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58+ Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

58+ Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Almost all middle school students have difficulty in choosing argumentative essay topics.

Therefore, Ride My Homework is here for you!

In this page, you will learn

-Argumentative essay topics for middle school

-How to write an argumentative essay in a middle school perfectly

Under these two wonderful headlines, you are going to see 58+ fantastic argumentative essay topics

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How to Write an Essay in Middle School Perfectly?

  • An argumentative essay attempts to convince the readers to understand and believe an argument about a topic.
  • The argument should be supported by reasons and evidence to be reliable.
  • An argumentative essay can base on the pros and cons. Thus, the readers can compare the positive and negative sides of a statement clearly.
  • An ideal argumentative essay can explain not only an opinion but also a concept, theory, and hypothesis.


There are three main part of an argumentative essay.

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion

If you follow the steps below, you can write perfect papers for argumentative essay topics for middle school

The Introduction

  • The introduction is a big picture of an essay. Therefore, the writer should not give details.
  • The subject of the topic must be introduced in this part
  • It ought to be charming to get the reader’s attention
  • The explanation must be general to specific
  • End of the paragraph HAVE TO include a thesis statement



The thesis statement is a map of an essay.

It tells that “the paper is going to argue on…………….”

In other words, it is the controlling idea of the argument.



  • Be specific

The thesis must be clear and definite. You cannot create a certain idea about a general statement because the border of it could be large and limitless. Hence, narrow your argument


Homework is better for students.

This sentence is rather general and one can argue on it for pages.


Homework is the best way of making practice of the lesson

This sentence is more specific than the first one. It explains why the homework is beneficial for students


  • Be short and alluring

The thesis statement ought to be one or two sentences. You should use interesting words to attract your reader.

Instead of using good, you can say that wonderful, valuable and excellent



The Body Paragraphs

  • The bodies are the main and the longest parts of an essay.
  • The ideas must be given in a logical order in the body paragraph
  • The usage of transition words such as moreover, hence, furthermore, thus and besides make your essay strong and academic
  • A powerful body paragraph consists of a claim, reasons and data

CLAIM:  the principal arguments of the paper

Claim takes place in the first sentence of the body paragraph. It gives the subject of the topic and paragraph

REASONS: the main points of the explanation to justify the claim

Reasons ought to be given logical and chronological order. Therefore, the readers understand the topic better, and they follow the flow of essay easily

DATA: Data means the facts, evidence or statistics. They MUST support the reasons



  • The last and the most memorable paragraph of an essay
  • It restates the main points that are discussed in the body paragraphs
  • Do not forget! This is your last words, avoid discussing a new statement
  • Be sure that the audience have left with something to think about the main arguments of the essay
  • You can also add your recommendations briefly

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Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

How can students choose the best argumentative essay topic for middle school?

  • Choose a topic that you know

An argumentative essay requires detailed explanations SO if you choose the topic that you know and interested, you can explain it clearly and easily

  • Make sure that whether the topic is can be supported by evidence


If you claim that “the government less care about the athletes”, the claim will be too general and vague


If you advocate that “the government ought to pay more for the athletes”, you can prove it by giving reasons and the payment statists for each year.

  • Do not choose general topic

If you choose general topic like slavery, it would be too big to write about BUT talking about being slavery in America makes things easier

  • Approach the topic in an interesting way


The topic: The Olympics

Many students can argue on the impact of the Olympics or why the Olympics are important


If you discuss what kind of plays can be added to the Olympics, your essay is going to be interesting and impressive


You have learned how to choose the best topic. Let’s look at these five great argumentative essay topics for middle school below!

  1. What are the main reasons for obesity in America?
  2. Discuss the three significant consequences of climate changes
  3. Do you think that the teachers should give less homework?
  4. Why children ought not to watch TV?
  5. Should parents control the usage of the internet?

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58+ Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

Talking about current topics like alcoholism would be better BECAUSE you can find many evidence to prove your argument

-Discuss the reasons for alcoholism

-Why distance learning is beneficial?

-Can sport be a compulsory lesson in schools?


Good Argumentative Essay for Middle School Students

If you can explain a topic in a detailed way, it means that it is a good and manageable topic.

To explain a topic clearly, it should be specific

-Do you think that cloning ought to be banned by the government

-Can online date be reliable?

-Discuss the positive effects of Youtubers on children


 Argumentative Essay Topics About Food

You can select the topics that relate to pros and cons of the diet, foods and drinks, which are easy to discuss.

1    Are energy drinks healthy enough for teens?

2    Are snacks healthy in moderation?

3    Does lactose-free food have any actual advantages over normal food?

4    Is boiling better than frying?

5    Is cheese a good enough substitute for milk?

6    Is homemade food as safe as fast food, or is the reverse true?

7    Should people eat gluten-free food without medical reasons?

8    Should society fight against or support anorexia?

9    Should we eat meat?

10    Are soft drinks actually better than water?



Focus on the most debatable statement of technology such as video games, online jobs and technology addictions

11    Are video games beneficial or harmful?

12    Can AI pose a general threat?

13    Does technology make education redundant?

14    How financial accounts be completely protected from hacking?

15    Is more technology and miniaturization actually better for the environment?

16    Should humans continue to be wholly dependent on technology?

17    Should robots or AI replace people at their jobs, if they do it better?

18    Should video games be prohibited below a certain age?

19    Should we focus on learning more about potential future technologies, than what already exists?

20    Should we focus on other things beyond technological developments?

Social Media

Social Media is a popular topic for papers so many aspects of it were discussed. You should discuss common topic in a different perspective.

21    Are online friends better than physical world friends?

22    Do we present our actual selves on social media?

23    Does social media and technology make people feel lonely?

24    Does social media limit or enhance creativity?

25    Is social media affecting our language use?

26    Is there a place for social networks in education?

27    Should children be denied access to smartphones, or is it simply technophobia?

28    Should mobile phones and tablets be used in class?

29    Should the internet and social media be monitored and censored?

30    Should video content owners be responsible for the language used in comments?


You are a student. Think about your education system. Find the problems, and argue on them

You can also talk about the new education systems

31    Education must be free for everyone?

32    How much access to the internet be given to students?

33    Is arts education as important as other types?

34    Is bullying always physical?

35    Is homeschooling better than classical education?

36    Should attendance for sports be mandatory?

37    Should everyone have the same access level to education?

38    Should schools be open all year round?

39    Should schools be abolished in exchange for internet education?

40    Should schools be allowed to sell fast food?


Sports have been popular for ages. Pick up a topic which is interesting for you so you can write on it easily.

41    Do competitive sports actually benefit children?

42    Is chess a sport?

43    Is it right for sports to be coeducational?

44    Is there an actually good reason for playing sports?

45    Is walking a sport?

46    Should sports players be allowed to use steroids?

47    Should young people be allowed to play dangerous sports such as hockey?

48    What is the real relationship between food, fitness, and weight?

49    Which is better for sports: Talent or Hard Training?

50    Why do athletes in basketball, football or soccer earn so much money?

Extra 8 for Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

51    Does religion have a place in school?

52    Is climate change happening?

53    Is it possible to reverse the effects of climate change?

54    Is it right to impose a bedtime for students attending middle school?

55    Should students have a greater say in what their classes are?

56    What are the negative effects of diets?

57    Which issues should lawmakers focus most on?

58    Which one plays a bigger role in who we are: nature or nurture?

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