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Immigration Argumentative Essay Topics

109+ Immigration Argumentative Essay Topics | Writing Tips of 2020

We know that many students have had difficulty in choosing an immigration argumentative essay topic.

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In this page, you are going to learn:

-How to Write a Persuasive Essay on Immigration

-Thesis Statement about Immigration

-Illegal Immıgration Essay

Besides these three important headlines, you will also see 104 amazing immigration argumentative essay topics.

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How to Write a Persuasive Essay on Immigration?

The statistics show that approximately 43.3 million immigrants have lived in the US today.

Even though immigrants make positive contributions to the country in some ways, they also have negative effects on the USA’s economy, education, and policy.

Therefore, the situation of immigrants is worth discussing.


How Can You Persuade Your Reader?

  • Explain the statement clearly in simple and effective sentences

People read an article, paper, or an essay to learn and improve themselves.

If they do not understand the topic and explanations, the essay means nothing.



It makes the essay unreadable. In addition, no one persuaded by an understandable explanation.




Despite the common viewpoint in pop-culture, only a small minority of immigrants are poor in the USA. Because the vast majority of them have a college education, so they can work “white-color” jobs.

  • Support your explanation with reasons, examples, and evidence

 If you back up your argument powerfully, no one can refute your thesis.

They would accept your agreement eventually.


The rate of the crime level in the city increased due to the expansion of the immigrant population. Therefore, the government should take some precautions.


Answer –WH questions in your sentence

The immigrant population increased.

How and Why?

To what extent it affects the crime level.

What kind of precautions will be useful?

How can the government take control of this situation?


How to Write a Good Introduction and Conclusion for Persuasive Essay on Immıgration?

 Actually, the introduction and the conclusion mirror each other in some ways.

Both of them

  • should be shorter than body paragraphs
  • they ought to have an effective overview and one final thought about the central point



A Good Thesis Statement about Immigration

  1. State the central idea of the subject

The thesis statement consists of the essential opinion of the essay.

You HAVE TO explain what you will talk about in your paper in one or two sentences.


In my opinion, immigrants contribute to new job opportunities in labor markets in the USA.

  1. Avoid the usage of passive voice

You MUST be sure about your argument. Your thesis MUST be certain, and it has to include your opinion.


It argued that

Seems like

Some people say that



In my opinion

I believe that

I argue on

My main focus would be ……………... in this paper


  1. Address both disagreement and an agreement. In other words, a thesis must be argumentative.

If you make an alluring and provocative sentence, both the supporters and the opponents are going to continue to read your essay.


Immigrants who live in the USA have positive effects on the economy.

Simple and understandable sentence BUT not attractive and argumentative

Immigrants who live in the USA can lead a great economic development in industrial markets.

Simple and understandable. ALSO, ARGUMENTATIVE

What is the situation of industrial markets in the USA?

How can the government allow immigrants to attend, and in what extend?

What kind of “great” developments?

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Illegal Immigration Essay

Illegal immigration is one of the hot points of immigration argumentative essay topics.


  • The flow of illegal immigration is usually from poorer countries to richer countries

Discuss the outstanding reasons of illegal immigration.

Who wants to break the rules and live in a country where he or she would punish eventually?

These reasons can be


-Health care





These reasons are global; therefore, many people want to read a well-written essay that includes global problems.


  • Focus on the statements that are discussed less or ignored

Only a small minority of argued on topics below

  • Many people visit a country for holiday, health purposes, tourism, and education legally.

HOWEVER, many of them do not return to their country even if they have outstayed their welcome.


  • Illegal immigrants tend to commit fewer crimes than natives

They, illegal immigrants, know that their lives are under risk, and they can be expelled from the country severely. Therefore, illegal immigrants control their actions all the time.


  • Illegal immigrants cause for contagious diseases

As known, illegal immigrants have no legal right, so they cannot benefit from health care properly.


What about the pros and cons of illegal immigration


As seen above, firstly the cons (disadvantages, negative aspects) come to mind. 

Because it is illegal and immigrants are people who belong to different countries.

Well, how can be discussed the pros of illegal immigration? Are there any advantages to it?



If the rate of population increase, what would happen?

The job market would develop because people need money to live.

If job market develops, the taskmasters will pay more taxes. Therefore, the Treasury will also get more money.

