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What is Classification Essay Writing? What are the aspects of Good Division Essay?


Classification essay is one of the most common assigned essays in high school and college.

Writing a good classification essay is challenging.

However, Ride My Homework is here to give an effective guide for writing a good paper!

On this paper, you are going to have detailed information about;

What is a classification essay? -and the aspects of it-

Tips to write a good classification essay

Classification essay topics

Classification essay outline


What is the Classification Essay?

Classification essay is an academic paper that requires the classification of a certain thing into categories or groups.

Organizing things in categories and groups is the main aim of a classification essay.

While writing about the categories, thinking and writing about proper examples is another requirement.

Even though writing a classification essay seems difficult, knowing the initial aims of it will be helping.

It should be known that classification essay classifies certain things with shared features into particular categories or groups.

The things can be classified in classification essay are listed below:




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What are the Aspects of the Classification Essay?

Aspects of classification essay can be only done in the way of categorization.

Therefore; an idea, object, or character can be classified or groups.

That categorization can also be done through their properties or functions.

E.g. If the essay topic is “Computers”, the categorization criteria can be their functions or their capabilities.

The subject can be classified into types, or groups.

Also, showing the similarity or difference can be a necessity while writing a division essay.

Hence, the aspects can be changed through the criteria while writing a division paper.

The transition words for division essay can be exemplified as follows:

E.g. The first group, the first type, the first kind/ The second group, the second type, the second kind.


5 Great Tips for Good Classification Essay Writing

We know that it’s not easy to write a good classification essay.

That's why as Ride My Homework, we thought there can be helpful tips to ease your essay writing.

Here are 5 great tips for a perfect division essay writing for you!

Gather Ideas

This tip especially is for before starting to write.

The division essay aims to classify things with common features.

So that, brainstorming and thinking about the ideas will make you inspired, and help you a lot!

Think of the things that can be categorized first;



TV shows


Social Events

The more you brainstorm, the longer the list can become.

Having good ideas and a good topic will make you start to write already a good essay from the beginning!

Create the outline of the essay

This step is also should be taken place before starting to write.

Outlining the division essay before starting to write will make your writing process easier and faster for sure!

Therefore; frame your outline first, and take small notes on the outline that tells what to write in each paragraph.

When you have already a prepared outline of the essay, the rest is only to show your language abilities.

To end up with the perfect division essay, outlining it before start writing is an important tip.

Formulation of thesis statement

The thesis statement is the main sentence of a division essay.

Developing it in the right way will make you one step closer to a good paper.

Hence, think of the thesis statement, and make it prepared to write it at the end of the introduction.

In division essay, the thesis statement should tell about the subjects and how it is classified.

The following sentence can be personalized according to the essay subject:

There are (number) types of (something)”

      Don't Forget! The thesis statement must be included at the end of the introduction paragraph.

        If you forget the thesis statement, you can’t end up with a good division essay!

Do Research

Even after brainstorming at the beginning, more research is needed for a good division paper.

The subject must be researched so much because there should be examples to give in body paragraphs.

Also, doing more research will be providing more confidence, and this will lead you to a perfect paper.

Therefore; don't forget to do proper research before starting to write!

Review the paper

After you have done all the pre-writing tips, start to write your essay according to the outline.

When you finish writing, take a small break, and review the essay again.

Nobody would like to end up with an incomplete essay, hence it is very important to read the essay again.

Check the language, see if there is any grammatical mistake.

After reviewing and correcting the mistaken points-if there is any- you will be ready to finish your essay.

Don’t forget to avoid using complex phrases! And use the formal language as always!

Here you can find a guide about how to write a classification essay!

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Classification Essay Topics

Always, a good essay topic provides confidence in writing a good classification essay.

Finding good division essay topics is not difficult with Ride My Homework.

Below, we listed 5 division essay topics!

Types of hobbies



Different kinds of sports

School types


Classification Essay Outline

While writing a classification essay, finding the right classification essay topic, and outlining the essay is the key.

When the outline of the division essay is ready, it will be very easy to end up with the best paper.

Here, you can find our guide for a detailed classification essay outline.


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