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Funny Argumentative Essay Topics


It is really difficult to both argue a statement and entertain people at the same time effectively. Therefore, students have been struggling to write a good funny argumentative essay.

Don’t worry! Ride My Homework is here for you to help!

In this page, you are going to learn

  • What is a funny argumentative essay
  • Example of a funny argumentative essay
  • Funny persuasive essay
  • Funny topics to write about

You will also see 5 great headlines that include 133 funny topics below.

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Funny Argumentative Essay

The fundamental aim of a funny argumentative essay is to ensure that

“the opponent is ultimately convinced to agree your argument”

You have to refute the opposing view in an extremely funny manner.



The argument: Do children scare of Clowns?

Your argument: Yes, children are afraid of clowns

  1. The opposing view: No, children are not afraid of clowns

Which explanation would be hilarious, ironic, and interesting for the opponents?

  • Children are afraid of clowns because they have a gigantic and very colorful face which is unnatural for them




  • How can a child scare someone who has a big red nose, a huge white smile, and strangely-styled hair? They see such kind of person everywhere. Many people have a gigantic and colorful face. It is natural, isn’t it?





  • Your argument must be diametrically opposed to the opponents’ views


The opposing view: Children are afraid of clowns because they do not know what is going on in the mind of clowns behind the face paint or mask.

You cannot mention the clothes or hairstyle of a clown after this explanation.

You must talk about the gesture and the expression of whom to refute opposing views.


  • Your explanations should include appealing words to draw your audience attention


The clowns dance ludicrously. While watching such kind of absurd dance, even though a few children find it amusing, many of them can feel uncomfortable because they could not know what to expect or how to react.


  • What is funny to you may not be funny to the readers


It is impossible to expect everyone to laugh at the same thing. Therefore, focus on what will be ridiculous, entertaining, or amazing for the public.


A documentary about clowns may not be funny for everyone BUT the role of the clowns or the interesting actions and funny jokes of the clowns at a birthday party, or a festival will be more attractive both for children and adults.


  • Use exaggeration, but paradoxically moderately


          Never be cruel and never use hate.

Remember! Your main aim is to make someone laugh, not break a heart by being offensive.

Your explanation will be concise and clear!

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Under this title, you are going to meet a brief but effective funny argumentative essay and some topics as examples.




Topic: Why children scared of the clowns?

                                        TITLE: Fair of the Clown


*Begin with a general statement that can reach your audiences to your thesis, your main topic.


General Statement:

The clown existed in royal entertainment in ancient Egypt, Greece, Roma, and China even though the word “clown” had not been used until the 16th century. From past to today, the exaggeration and unnatural movements of clowns have been controversial for people. Have you ever considered why people argue the actions of clowns and why children scared of them?

Thesis Statement:

In my opinion, the reason why children scared of the clowns is their unnatural face, which is painted, hides their emotions. So, children feel uncomfortable and under danger.



*Give topic sentence and supporting details


Topic Sentence:

There are many reasons for the fair of the clown for children. The first and foremost reason is that learned phobia.

Supporting Detail:

Researches advocate that the clowns are generally portrayed as terrifying and negative characters in popular entertainment. Therefore, children have learned the fear of the clown from the authority.



*Don’t bring up a new idea in the conclusion

*Summarize your argument based on what you have written in the body paragraph

*You can give a suggestion


All in all, the significant reason why children afraid of the clowns is the negative description of them in the public. Thus, fear of clown can be a phobia but it can be effectively treated with therapy.



 In colleges, the students have more chances of attending festivals, welcome parties, art, film, science, and music clubs. Therefore, they can easily observe and analyze what is funny for their fellows and lecturers.

Focusing on a social topic to argue and entertain the audience will be useful for college students.


