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Music Argumentative Essay Topics


Only a few people can dare to write an essay on musiceven though everybody loves listening to it.

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This paper is going to present:

  1. Music argumentative essay
  2. Music essay introduction
  3. Argumentative music essay topics
  4. Classical music argumentative essay
  5. Music industry argumentative essay

With these 5 great headlines, you will also meet 49 excellent music argumentative essay writing ideas

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How to Write a Good Music Argumentative Essay

Music is universal, and it has incredible psychological effects on people.

Therefore, your argument should be touchy to affect the readers.

Here are 2 gorgeous key steps to write a good music argumentative essay

STEP 1) your voice ought to be argumentative

To have an argumentative voice

Ask rhetorical questions

Give comparative examples 

Cite a passage from the famous books or articles

These 3 important keys lead the readers to think and discuss. Also, your essay will turn a well-written music argumentative essay


Have you ever considered that the strong relationship between music and healing?

Of course, many people are aware of the positive effect of music on humans BUT when you ask such a question you remind it and the readers rethink its effects, and they would prepare themselves for a discussion unconsciously.


Which sentence is more appealing to attract the readers?

  • Hard Rock music has negative effects on babies.
  • Hard Rock music has some crushing psychological effects on babies. Therefore, the pedagogues recommend that parents should make their babies listen to soft music.


Both sentences are simple, and both of them include adjectives.

However, the first one includes just one and usual adjective (negative)

                The second sentence includes 4 attractive and effective words which can get the audience attention



The introduction is crucial for an essay.

If the readers don’t be motivated in the beginning, they would not continue to read.


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The introduction gives clues about your content.

You can perceive it as an advertisement. Thus, if you want to sell your product, you have to titivate its appearance.


  • Don’t use a long sentence

Music is a sort of meditation that heals people emotionally and mentally so that people can feel better and they can be motivated to live a better life.

      Nobody wants to read such a long sentence, even you!

  Make a short but effective sentence

     Generally, many people feel better when they listen to music. Therefore, music can be seen as meditation.


  • Organize your ideas general to specific and write a short paragraph


If you start your sentence with your main focus or a specific statement, you cannot expand your explanation. Also, it distracts the audience




The topic:  Advantages of teaching playing a musical instrument in primary schools


The most significant advantage of playing a musical instrument in primary schools is improving children’s memory.

Such kind of beginning psychologically says that

It doesn’t matter for me whether you are ready to read this article or not. This is my argument.

NONETHELESS, you want to persuade the readers to read your essay


Children have fresh minds. It means that they tend to learn more and develop than adults.  Hence, schools have been tried countless methods to improve student's skills for a thousand years. Sports, dance, art, literature, and music classes are opened in primary schools and the most effective one has been music classes. Students not only learn the theory of music but they also learn to play an instrument in music classes. Therefore, many people believe that, and I also advocate that there are some advantages of teaching playing an instrument in primary schools.


If you explain more, it would turn out a body paragraph.

Give brief and connected sentences, and organize it general to specific.



Choosing a good argumentative essay topic about music is relatively hard BECAUSE there are numerous music cultures and types.

You can have difficulty in deciding which topic would be lead to a good argument. 


  • Don’t forget! Everybody has different music tastes.
  • If you are not an expert, don’t select a specific music topic such as the history of rap music or techniques of woodwinds.


How many people can talk about the history of rap music and write a rap music argumentative essay?  Assuming that only a few people.

HOWEVER, many people can argue “music education helps to improve the students’ cognitive abilities”


Your topic should be more general


  • Arguing about the positive effect of music in science, medicine, education, farming, and animal care would be effective instead of talking about music theories or methods.


Music has been a vital function in humans’ life from the past to today. People use it in every field to motivate themselves.


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Classical music has had a certain type of audience that would appreciate it for thousands of years. Nonetheless, interestingly people have also listened to classical music while working, studying, meditating, traveling, and having sex.


Therefore, writing an essay on classical music is rather difficult and challenging.




*Discuss the benefits of learning and listening to classical music in daily life.


*Enlighten the audience on what classical music is and the environment and age it comes from. It can help the readers to have much sympathy for classical music  




Classical music has always been a controversial topic for people.


While lots of people advocate that classical music is rather boring and useless, many people believe that classical music has a crucial effect on humans.


To write a good classical music argumentative essay:


-Focus on its negative or positive effects on human psychology

-Discuss how classical musicians are genius

-Talk about the pros or cons of playing the piano

-Inform about how classical music improves




The music industry has always been popular BECAUSE it is quite controversial who earns money and who profit from the selling of albums and cassettes.


These points would be useful to write on music industry argumentative essay



  • the relationship between the musicians and the record label
  • the influence of record companies
  • the effects of marketing, promotions, and advertisements


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49 Music Argumentative Paper Topics for 2020

Follow music programs

Listen to different types of music

Think about the effects of music on people

Therefore, you can easily decide which topic would be more appealing for the audience to discuss

Here is some excellent topic for you!

1    Are certain kinds of music encouraged to improve production and shopping?

2    Are parental warning labels actually necessary?

3    Are school students better off studying dancing or music?

4    Can anyone own music?

5    Can anyone without a normal hearing be a musician?

6    Can anything become a musical instrument?

7    Can children learn to play music better and faster?

8    Can digital music formats completely remove physical copies from circulation?

9    Can everyone with normal hearing sing?

10    Can music actually help as mental health disorder treatment?

11    Can music be actually copyrighted and can only a specific session of it be subject to copyrights?

12    Can music be realistically stopped from being copied with existing laws?

13    Can one truly enjoy music without understanding the lyrics, like a foreign language?

14    Do certain types of music generate violence?

15    Do music genres become mainstream and profit-oriented too quickly to be true protest songs in essence?

16    Do music genres positively or negatively affect plant growth?

17    Do musicians need to have musical training, or is natural talent enough?

18    Do top charts really influence listeners, or is the reverse true?

19    Do video games simulating music playing arouse desire for the real thing?

20    Does award shows influence the types of music people listen to, or do they reflect it?

21    Does metal music have a bad influence on people’s behavior?

22    Does music affect a student’s ability to learn and in overall professional success?

23    Does music help the world become a better place, or is it inconsequential?

24    Does music increase or decrease productivity?

25    How do the power of streaming change radio shows and the music industry?

26    How much do social media presence and celebrity status affect an artist's success?

27    Is borrowing music from international artists without attributing credit a type of stealing?

28    Is classical music actually better than other genres?

29    Is it ethical to copyright traditional music?

30    Is it possible for music to help a person meditate and find a greater purpose in life?

31    Is it true that music genres have a limited number of music tune variations?

32    Is it true that the music of the next generation will usually annoy the previous generation?

33    Is jazz an extinct music genre.

34    Is music addictive?

35    Is music inherently a better art form than painting?

36    Is rock or metal music inherently better than other types?

37    Is the genre of music dependant on the instrument used?

38    Should controversies about musicians affect our decision to listen to their music?

39    Should everyone be taught music literacy in school?

40    Should the government try to save physical music stores?

41    Should movie or tv show soundtracks be considered only together with their visual counterparts?

42    Should music be allowed in the realm of politics?

43    Should music producers have any power in shaping the music we hear?

44    Should music use to represent harmful ideologies be banned?

45    Should people avoid creating music that traditionally comes from certain ethnic groups?

46    Should we consider percussionists as real musicians?

47    Was grunge nothing but another name for Nirvana?

48    What type of music is purer: With or without lyrics?

49    What was the effect of pop music on European culture and trends?