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| 108+ Excellent Argumentative Criminal Justice Essay Topics

108+ Excellent Argumentative Criminal Justice Essay Topics

Only small minority students can choose an excellent criminal justice essay topics argumentatively

NEVERTHELESS, Ride My Homework makes things easier for all students!

In this page, students are going to learn

-How to write an excellent criminal justice argumentative essay

-How to select excellent criminal justice argumentative essay topics

Besides these 2 amazing headlines, there are 108+ wonderful criminal justice essay topics argumentative below!

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The main purpose of the argumentative essay is to convince the reader that the argument is provable, reliable and right.

Therefore, the readers MUST be enlightened clearly about what the topic is BECAUSE if they do not understand the subject, your essay means nothing.


  • Before explaining your main points, give a brief and precise definition of what criminal justice is, what the role of it in society and why the government need criminal justice



The criminal justice is a system that justice to people who have committed a crime- the primary purpose of it to control society. Thus, citizens can live in peacefully and safely.


The argumentative essay consists of 5 essential parts




To write a strong introduction

  • The expression should go general to specific

The introduction is a kind of warm-up to the main paragraphs. If you back up your specific argument with general information, the readers can make logical connections and understand why the topic is important


  • Sentences ought to include some keywords

If you use keywords that are related to your main points, your introduction prepares your reader to the main paragraphs slowly.


  • The introduction paragraph must be shorter than body paragraphs

The main duty of the introduction is to introduce your topic to the audience. When written a long introduction, the readers can get bored, and ask “where are the key points”

Thus, be brief and clear



The thesis statement is the line where the claim of the essay is written.

It should be

  • One or two sentences long
  • Simple and understandable
  • Last sentence of the introduction paragraph



There are three body paragraphs in an argumentative essay. Two of them is supporting paragraph, and the other is encounter paragraph


 Supporting Paragraph 1 & 2

The supporting paragraph is written to give viewpoints of the writer.

It MUST include

  • The Claim
  • Supporting Reasons and Examples
  • Data and evidence


The Claim:

The claim is the first sentence of the paragraph.

 It means that “the writer is going to argue about this aspect of the topic”


The first and foremost reason for the alcoholism is emotional problems.

This sentence can be one of the claims of the argumentative essay

It is understood that the paragraph will talk about how and why emotional problems cause alcohol addiction.


Supporting Reasons and Examples:

Reasons and examples take place after the claim

The main purpose of them is to prove the rightness of the argument


Data and Evidence:

If the explanation is supported by research, data, fact or evidence, the reader can trust and believe your argument easily


The Rebuttal Paragraph

In the refutation paragraph, the writer aims to explain why opposing viewpoints are problematic and wrong.

  • The voice of the author must be formal and definite in the refutation paragraph

The writer tries to prove the incomplete of the opposite side of the subject. If vague and unclear explanations are written, the readers cannot persuade.

  • Counterargument can also be supported by reasons, examples and data
  • The refutation paragraph must be as long as the supporting paragraph



 The conclusion is a way to understand the importance of the essay for readers. Therefore, a well-written conclusion has a significant impact on readers.

To write a firm conclusion

  • Do not summarize the whole paper
  • Restate key points
  • The Paragraph should be as long as the introduction
  • The writer can write his recommendations

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It is going to be quite easy to choose criminal justice essay topics argumentative for students who follow the tips below!

  • Research the topic very well

Sometimes the essay topics are given by instructors.

For instance, criminology is given to you, and you do not know the topic, what will you do?

-Firstly, ask your lecturer which books, websites and blogs can be beneficial to research this topic

-Secondly, talk to your friends, and check whether they know the topic. Therefore, you can determine how you can explain this topic to them properly

-Thirdly, following debate channels will be better. You can learn “how to discuss a topic”

-Finally, after reading articles, essay, and reviews about your topic, takes notes about your personal impression about it.


  • Narrow the subject of the topic

Discussing on a hub headline will be difficult.

For instance, if your teacher says that argue on “social justice paper topics”

-Decide one interesting social aspect like racism

-Research what are the punishments of this social statement according to countries

-Choose a country which its justice system is insufficient to prevent the racism, and discuss on it


  • Focus on current issues

It is rather easy to research about popular topics because everybody can talk and write on them, and one can reach many sources to collect extra information.

It makes your research easier

Moreover, popular things are wondered by all people. When you talk about a popular topic, your essay will be interesting for people, and they want to read.

108 Interesting Criminal Justice Essay Topics Argumentative

Criminal Justice Research Topics about the Death Penalty

The death penalty has always been a hot topic, so many aspects of it have discussed. Therefore, you can approach in a different way.

E.g. why the death penalty has been so popular from past to today? Why people develop a new system instead of the death penalty?

1    Can the death penalty be applied to juvenile criminals?

2    Does the death penalty actually deter crime?

3    Does having capital punishment in a first world country embolden its use in other countries against political opponents?

4    Does the death penalty inherently have injustice?

5    Execution of Capital Punishment: Which method is more humane?

6    How does race affect the sentencing in capital punishment?

7    Is the death penalty against human rights?

8    Should capital punishment be humane or inhumane to be a better deterrent?

9    Should the death penalty abolish?

10    What are the ethical dilemmas of the death penalty?

11    What are the global practices for the death penalty?

12    What are the pros and cons of the death penalty?

13    What is the justification for the death penalty?

14    Which crimes deserve to have capital punishment?

15    Will the death penalty removed in the future?


Criminal Justice Controversial Topics on Justice System

 “Whether the justice system is equal and reliable or not” is the biggest criminal justice research question for many people because while some people trust the justice system, others sometimes can suffer from its consequences.

You can talk about the process of the justice system, the methods that are used, why people need them.