  • Why a two-minute online search is truer than what experts say.
  • Does writing emails while drunk work better?
  • How violent video games caused crusades, world wars, and genocides.
  • Modern technology should be more primitive.
  • Music in shops scares off potential buyers.
  • Why horror novels are actually funny.
  • Who is responsible for the tree's leave pollution during fall?
  • Do you think that it is a good method of playing classical music while milking the cows
  • Students must receive stipends after receiving A+
  • Should we teach men how to pick clothes for the occasion?
  • We must abolish handwriting in favor of keyboards.
  • Why the education system should always include space programs.
  • Gastronomy to anatomy. Stomach to heart access in men.
  • Why your video game skills should get you a good job


  • Do you agree that there must be therapy rooms in the working environment which contains cats and dogs
  • Should online profile and CV creation classes be mandatory in college?
  • Is music really a form of art, since I can't do it?
  • That blotch on the wall in exhibition, art or not?
  • Does metal music become classical with age?
  • Why it is essential for every teenager to have an iPhone or similar device


Funny persuasive essay intends to persuade the readers to believe in your argumentby appealing humans’ sense of humor.


3 significant tips to write a good funny persuasive essay!

Tip 1: Your explanations convince the readers of your credibility

If you don’t have enough acknowledge on your topic to explain it clearly, your reader will not believe and trust you


Tip 2:  Explanations must be logical and reasonable

In writing, opinions are presented in a logical manner.


The clowns are scary for children because they have a white mouth and a red nose.

The clowns are scary for children because they have an unnatural, big, white mouth. Also, their smile is painted with slice, black lines on this unusual mouth. How many people have such a mouth? It is clearly said that this appearance has a negative effect on children.


Tip 3: Use the words which appeal to emotions

Emotions such as sympathy, happiness, joy, and love motivate humans.

Use some effective words which indicate positive emotions.


The clowns have colorful and happy faces, and also they generally dance cheerfully.

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Choose your topic by thinking which one is funny for people, and which one is more suitable to give examples, details, and reasons to convince your reader.

  • Boys gossip more than girls do.
  • Blame your horoscope for why things went wrong
  • Why lying well can be helpful
  • In order to become old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.
  • Life should come with background music.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a six-month vacation twice a year?
  • Why you should smile and wave when someone insults you.
  • People often lie on a first date so that they can secure the second one.
  • “Too busy” is just a myth.
  • Why laughter is the best medicine.
  • Why rose is the best flowers’ fragrance many women like.
  • People prefer a clean-shaven face instead of a beard or mustache.

133 Funny Argumentative Essay Ideas to Write


Sarcastic Topics

Sarcasm means a harsh and bitter expression. And this expression evokes both positive and negative feelings about a statement.

There must be a discrepancy between what is said and what is done


When someone puts on too much perfume: sarcastic remark can be like “Nice perfume. How long did you marinate in it?

Therefore, select a topic that can create simultaneous conflicting reactions, beliefs, or feelings on people.


  • The many stress factors of the upper class
  • An argument in the nature of hotdogs. Sandwich or not?
  • What is something that everyone looks stupid doing, and why?
  • Why refusing to share is generous?              
  • How to sum up the internet, without mentioning cats?       
  • Things that are classy once, but is now trashy.    
  • Discuss “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”            (George Orwell)
  • The object I would eliminate from existence and reasons for it.
  • Why should the government be illegal?           
  • Reasons why one should believe politicians every word.         
  • How to make less by working more.              
  • Improving health by smoking, eating bad, or being a couch potato.
  • Historical figures and why we should forget about them.     
  • Loving it when your stuff gets stolen.              
  • Why retailers always give good advice on what you need.
  • Is plastic surgery a better alternative when your ID gets stolen?    
  • Advantages of being late for appointments regularly
  • Avoiding hygiene to confront global warming!       
  • Things to keep on your person at all times in case of a zombie apocalypse              
  • A detailed step-by-step guide to cyberbullying         


Funny Argumentative Essay Topics about Relationships

Men and women have always needed each other. You can argue whatever you want about a relationship: conflict, sex, having child, first love, and break

 Be Careful!

Your aim is not to give scientific and proofed information as to men and women

You will convince the readers to your relationship argument in a funny way.

Choose simple and ridiculous topics, so everybody can easily discuss it.


