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Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics


Ride My Homework is aware that choosing psychology argumentative essay topics is hard.

We also know that writing psychology argumentative essays is difficult.

Therefore, this page is created for you!

Students are going to learn

-How to write a good psychology argumentative essay

-How to choose psychology argumentative essay topic

-What is the psychology research paper’s thesis?

-Psychology research topics ideas to write about

Under these 4 important headlines, there are 88 amazing psychology argumentative essay topics

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Psychology is a scientific study that examines how the human mind works, and how it affects behaviors.

And, scientific studies generally include themes, keywords, and terminology. This manner makes ordinary people hard to understand the text.

HOWEVER, students can write an understandable psychology argumentative essay introduction by using Ride My Homework’s tips!


  • Describe the topic of the essay and explain the key terms

The introduction is the most crucial part of an essay.

 If you state your topic clearly in the beginning, it would capture the readers’ attention.

  • Let the audience understand how you are going to focus on the subject

Make a short, clear, and simple sentence in your introduction to be understandable.

DON’T FORGET! The audience won't know your topic, firstly they should know what will be explained.

  • Highlight the main statements that “lie behind” the question.

You can explain your topic based on a theory or study BUT you have to enlighten the reader why you chose that theory or study, and, what your base is.




As we said before, psychology deals with the understanding of the human mind, behaviors, and how it works.

It is really difficult to do that, and also writing an essay on it.

BE EASY! Ride My Homework is here for all students!

  1. Do some serious research on your subject


Psychology is a bit of complicated science. Be aware of what you are talking about and how you can explain it to the readers properly.


  1. Support the topic by reliable resources


Remember! This your body (main) paragraph.


It means that the readers go into the topic deeply and clearly.


Therefore, you must expand your ideas, arguments, and examples.


At this point, some significant journals, articles, textbooks, news, and magazines about psychology are your best friends who support the explanation.


  1. Use a vivid writing voice

Be careful! You are going to inform the audience of what they don’t know. If they are bored, they won’t continue to read.

So, you must get their attention to follow your essay.

Use attractive, funny, and alluring words to make your sentence alive.


  1. Use the PEC system for each paragraph

This is not a shopping list. This an academic essay. A student cannot use one or two-sentence for explanations.

Therefore, focus on PEC!

PEC system:

P: State the POINT

E: EXPLAIN why and how, in what way, the point is relevant

C: Argue the CONSEQUENCES. The impact of the study.

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Follow these appealing steps below to write a good conclusion!

  • Summarize the arguments your essay

Your words are about to complete in conclusion. Reminds the readers your main point, thesis statement, again.


  • Don’t write new arguments or information

This is an end, not a beginning.


  • Don’t write a long paragraph

You explain everything in your body paragraph. Avoid making long and deep explanations.

Restate your focus. Be brief and effective.

You can also give some recommendations.



We can bravely say that finding a great topic for an essay is more challenging than writing it.

FOLLOW US! This page helps you to start.

  • Don’t focus on a specific subject in psychology

A specific subject, e.g. psychosexual stages in the Victorian age, would narrow your research and explanation.

BECAUSE you must know both what psychosexual stage is according to Freud and Victorian age very well. It will be hard to explain it, too.

  • Discuss the general statement in psychology

If the subject is simple and understandable, you can write a clear and readable paper.

Choose simple, popular, and current topics.


Discriminations and prejudice in society such as racism, sexism, and homophobia.


  • Consider why people interested in psychology

If you know what aspects make people closer to psychology, you can easily find the attractive psychological headlines for people.

For example!

Eating disorders are a current problem for modern-day. And doctors advocate that eating disorders mostly related to a negative psychological manner.

So, they firstly help patients to have better psychology and then lose weight



The thesis statement is the heart of an essay.

 The main focus of the paper must be written in the thesis.

That’s why the author HAVE TO write a definite and clear thesis statement.



  • Thesis statement MUST be at the end of the introduction paragraph

The essential aim of the thesis is to explain what you will discuss through your paper.

Therefore, you should write it in your first paragraph to introduce your topic.

  • Avoid using complicated word and terminology in the thesis

If the readers don’t understand the main argument of the essay, how could you expect them to continue to read your writing?

Be clear, simple, and readable!!

  • Don’t make a long sentence

The thesis statement HAVE TO be one or two-sentence.

Don’t forget it just present your central message in your essay. It is not an explanation.

  • Be original

Avoid conventional, classic, and generic sentences.

Yes, we admit that they can easy to write BUT not attractive.

Attract your reader!


There are 88+ great psychology argumentative essay topics below!

Moreover, students also meet effective tips about how to choose them!

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88 Outstanding Argumentative Paper Topics on Psychology

Developmental Psychology Research Topics

The topic should be related to the process of growing and changing into a stronger form.

For developmental topics HOW is the key question. Answer it properly.

-How mental games like Sudoku help adults to keep their cognitive skills sharp?

