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Sports Argumentative Essay Topics


Almost everybody loves sports.

HOWEVER, only a small minority of people can dare to write a good sports argumentative essay.

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In this page, you will learn:

-Sports essay introduction

-Controversial sports topic for 2020

-American football debate topics

-Sports Argumentative essay topics

Besides these 4 amazing headlines, you are going to meet 103 appealing sports argumentative essay topics

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The first paragraph of an essay is the introduction.

Therefore, it ought to capture the audiences’ attention and interest.

Also, the introduction should create a desire to read the rest of the essay.

There are 2 crucial part of an introduction

  1. General Statement
  2. Thesis Statement


General Statement

The fundamental aim of the general statement is to give the reader background information about the topic.

This information must get the reader interested in the topic

General statement HAVE TO start with a general discussion of the subject and lead up to a particular statement of the main idea.


Thesis Statement

The central idea of an essay is the thesis statement

The essential aim of the thesis statement is to introduce the main idea of the essay


The thesis is occasionally the last sentence of the introduction



The Topic: Similarities or differences between Basketball & Football



General Statement

Sports have been played all over the world for thousands of years. There are many different types of sports. While some of them are played individually, others are played in teams. Also, some sports are very popular such as basketball and football which provide many benefits to anyone who plays them.


Pay Attention!

The explanation goes general to specific.

Sentence are connected logically

The audience has been prepared for the main topic. 


Thesis Statement

There are several similarities between basketball and football in some aspects, although there are also many differences in some other ways.


Pay Attention!

Thesis express the complete idea

It states what will be said in the body paragraph


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Here are a few reminders to choose excellent sports topic

  1. Focus on popular sports such as football, basketball, and American football


Assuming that several people can talk about Chess Boxing or Joggling.

Nonetheless, all people can argue or comment on Basketball or Football more or less


  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sports


If you are not expert, talking about specific details in the sport like technique tips of badminton would be troublesome


Therefore, argue about general aspects like the advantages of doing sports at early age would be logical. Also, it makes your paper enjoyable for everyone


  1. Focus on international competition


International competitions are announced in newspapers, magazines, and news, also in social media.

 Thus, you can surely reach more information, comments, arguments, and articles about them so it would be easier to write and argue about international sports.





The essential purpose of an argumentative essay is to explain contradictory or opposite views about a topic to start a debate.


To select a great sports argumentative topics

Concentrate On!


Interesting sports


E.g. Cooper’s Hill Cheese- Rolling and Wake


There is a countless essay on football or you can find many basketball topics to write about.

However, writing on a new, and interesting sport can be attractive for your reader.

Besides, when you introduce the readers to an unusual sport, your essay relatively would turn interesting sports research paper, and it makes your argument more appealing



Talk about the negative physical effects of sports on the human body


If something has annoying or devastating consequences, people want to argue on it consciously and unconsciously to solve the problem or to reach more or less a better point.




Controversial means that causing disagreement and public discussion.

The best way of learning which sports topic is controversial

Reading newspapers and magazines

Watching sports channels and sport competitions

Then, you can easily see which sports topic is discussed between people, and which one is most popular and trend for 2020.


Thanks to the development of technology, people can get a chance to improve sports in different formats.

BUT, they sometimes may have unpredictable results for people

E.g. Underwater Hockey

Even though Ice Hockey has been played for a hundred years, Underwater Hockey is relatively new for people. They have limited experience with it when compared to Ice Hockey.

It might have a negative effect on many people; people cannot see it as exciting as Ice Hockey

Therefore, talking about such kind of sport statement makes your topic controversial



One of the most popular sports is American Football in the USA and almost every country.

It is played regularly so there are many American football teams.

It would be profitable to discuss on:

-The importance of teamwork

-Differences between individual sports or teams sports

-Compare and contrast: American football teams, players and strategies

-The influence and reasons of the popularity of American football

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From past to today, some topics have always been controversial in sports.