  • Things men know women wish men knew, but ignore anyway.
  • Ten signs she doesn't like you.
  • Why boys are always easy.
  • How to say no to a date.
  • How to break ties without tears.
  • Does the choice of the underwear a person makes represent a certain type of characteristic?
  • The most boring date ideas.
  • Why online profiles are unreliable at best.
  • How to be as selfish as possible to your significant-other.
  • Does love exist, or is it just hormones?
  • Is true love blind, or merely farsighted?
  • Why backseat driving is the best driving.
  • How to benefit from relationship telepathy in poker.
  • Optimism in a relationship, yea or nay?
  • How to creatively re-tattoo your ex's initials.
  • Showing affectation via shopping gifts.
  • How to tread very carefully when a woman falls silent.
  • Necessary conflicts for healthy relationships.
  • How to approach a potential interest for the first time.
  • How to save face after realizing you are wrong in an argument

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Humorous Topics on the Society

*Following popular talk shows and comedy programs will help you to understand the sense of humor of society!


  • Why alienation is the way to go in a globalized world.
  • Issues about human rights in How I Met Your Mother.
  • Snooze alarms and their importance to social order.
  • Social class analysis by music preferences.
  • Why politicians should be chosen from satirists.
  • How to rephrase ancient satire to make original social jokes.
  • Black Mirror: Satire or Documentary
  • Should healthcare be free to the rich only?
  • How to catch a politician telling the truth.
  • Why global warming only affects others.
  • Why being homeless is so hip?
  • Why recycling is so masculine?
  • Historical use of radioactive materials as hygienic products.
  • Why eating only plants is unfair to plants.
  • How to stereotype more efficiently.
  • How to benefit from and unionize local gangs.
  • Are athletes really role models?
  • Why professional politicians should be barred from elections.
  • How much does crime actually pay, and does it include healthcare?
  • Do you agree that Pinocchio would have kept lying if nobody knew?


School Topics for Fun

*Almost all students complain about grade system, the classes that begin in the early morning, and exams.

Pick these three popular statements or other that related to them


  • Why high-school proms must be abolished.
  • How to fail an exam with flying colors!
  • Why school is a complete waste of time!
  • How to avoid wearing uniforms while appearing to do so!
  • Hair, beard, and accessory regulations and reasons to flaunt them.
  • How to have your lunch and pay your bullies at the same time.
  • Telling parents why low grades are unimportant with examples from historical figures.
  • Correlations between skipping Phys Ed and heart problems at a later age.
  • Why does the education system lie for our benefit?
  • How did my mother prepare me for school?
  • Correlation between visits to the nurse and surprise quizzes.
  • Why classes should be held over social media
  • Importance of using smartphones in class.
  • Does being homeless actually improve academic success?
  • How to tell the difference between facts and truths in class.
  • Why you should get an A grade for this essay.
  • Ideas on writing reports on books without reading them.
  • Sleeping vs napping during class. Which is better?
  • Why this class is far more important than any other class?
  • How to avoid the stress of failing and accept the inevitable!


Laughing at Family Issues

It is quite hard to know what is ridiculous for every family.

Focus on common interest and controversial topic for everyone such as regular family dinners



  • Why your family should have theme music.
  • Be happy during puberty to worry parents!
  • Tricks to remembering the names of all distant relatives.
  • How to regularly avoid family dinners.
  • Hiding comments of relatives in your social media from the general public.
  • How to uneducated grandparents to use smartphones.
  • Making your room look tidy from the door.
  • How to fake remembering important days.
  • Things parents always say that you don't believe.
  • How to look cool while parents take you from school.
  • What your pet is really thinking.
  • Why dental braces are fun to wear.
  • How to avoid being kissed by relatives in public.
  • How to convince your parents that smartphones must be renewed annually.
  • How to endure family nicknames for you.
  • Using your siblings as a weapon
  • Why children know more than parents
  • Using personal space argument as a defense against room tidying.
  • How to turn parents' No into Yes!
  • How to get the maximum benefit from grandparents on Holidays.


Bonus 13 Funny Topics

These questions are gifted to you from Ride My Homework! 


  • Vegetables have feelings – stop cruelty to broccoli!
  • How to get lost and use it as an excuse.
  • Bad decisions that become great stories.
  • Be happy, it drives others crazy.
  • Why drunk texting is the best texting.
  • Reasons for a ban against Monday
  • Are cats’ exhibitionists?
  • Believe in advertisers for a successful life
  • How to assist your roommate to decide to move.
  • Why intelligence tests are actually very accurate.
  • Where should you hide the evidence?
  • Why doing something before it was cool actually matter?
  • Why thirteen is actually a lucky number?