Another example:

Even though they are illegal, immigrants can be learned, well-educated people.

If they contribute substantially to education, science, or health-care, the government can allow them to live legally in the country.

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How can a student choose the best immigration argumentative essay topic?

Focus on the topics that related to

  • History
  • Causes and Effects
  • Impacts
  • Legal and illegal aspects of immigration

Because many people can discuss them. Your topic should be general, current, and understandable.

In addition, the issues above related to safety, economic, and social factors that are understandable and debatable for everyone.


Healthcare for illegal immigrants’ pros and cons
what was an argument against immigration apex
Reasons why immigration is good
benefits of immigration
reasons for immigration
reasons for emigration
pros of immigration
immigration and the economy?

When you talk about a specific topic such as statistics, payments, or disagreements between countries about immigration, only a small minority of the readers like politicians can continue to read.

Do not forget! Your reader will be your classmates and lecturers.




Illegal Immigration Topics to Write


 Illegal immigration is a hot topic.

You can discuss its popular aspects such as prevention, causes, reasons, the psychology of immigrants, and the government’s policy.


1    Are civil wars or repressive regimes the main reason for increased illegal immigrants?

2    Does illegal immigration promote terrorism?

3    Can precautions at the border stop immigration?

4   Can refugees who escaped from war or repression be considered illegal migrants?

5    Does illegal immigration actually cause unemployment, or do they merely work on jobs others will not?

6    Is illegal immigration towards rich countries high?

7    Is prostitution associated with illegal immigration?

8    Is slavery associated with illegal immigration?

9    Is the only way to stop illegal immigration is to use hard policies?

10    Is the use of the term "illegal immigrant" instead of the proper term "undocumented immigrant" an attempt for social engineering on the issue?

11    Should access to the public system be given to children of illegal migrants?

12    Should everyone who born on national territory be given citizenship by right of territory?

13    Should illegally immigrate children be given citizenship.

14    Should the cost of immigration be reduced in order to reduce illegal immigrants?

15    What kind of system should be used to deal with illegal immigration?


More Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration


Here are some mostly social topics about immigration that can be understandable and arguable for everyone


16    Are there enough health facilities and infrastructure to care for immigrants?

17    Should sanctuary cities receive extra government support to control immigration movements?

18    Do immigrants help in increasing production as they offer skilled and usually cheap labor?

19    How complex is it to emigrate from one country to another?

20    How does immigration affect domestic economies? How does immigration affect the economy positively?

21    How does immigration influence economies of the point of origin?

22    How should the immigration laws be revised?

23    Should any country build a physical wall to deter immigration?

24    Should illegal immigrants with employment be given temporary amnesty?

25    Should immigrants be deported if they commit any crimes?

26    Should immigrants be forced to learn the official language of the country they move to?

27    Should immigration be paid or free?

28    Should people with parents, spouses, or children who are legal citizens be fast-tracked in the immigration process?

29    Should society be more or less tolerant of immigrants?

30    What concerns are there in regards to immigration policies for the next ten years?

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US Immigration Topics


Under this headline, discussing cultural aspects of immigration, and the USA culture would be useful.


31    Can open borders policy with liberal laws help or harm the US?

32    Does immigration rates increase drug use in the US?

33    How beneficial is the US language policy within the context of language, immigration, and human rights?

34    How can assimilation and multiculturalism deal with immigration in the US?

35    How can the Russian-Jewish immigration to the US in the late 1800s be compared to modern immigration patterns?

36    How can the US be a cultural melting pot without immigration? Why did people immigrate to America?

37    How did Trump’s immigration policies have influenced the US in the short term?

38    How does illegal immigration affect US politics and the economy?

39    How can the current climate trends change affect immigration towards and from the USA?

40    Is immigration an important part of the American Dream? Pros of immigration in the USA

41    Is third world immigration a threat to the US? How does immigration affect the US economy?

42    Should the US increase or decrease restrictions on its current border security policy.

43    What are the problems of immigrant women in the US, compared to men?

44    What were the effects of immigration Europeans on the American Indian Population?

45    What were the peculiarities of immigration reforms under Jim Crow laws?


Immigration Argumentative Essay Topics to Write


Generally, the effects of immigration on countries discussed but the manner of immigrants; the problems that they faced sometimes discussed. Therefore, argue on the hardness of being immigrant makes your essay interesting


46    Should illegal immigrants be offered in-state tuition rates at public colleges within their residing state?

47    Should Muslim immigrants be barred from entering the country until the government generally improves its ability to screen potential terrorists?