16    Are the goals of sentencing according to the justice system achieved?

17    Does plea bargaining in the US justice system work?

18    Does the insanity defence in the criminal justice system aid perpetrators escape justice?

19    How can wrongful convictions be prevented?

20    How effective is criminalizing juvenile behavior in the justice system?

21    In what ways does the criminal justice system cause inequality?

22    In what ways is the criminal justice system more lenient towards white-collar crimes?

23    Is loitering an actual crime or merely an oppression tool?

24    Is the reliance on DNA technology in the criminal justice system appropriate?

25    Is the role of evidence in the criminal justice system absolute?

26    Should the defense attorney in the justice system let their charges escape justice when they are guilty?

27    What are the biases towards genders in the criminal justice system?

28    What code of ethics should be present under the justice system?

29    What is the most problematic power abuse in the criminal justice system?

30    What is the risk assessment within the context of the criminal justice system?

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What About Forensic and Criminology Topics?

Even though they are hot topics in criminal justice, few people exactly know what forensic and criminology.

Enlighten your reader briefly before starting the discussion

31    Do criminology theories apply in the same way in all social groups?

32    Do TV shows and movies with forensic science themes assist criminals?

33    Is the theory of feminist criminology based on concrete facts?

34    How can criminology help with online identity theft?

35    How do current trends in criminology compare with that of the past?

36    How do social anthropology and criminal justice?

37    How efficient is the forensic science actually?

38    How has forensic evolved over time in criminology?

39    How to avoid cases of fraud in the field of forensic science?

40    Is it possible to perfectly predict crimes by using criminology and statistics?

41    Is the rational choice theory actually valid?

42    Should forensic evidence gathering be done by out of town specialists to avoid favoritism?

43    What are the challenges faced by a crime officer?

44    What biases are there in criminology theories?

45    What flaws are there in criminology theories?


Crime Topics for Essay

There is the countless type of crime in the justice system, so talking about a specific one may be hard; it requires detailed research.

Focus on general statements about crime

46    Are all crimes equal?

47    Are all misdemeanors actual crimes?

48    Are the laws for corporate crimes too lenient?

49    Are the current methods of deterring and mitigating crime effective or sufficient?

50    Does racial profiling cause more crimes?

51    How can social engineering be used to reduce crime?

52    How efficient are crime prevention programs?

53    How much of an effect does street lighting on crime?

54    How should hate crimes be handled?

55    Is using technicalities a fair way to avoid justice for crimes?

56    Should crimes against persons and entities be classified as same?

57    Should organized crime be punished more severely than the unorganized crime?

58    Should there be registries for all crimes like the sex offenders registry?

59    Should violent crimes be always penalized to the maximum extent?

60    Which is the most important essential of the due process model?

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Argumentative Essay Topics about Drugs

 Discussing about the reasons and consequences of the usage of the drug would be helpful for you because it depends on different types of parameters. All of them would be a supporter of your essay.

61    Can regulating drug use instead of punishing provide better results in the long term?

62    Does the use of drugs increase crime?

63    Does the war on drugs help address the issue of drugs?

64    How can drug users be rehabilitated without slipping back?

65    Is alcohol consumption a type of drug use?

66    Is it possible to break the connection between drug abuse and crimes?

67    Is raising the prices of life-saving drugs solely for profit ethical?

68    Should colleges develop a regular school-based drug testing?

69    Should ethnic and cultural traditions are observed if they include drug use?

70    Should exotic addictions like a game or porn addiction be considered illegal as drug use is?

71    Should the laws about drug abuse alter?

72    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Marijuana legalization?

73    What might be the results of legal drugs?

74    Why is drug testing at schools important?

75    Would decriminalizing drugs solve overcrowding in prisons?


Criminal Justice Essay Topics Argumentative related to Prisons and Jails

 Prisons and jails are the most popular statements of law and justice topics.

Ride My Homework have chosen for you the most arguable side of them, you can discuss all topics below.

76    Are ethnical minorities treated fairly in prisons?

77    Are private prisons inherently flawed?

78    Are private prisons merely a way to make money from crime?

79    Does separation based on gender turn prisons more violent?

80    How is it possible to make sure prisons do not become criminal training and recruitment centers?

81    Is restrictive housing more efficient in rehabilitation than prisons?

82    Is solitary confinement cruel and unusual punishment?

83    Is the option of restrictive housing applied unequally based on ethnicity?

84    Should prisoners be allowed to sue prisons?

85    Should prisoners be allowed to use educational programs on taxpayer money?

86    should healthcare in prisons be free?

87    Should the prisons take non-binary gender status into account?

88    What are the necessary specifics of crowding in prisons?

89    What can be done for the betterment of healthcare in jails?

90    What is the role of public funding in prisons?

Bonus 18 Criminal Justice Topic to Write about

91    Are NDA against freedom of speech?

92    Are public defendants trained enough in general?

93    Are slander lawsuits against freedom of speech?

94    Are the alternatives to incarceration enough deterrents?

95    Are the discretionary powers in determining criminal justice fairness sufficient?

96    Do crimes committed due to cognitive disability deserve leniency?

97    Do monetary fines deter crimes, or merely put a price tag to them?

98    Do plea bargains coerce the innocent into punishment they did not deserve?

99    Does socio-economic background affect crime rates or crime types?

100    Does the militarization of police forces cause a conflict escalation that causes mistakes to be more costly?

101    How can de-escalation prevent crimes?

102    How do changing norms affect crime?

103    How does racial bias work in juvenile criminal cases?

104    How should the rehabilitation for the repeated criminals be handled?

105    Is corporal punishment a good deterrent?

106    Is willing sex work a crime?

107    Should maximum sentences be given to juveniles?

108    What are the relations between the deterrence effect and criminal justice?

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