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Medical Argumentative Essay Topics


Who can dare to write a good medical argumentative essay?

Only a small minority of people who follow Ride My Homework can dare it.

Ride My Homework has drawn up guidelines on medical argumentative essay

In this page, you are going to learn:

  • Argumentative essay in the medical field
  • Argumentative essay on medical technology
  • Argumentative essay about medical research
  • Medical ethics argumentative essay
  • Medical argumentative essay topics


There are 5 great headlines and 57 appealing argumentative essay topics below.

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The two essential aims of the argumentative essay in the medical field:


  • Various diseases and diagnosis; also, treatments and methods used by doctors
  • The role of the medical field in society; its effects on people.



  1. Choose a general topic instead of a specific statement

Your essay will be read by your fellows and instructors. They cannot be experts in the medical field. You too.

That’s why, your topic must be clear, simple, and arguable for everyone.


How many people can discuss “complex regional pain syndrome”?

However, everybody can argue “do you think teenagers ought to be allowed to do plastic surgery without parents’ permission”

  1. Give clear and brief explanations in your paragraph

While you are talking about your subject, for instance, plastic surgery, you should not give complex and detailed explanations.


Clearly explain what plastic surgery is, and give an example or a reason to support your main point


Otherwise, people can be confused and bored. Nobody wants to read a text which is unreadable and complex.



The topic: Do you think teenagers ought to be allowed to do plastic surgery without              parents’ permission”


Plastic surgery is a medical operation that can cure a person’s skin or improve one’s appearance. Even though plastic surgery helps people to have a better psychical appearance, it also has several negative effects such as infection, blood loss, and hematoma and nerve damage which are mostly ignored especially young people.

Therefore, teenagers should not be allowed to do plastic surgery without their parents’ permission.


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  2. State your idea effectively and unconventionally in your paragraphs.

The medical field is a relatively hard topic to discuss for many people.

Also, some basic topics such as plastic surgery, birth control pills, and euthanasia have been argued for many years by the same point of view.

If you criticize the statement a different perspective your essay would be appealing.


For euthanasia, almost everyone says that it ought to be legalized because there are human rights.

This is a conventional idea, and not attractive.

To be attractive you can say that

Even though it is advocated that one has a right to end his life, the reason why people decide euthanasia is that it is cheaper than care and treatment.



Medical and technology are the most crucial field for the modern world.

Some important tips to write a good argumentative essay on medical technology below.


  1. Enlighten your reader what is a medical technology

Many people think that medical technology is only about 3-D printings or artificial organs.

However, a stethoscope is also a medical technological device.

Therefore, giving brief information about what medical technology is would make your paper readable, and your audiences’ mind would be clearer.

  1. Focus on the relationship between medical era and technology

All people are aware of the importance of the medical field and technology separately.

However, only a few people know how technology supports the medical field.

Talking about the positive effects of technology on the medical field would make your essay attractive and informative for your readers.


  1. Discuss the medical technology industry, patients and doctors

It is undeniable that the importance of the medical technology industry has increased day by day.

Nonetheless, only a small minority of patients can pay money for a pacemaker readily.

Or, only a few doctors have a chance to receive education about the usage of the new medical technological devices properly.

These two statements are worth discussing in your essay to write a good argumentative essay on medical technology





Medical research encompasses preclinical and clinical research.

In other words, it extends from the symptoms of diseases to treatment and care of them.

To make your medical research statement arguable follow steps below.

  1. Discuss the importance of medical research

Medical research has been a high value to society for the last ten years.

Talk about disease trends, patterns of care, risk factors, and also the costs and use of health care.


  1. Readiness to participate in medical research

The last researches indicate that a majority of Americans willing to participate in preclinical and clinical research studies.



Which topics and diseases are worth research for people, and why

How the income level of participants can affect participation

The positive effect of college or graduate degree


  1. The importance of privacy and confidentiality

Researchers must be reliable.

If a researcher explains the studies or evidence ahead of time, people can be misled.

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Medical ethics means that examination of the clinical cases by using logic, facts, and values to determine what the best course of action ought to be.

It is difficult to reach a consensus about a clinical case for doctors.

Therefore, medical ethics itself is argumentative

First of all, discuss what medical ethics is, and the importance of medical ethics.

Here are several significant headlines about medical ethics to argue and write


  • The relationship between patient and physician

According to this rule, doctors ought not to treat themselves or their own families.

It is rather controversial.


  • The impact of political power on medical ethics

In emergencies and wars, the government overrides medical ethics and the legal system.

Discuss is it agreeable or not in your essay


  • Torture and violence can be justified according to medical ethics

This has been one of the most arguable manners for medical ethics for a long time.