-What kind of factors affects adolescents’ behaviors and characters?

-How teachers and fellows affect the cognitive and social development of primary school students?


Experimental Psychology Research Topics

Focus on the topics that they can be based on new methods and ideas.

Therefore, you can easily find out what effects they have on human psychology.

-Which colors improve learning at an early age? Make a quick experiment between your fellows, it would be useful for your paper.

-Discuss the relationship between music and human psychology.

E.g. Rock music increases the heartbeats. Do you agree?

-Do you believe that people eat more popcorn and candy during an action movie?


Cultural Psychology Research Paper Topics

Many things vary from culture to culture such as music, eating habits, festivals, and social behaviors.

You can concentrate on cultural codes and their effects on human psychology

-How the sense of humor varies across the culture.

-In the USA, the family relationship is weak because individuals care for themselves a lot. Do you agree or disagree?

- Discuss do British poets perceive and comprehend the world better than American poets


Psychology Research Proposal Topics

Your topic can lead a formal suggestion or idea for possible action or plan

-Discuss the impact of strategic thinking in games on human psychology

-Does emotional maturity have a huge effect on the regulation of behavior?

-How stress causes memory loss?


Positive Psychology Research Paper Topics

Positive psychology deals with “good life”, and positive sides of human experience to live better a better life.

Choose your topic based on this purpose.

-Do you believe that temporary somatic pleasures such as alcohol, shopping, and sex lead negative character traits?

-Discuss the psychological impact of having a friend or being a friend

-Do children enjoy the small thing in life?


Neuropsychology Research Paper Topics

Remember what neuropsychology is, and find your topic according to its concern

Neuropsychology concrete on how the brain and nervous system influence humans’ cognition and behaviors

-Why people generally forget what they were just going to say?

-Do teenagers regulate their emotions properly?

-Can music help people to resolve their deepest inner conflict?


Psychology Research Paper Topics about Dreams

Think about how psychology and dreams affect each other

-Are dreams indicators of who we are?

-Is there a strong connection between dreams, souls, and psychology?

-Do you agree that bad experience certainly causes nightmares?

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Social Media Research Topics Psychology

As known, social media affects not only humans’ psychology but also habits, behaviors, characters, sex, marriages, and education.

Argue about whatever you want

-Discuss profile photos on social media are indicators of humans’ characters

-Do people regulate their actions according to social media comments and likes?

-Do you agree that food, money, and sharing our thoughts and emotions on social media triggers the same sensation of pleasure in our brains?


Media Psychology Research Topics

Media psychology is interested in the use, design, and development of media technologies in some important fields such as education, policy, entertainment, and business.

Argue about how these fields and the usage of media effects humans psychology

-Discuss the use of humor in creating political news on TV

-Compare and contrast the effects on single bloggers and media companies on humans’ psychology

-Can terrorism easily spread through media channels?


Personality Psychology Research Paper Topics

There is a strong connection between personality and psychology.

You can focus on topics that lead ask they're important relationship

-How human personality affects the type of art that they love?

-Do people choose pets according to their personality? Compare the psychology of dog owner vs pet owner

-Do you believe that people who share the same personalities can only marry each other?


Research Question Examples Psychology

Mostly focus on how to create a research question about psychology

Ask yourself why, how, what, who to create a better research question

-How the consumption of fast foods in schools’ canteen causes teenage obesity?

-How smoke exposure at an early age change the developmental abilities of children

-What factors influence the beginning of social media addiction?


Child Psychology Research Paper Topics

The mental growth and development of children quite important.

And, it mostly shapes according to family and social environment at an early age.

You can discuss their relationship

-The impact of storytelling on children psychology

-Discuss the positive effects of the relationship between father and mother on a child’s emotional psychology

-How parents can protect their children (especially adolescents) from social and economic pressure?


High School Psychology Research Topics

Students generally have limited acknowledge in high school so that discuss general psychological issues would be suitable for them

-The role of the school psychologist in students’ life

-Why students scared of mathematics?

-How teachers motivate students?


Psychology Research Topics for College Students

College students can make academic research and speak about education, policy, science, social life, literature properly.

Therefore, one who is a college student should not only general aspect of psychology but also specific ones.

-Discuss the importance of gender roles in social psychology

-Reasons for sexual abuse in the USA

-Do you agree that Alzheimer's is a hereditary disease?


Social Psychology Topics

Mainly focus on on-trend social problems such as violence, aggression, prejudice, and discrimination.

Try to get a connection to why people act negatively with each other?


1    How can social cognition be mastered to improve one's life?

2    How can learning differences affect people in a social group negatively?

3    Can the social identity of individuals lead to aggression and violence between various social groups of modern society?