48    How ethical is it for local law enforcement to detain illegal immigrants for minor crimes and immediately transfer them to a federal immigration authority?

49    Is a citizenship test to demonstrate a basic understanding of the country’s language, government, and history necessary for immigrants?

50    Should the temporary work visas are given to high-skilled immigrant workers be increased to reduce illegal immigration?

51    Would a border wall between two different countries be effective in stopping the smuggling and illegal migration, when every stage of physical prevention has eventually been overcome in the past?

52    What were the changes to immigration policies and their reasons in the country during the last century?

53    What options are available to prevent family separation due to deportation?

54    Why are immigration reform laws more prevalent during the last U.S. Presidential Elections?

55    How do immigration trends affect how local policies are written?

56    Are discriminatory acts towards immigrants actually grounded on legal status or do they originate from deeply ingrained ethnic intolerance?

57    How do immigrants feel about blending in with the culture of the host country, rather than holding on to their own culture?

58    Are border rules in first world countries is irrelevant?

59    Why does the death rate of illegal immigrants is increasing?

60    What are the primary social and health concerns for communities with lots of recent immigrants?


International Immigration Topics


The word international reminds people of some significant keywords such as government policy, multiculturalism, border of countries, wars, agreements.

You can make connections between these words and immigration in your essay.

E.g. how the immigration effect multiculturalism?


61    Did the failure of the EU in the refugee problem grant more power to Middle East countries over the EU?

62    Does immigration labor benefit the UK? What are the positive effects of immigration?

63    How did Japan’s immigration policy change after WW2?

64    How different are the refugees and immigrants in WWII from their modern counterparts?

65    How does immigration affect the academic performance of international students?

66    Was the immigration in Germany a need or an act of tolerance?

67    What are the issues connected to multiculturalism and immigration in Sweden?

68    What are the effects of the climate on people who emigrate from a country with drastically different ones?

69    What are the reasons for the failure of the EU in addressing immigration and the refugee problem?

70    What are the roles of national, state, and local governments in immigration rates?

71    What are the trends for 21th-century global immigration trends?

72    What were the causes of Somali immigration to the US?

73    Which countries have the highest rate of immigration detention?

74    Which destinations are the most popular immigration countries?

75    Why did the debate on immigration increase over the last twenty years?


More Argumentative Immigration Essay Topics


Here are some mix of debatable and popular topics on immigration.


76    Are there any good results of illegal immigration?

77    Does the federalist system lead to an increase in illegal immigrants?

78    How can document checking be made stricter for employees of immigrants?

79    How do modern information technologies affect immigration?

80    How ethical for the children of immigrants to argue against immigration?

81    How has illegal immigration affected the safety of communities?

82    Is it ethical to penalize immigrants in the tax system for not being citizens?

83    Is it inhumane and unethical to deny illegal immigrants benefits?

84    Should EU countries accept immigrants from Africa with no limitations due to colonialism?

85    Should governments or the UN provide enough facilities for citizens from warring countries to reduce illegal immigration?

86  what crises cause a rise in immigration? What are the main causes of migration?

87    What kind of criteria should be used for deportation?

88    What tools are the most effective ones to deal with illegal immigration?

89    Why are people usually negative about immigration? What are cons of immigration?

90    Will the prevention of immigration cause more deaths?


Bonus 14 Argumentative Immigration Essay Topics


91    Are our immigration policies unfair towards people who are already citizens?

92    Asylum seekers should not be associated with immigrants.

93    Does legalizing illegal immigrants reduce crime?

94    How can an immigration policy that can satisfy everyone be implemented?

95    How can immigration affect the countries educational systems?

96    Multiculturalism may change public attitudes to immigration as a whole.

97    Should a country have an immigration cap?

98    What are the economic advantages and disadvantages of immigration?

99    What are the major problems with immigration in Spain?

100    What effect does port security have on illegal immigration?

101    What health screening should be in place during the immigration process?

102    What measures can be taken to minimize immigration effects on the economy?

103    What strain and cost do illegal immigration put on a country?

104    Why were Chinese immigrants of the 18th and 19th century given rights and citizenship very late in the US?