Therefore, discuss it in your paper, make unconventional comments on it to attract the audience.




To choose a good medical argumentative essay topic

Pay attention!

  1. Select a topic which you know well, and express it clearly
  2. Do not choose subjects that are difficult to discuss for everyone.

       Remember your audience would be your fellows and the teachers. No one is an expert in the medical field. You too.


  1. Make sure that whether you would support your argument reasons and examples.
  2. Avoid giving terminological explanations. Make your argument simple, clear, and readable.


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57 Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

Medical Research Topics

Discuss the impact of illnesses and injuries, and also their treatment methods.

1    Should antibiotic resistance be reduced for old people?

2    The dangers of medical research ought to be mitigated

3    Do you agree that artificial tissues and organs are efficient?

4    Can medical research stop aging seen as ethical and moral?

5   How one research field is able to provide a solution to one healthcare issue?

6    Is the usage of animals in test drug a crime according to animal rights?

7    Do you think cloning research ought to be allowed and to what extent?

8    Dou you agree or disagree that can computers replace doctors completely?

9    Do you think doctors ought to receive engineering training to create better prosthetics?

10    Discuss that funding can be diverted towards health issues with lethal results rather than non-lethal issues?

11    What do you think about genetic engineering research? Should it be allowed, and to what extent?

12    Do you think research ought to be made for direct intervention on the brain for cognitive disorders?

13    Do you agree that the results of unethical experiments can be used to save others?

14    Are there any limits to medical tests on humans?

15    Do you believe that research projects that provide direct and immediate results, or theoretical projects that provide long term results should take priority in funding?


Medical Essay Topics for Health Issues

 You should mostly focus on the usage of the medicine, addictions, and prevention of diseases.

16    Do you think that people are misguided to distrust modern medicine by those who wish only to profit?

17    Would yearly general examinations be enough or they ought to be made more often?

18   Discuss the pros or cons of exercising

19    Do you believe that anti-inoculation campaigns also can cause secondary health issues by weakening the herd in general?

20    Would alcohol restriction be the best prevention to reduce teen alcohol addiction?

21    When abortion is banned, could it reduce its practice?

22    Do people have the right to refuse treatment, and it could be ethical?

23    Do you think birth control pills ought to be prescription only?

24    Discuss cancer patients should be informed about the less effective but gentler alternatives to chemotherapy

25    When and how natural medications can replace chemical ones?

26    Is it possible to be banned from smoking in public altogether?

27    Do you think the resources used for plastic surgeries ought to be relocated to other health issues?

28    Must vaccination against common diseases be compulsory?

29    Do you agree that web sources that advertise dangerous diets or non-scientific medical practices ought to be censured?

30    Can healthcare services be free?


What about Policies

 You can argue about the impact of laws, methods, and legislation on the medical field.

31    Should religion have a place in medical legislation?

32    Do you think that the usage of organs harvested from unwilling donors is ethical?

33    Can alternative treatments be legalized and allowed them to be practiced only after patients are informed?

34     Do people who are not actual doctors have any right to decide on medical legislation at any point?

35    Can obesity ben seen as a personal issue or a public health issue?

36    Despite his parent’s wishes, can a doctor provide medical care to a minor?

37    Discuss the effect of ads for cosmetic surgery on society

38     Do you think age ought to be taken into account in deciding organ transplants?

39    Drugs must be decriminalized and their distribution have to be controlled by medical personnel

40    Can euthanasia be legalized?

41    Do you think non-scientific cures like homeopathic medicines ought to be criminalized?

42    Do you agree that organ transplantation must be refused people who live an unhealthy lifestyle?

43    Would it be effective when people with mental health issues be isolated from their communities during treatment?

44    Should control practices be given to teens in schools?

45    Is it reasonable to use religious edicts for medical legislation?


Bonus 12 Interesting Medical Argumentative Essay Topics


46    Does air quality have a direct effect on asthma to solve it?

47    Should blood donations be compulsory?

48    Does easy access to medical information via the internet have a good result or self-diagnosing can be dangerous?

49    Can food allergy be seen as a disease?

50    Discuss the usage of the fetal tissue in research can be ethical if it could help with Alzheimer's disease?

51    Should the government regulate the usage of social media to prevent its negative effect on mental health?

52    Do you think all war veterans ought to be granted free healthcare?

53    Is sperm donors always be unidentified logical?

54    Would surrogate pregnancy be used only due to health reasons be moral and reasonable?

55    Do you think terminal patients ought to rely on a hospital hospice program?

56    Do you believe that a healthy lifestyle should be enforced before benefitting from insurance?

57    Must tobacco ads be banned in public?