4    What are the effects of a member’s death in a social group?

5    How can control the social influences on teenagers today?

6    Discuss the role of social identity in modern society?

7    How parents affect their children’s social cognition?

8    Discuss the impact of aggression and violence in social psychology?

9    Argue on social attitudes towards religion?

10   What is the impact of bystander in social psychology?


Forensic Psychology Argumentative Paper Topics


Your topics must be related to scientific methods of solving crimes.


11    Do you think that a person with mental disorders can have enough competency to be sentenced to death?

12    Can the abuse of psychoactive substances affect terrorist attacks severely?

13    Discuss the influences of crime drama in fictional media on forensic psychology?

14    Does religious alignment of a community tolerate death penalty laws in an emergency?

15   Is it possible to hide sexual abuse in the family?

16   Do you agree that cognitive interviews should be made for better forensic examination purposes?

17    Discuss the steps to organize a standard psychological conceptual analysis?

18    What is the biggest mitigation?

19    What is the classification of human trafficking?

20    What are the benefits of the neutralization theory in Forensic psychology?


Funny Psychology Topics


Some topics have been current such as superstitions, eating habits, addictions, and colors.

You can explain how they can affect human psychology in a funny way.


21    Do you believe that all mentally ill people really violent and aggressive?

22    Are lie detectors really guaranteed to unmasking dishonesty?

23    Blue and pink items: Can gender stereotypes be diminishing?

24    Discuss the inkblot tests can directly tell much about someone’s personality

25    Do chocolate, alcohol, and drug actually help to avoid depression?

26    Is it possible to remember forgotten events by means of hypnosis?

27    Is the midlife crisis real or is it a myth to avoid problems?

28    Do dreams really have symbolic meaning?

29   Do you support that people always fall to "bad ones" when having a boy or girlfriends?

30    What is the role of keeping on listening to music that evokes sadness?


Interesting Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics


What interesting is for you cannot be interesting for the audience.

Therefore, focus on the topics amazing and attractive in public.


31    What kind of behaviors can be called “attractive” in society?

32    Can body language reading help to avoid conflicts?

33    What are the effects religions of the world impact on human mental development?

34    Is it moral to use some significant techniques like Pavlov's conditioning on humans?

35    Is it fair to expect people who have a mental disorder to behave like they do not have them?

36    How is it possible to break the cycle of abuse perpetrated by those who have abused themselves in their childhood?

37    Can denotation hide something unwanted in personality?

38    How people can avoid the need for belonging?

39    What are the underlying psychological causes of prejudice and discrimination in society?

40    Discuss the impact of birth order on procrastination?


Cognitive Psychology Topics


Your topic must involve the process of thinking and reasoning


41   How can the opponent-process theory explain the way people see color?

42   Is it possible to explain dreams by the activation-synthesis model?

43    Discuss the effect of different cognitive diseases on the quality of someone's life

44    What are the negative effects the mental sets on people's problem-solving abilities?

45    Can cognitive disorders be treated permanently?

46    Discuss the differences between implicit and explicit memory?

47    Do dreams really have a purpose?

48    What are the reasons and consequences of false memory?

49    Where tacit knowledge come from?

50    What are the positive effects of using non-offensive methods on patients who have cognitive disorders?


Clinical Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Clinical topics should concrete on medical teaching and work which deal with the examination and treatment of sick people


51    Do you agree that many so-called super effective diets of the day make eating disorders common?

52    Can violence in the media lead to violent tendencies?

53    What are the differences between clinical psychology and other specialties like forensic psychology?

54    Is using cognitive behavioral therapy practices efficient when it is used against depression?

55    Do you think that childhood depression is possible?

56   Can chronic pain be controlled by psychology?

57    Why antidepressants might be harmful?

58    Do you think we ought to refrain from giving ADHD medicines to children?

59    Discuss the pros and cons of online therapy?

60    What kind of trauma can be experienced in abusive relationships?

61    What are the most devastating long-term effects of childhood trauma?

62    Discuss the main underlying reasons and consequences of eating disorders in teens?

63    How anxiety disorders can affect daily functioning?

64    How psychological medicine affect pregnancy?

65    What is the most efficient therapy to treat childhood behavioral disorders?


Bonus 13 Interesting Topics




66    Can panic attacks be classified as a mental disorder?

67    Is complex music an indicator of actually a more creative personality?

68    What is the negative effects of hyper - perfect dolls on the self-esteem of children?

69    Are animals sentient as they are claimed?

70    How human psychology affects the environment conditioning, like the phases of the moon?

71    What is the effect of the anxiety felt in dreams on mental health?

72    Do you agree that animals can adapt their vocal signs to fit their social environments?

73    How the excessive use of social media can reduce the ability to empathize?

74    Have the role of modern mass communications and archiving capabilities in copycat crimes?

75    What are the main reasons for increased suicidal tendencies?

76    Discuss the cognitive rift between animals and humans?

77    What kind of connection have mental instability and terrorism?

78    Do you think the government ought to provide more funding for the gifted and talented, or to the less talented to help them?