Such as;

  • Rules
  • Players
  • Coach
  • Teams
  • Salary of sportsman
  • Physical on the psychological effect of sports



Here are several key points about sports which makes your topic controversial.


  1. Sport has not only physical benefits for people, but it also has a positive effect on human psychology.


Argue about sports education in schools.


  1. Sports helps individuals to improve multi-tasking skills.


Do you agree or disagree? Many people advocate that sport is just physical tiredness.


  1. Attending different sports activities offers people a more social environment.




  • Extreme and competitive sports have always been attractive to people.


Therefore, the Olympic Games are the best topic to write about


  • It is rather a controversial topic that “the government should pay much more money to sportsman”


Discuss, the salary of sports players


  • The usage of doping in sports’ competition


  • Genders discrimination in sport.


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103 Sports Argumentative Essay Topics Examples 2020

Soccer & Basketball Topics


Soccer and basketball are the best well-known sports in the world.

Be easy and choose one of our appealing topics to discuss


1    Do you agree or disagree? “Soccer athletes are paid fairly or they get too much”

2    Would it be ethical to allow basketball or soccer players to transfer from one team to another midseason?

3    Should the government permit colleges and universities to hire professional coaches for their basketball teams?

4    What would happen if playing soccer be mandatory in high schools?

5    Is it ethical that steroids be allowed for basketball players with repercussions?

6    Do you think the soccer teams ought to only be named based on their region of origin?

7    Which basketball rules must be reconsidered to develop gameplay?

8    What is the secret of being a universally known soccer team?

9    Compare Brazilians and USA soccer players. Which one is globally successful?

10    The reasons of the popularity of soccer globally?




Football & Baseball Topics to Write


Focus on the statements that have been discussed not often such as

The history of football and baseball

The influence of football or baseball player on young adults or children

It would make your topic more interesting and arguable


11    Which one is more efficient? Diving at the first base actually or running?

12   “Football is more popular than soccer, or vice versa?” Do you agree?

13    Why football too dangerous for young people to play at early age?

14    Is the rule of baseball designated fairly?

15    Why did professional baseball players consider convicted of using performance-enhancing drugs?

16    Discuss the definite difference between "command" and "control?"

17    Discuss the role of college athletes in shaping social consciousness?

18    Should the rule of baseball be change to make it more streamlined?

19    What rule changes ought to be made to football to decrease athlete injuries?

20    Who was worth to be the most controversial person in the history of football?


Mind Sports & Coaching Topics


These two headlines are worth to argue but only a few essays or articles about it.

Choose one of the topics below and make your essay interesting and readable

21    Can mind sports considered actual sports?

22    Which one is more important?  The inborn talents of athletes & their coaches in the long run?

23    Does being a great athlete means that one will be a great coach in the future?

24    Do you agree that even the best coaches may lose their self-control?

25    If poker isn’t considered gambling, but a sport, would this make all other card games sports?

26    Do you believe that the first move in chess is a game-breaking advantage?

27    Should poker players be allowed to wear headphones during live events?

28    Is it right that athletes only work with coaches of the same gender?

29    Do you think the winners and ranking competitors of the World Memory Championships ought to be drafted to work in international organizations?

30    Can coaches also care for their athletes’ health for training?


Women in sports


Gender discrimination has always been a debatable topic in every field.

Focus on

The physical and mental differences between men and women 

The approach of women and men in society


31    Media has an important role in represent genders equally in sports news. Do you agree?

32    Should sports teams and their referees and coaches be divided based on gender?

33    Is it fair and logical that females and males should be divided?

34    Male sports are claimed to have more fans compared to female sports?

35    Should girls be allowed to play in the boys’ team if no girl team exists in high school? Would it be fair?

36    Personal success is the biggest motivation of female athletes instead of personal growth

37    Should female athletes be trained more than their male counterparts?

38    Do you think the rules of sports ought to be modified to allow removing gender bias?

39    Should sports be classified according to gender?

40    Should transgender individuals be allowed to play?




Injuries in sports are the most argumentative topic.

