) What do you think of online sources’ reliability?

3) Compare the American education system with the Finnish education system.

4) What are the benefits of traveling alone at a young age?

5) What is the international language?

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Opinion Essay Topics

More opinion essay ideas for everyone!

1) Should Latin be studied in schools today?

2) What are the apparent effects of violent videogames on children's behavior?

3) What does determine one's success?

4) How do smartphones influence youth?

5) What are the benefits of electric cars?

6) What do you think about the ethics in your workplace?

7) Are all the leaders the ones who are the smartest?

8) What makes a person a good group member?

9) What do you think about private prisons?

10) What is the role of presidents?

11) What is equality for you?

12) Write about the Independence War.

13) What do you think of freedom of speech in media?

14) Opinions about globalization.

15) Can global warming be stopped?