Talking about its preventions or causes would be useful for your essay


41    Is it acceptable that depression and anxiety should be considered injuries if they even originate from the competitive nature of sports?

42    What is the best of preventing common injuries in sports?

43    How can the risk of trauma from sports be decreased especially for young athletes?

44   Is it possible to mitigate long term negative outcomes of sports?

45   How can the inherent physical stresses of a sport be reduced by regulations to prevent traumas at youth athletes?


Health Issues


46    How does fitness help to improve psychological well-being? Is it regulate mood swings and reduce anxiety?

47    Can the new green activity trend be an effective exercise?

48    Should one do exercise to prevent chronic diseases?

49    The negative effects of perfectionism on athletes?

50    Competitive or cooperative games are healthier in the long run?


General 53 Sports Topics to Write an Argumentative Essay


Here are significant common issues in sports to argue

Enjoy them!


51    The influence of individual or team sports on people?

52    Are competitive sports’ health benefits worth their injury risks?

53    Do you think all cash collected from tickets ought to go-to players?

54    Do you agree that referees are always right in their judgment and with instant replay technologies, so could they be overruled?

55    What do you think about women participating in sports globally?

56    Should the government be banned sports with enough risks for injuries for youths below the age of consent?

57    Which one is crucial for retired sportsmen? Forgotten or included in technical benches?

58    Does extra exercise help people to fit? And is it necessary?

59    Do you agree that performance-enhancing drugs be tempered on completely discouraged in sports?

60    Is it logical that betting should be admitted into the Olympics?

61    Should archery be considered as relevant anymore?

62    Is it moral to fix matches to provide long term advantages in championships?

63    Do you think boxing ought to be banned?

64    Are motorsports really dangerous?

65    Are e-sports be thought a sport?

66    Could motorsports be seen as a sport?

67    Do you believe that sports are simply a waste of time?

68    What kind of benefits that famous sports speakers and anchors actually provide to athletes themselves?

69    Discuss sports that actually help to maintain a healthy body?

70    Has turmoil in a country any negative effect on sports?

71    Can cheerleading be considered a sport?

72    Hardworking is the essential part of being a good sportsman

73    Can athletes be a good role model?

74    Should politicians support sports and their laws?

75    Do you think sports ought to be a major part of the education system?

76    Can sports be competitive?

77    Should new games include sports be removed?

78    Discuss the positive aspects of sports that are not well known in daily life?

79    Discuss the influence of government in sports?

80    Which game is the most famous and dominant game in the world?

81    Should sports be brought out from governmental supervision?

82    Do you think animal sports ought to be banned or encouraged?

83    What is the role of the Olympics in keeping world peace?

84    Must colleges spend more money on sports programs?

85    Can martial arts be considered sports?

86    Does the government support private stadiums by public taxes?

87    Do you agree that athletes ought to be allowed to compete with mobility assistance items?

88    Is chess a real sport? It can train the brain?

89    What kind of dangerous football has for its players?

90    Can hunting be considered a sport? Would it be a violent crime if not done for survival or food gathering?

91    The usage of native mascots and names by sports teams might actually be offensive?

92    Is it fair that actual sports uniforms have ads on them?

93    Is it beneficial that showing alcohol and tobacco ads during any sports events?

94    Do you think athletes ought to receive a participation award in competitive sports?

95    Should cheerleading be considered exploitation?

96    Which one is beneficial for college athletes to be paid in cash or other benefits be provided to them?

97    Do you think colleges ought to hold accountable and responsible for their athletes' misconduct?

98    Do you agree that females should be allowed to compete against males in sports?

99    When genetic or cybernetic enhancements become available, they should be included in sports?

100    Discuss sports betting ought to be legal for adults?

101    What is the role of Fans in sports?

102    What is the influence of social and economic manners on the Olympics?

103    Discuss the sports that should be added or removed to the Olympics