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Process Essay 

Process essay can be challenging to write. When it comes to writing, everyone might have difficulties, or everyone might need a guide.

The process essay is one of the challenging essay writings in academics. That's why RMH has prepared the excellent guideline about it.

Are you worried about your process essay writing? Don’t Worry! RMH is here for you as always.

On this page, you will get more detailed information about:

-How to write one?

-What’s the definition?

-The purpose of a process essay.

*Moreover, you will have 20+ excellent process essay topics and Q&A section!

Are you ready to learn every single detail about process essay? LET’S START!


What is Process Essay?

A process essay is an academic writing type as also the name suggests that tells about a process. It's possible to call this type of essay as the "how-to-do" essay. In most of the education levels; process essay can be asked by the instructors or teachers to write. Also, even if you aren't the student, you might need to tell a process about how-to-do something to people.

Therefore; do you want to write a process essay, and don’t know what is it exactly?
RMH is answering the question “What is process essay writing?”

Process essay writing serves to inform the reader about how something is done. As it is also clear from its name; it needs to tell a process of how a particular is done.

Hence, in other words; process essay writing aims to instruct and inform the reader about a specific process. The information that is given in the process essay should be given in an organized way.

 Moreover, the writer must be sure that the essay is not guiding the reader wrong!

It might sound challenging to write a proper and fair process essay. However, RMH is here!

Let’s see the next headline to learn how to write a good process essay in detail!

Here, you can have more detailed information about what is process analysis essay!

How to Write a Process Essay?

Writing a process essay can be a real challenge because there are some essential points to be careful while writing. That's why RMH is here with the best guide. With the information that you will acquire below, you will achieve to write the best paper!

Before we start to tell about how to write a process essay; the definition of a process essay should be learned very good.

Here it comes the definition of process essay for you...

Process essay is one of the essay types that tells about how-to-do a particular thing. It aims to inform the reader about a specific process.”

After reading the definition, your next question can be “How do you write a process?”  and we’re here to answer it!

Let’s begin with the pre-writing process!

There are some tips that you can do before you start writing a process essay. These are given below for you:

Consider your target audience.

Choose an interesting topic.

Start researching.

Draft your outline.

Pre-writing steps are all should be done before you start to write. After you’re done with these steps, you can start to write the process orderly.

Follow the page for learning every points and step of process essay; we are explaining everything!

 How to Write a Process essay for College?

Process essay can be required by the colleges a lot of times. Even sometimes, students who are applying for college might need to write a process essay in their application letters. That's why college students need to know how to write a process essay.

Therefore; are you studying in a university? Or Do you need to write a process essay for applying to a university? Here is our guideline for you! Follow our instructions and get the highest score!

First of all, start to define the target audience and choose your topic accordingly.

Secondly, research in detail and take little notes about the draft of your ideas.

Then outline your paper. Remember, this is very important. Outlining the essay will make you save time.

And finally, start to write your essay.

When you organize the steps and ideas that you will be told about, it will be effortless to write the rest of the paper.

*Before starting to write, formulating the thesis might help a lot!

If you follow all of the tips that are given above, you will be able to write the best process essay for college.

An Excellent Guideline for Writing a Process Essay!

Process essay on writing is one of the challenging ones. That's why people usually need to have an excellent leading guideline for writing a process essay.

It's possible to find a lot of guidelines online, BUT we assure you that RMH's guideline is the best among!

Therefore; are you looking for a fantastic guideline for writing a process essay? HERE IT COMES...

  1. When you are getting ready to write a process essay, start with answering the questions in the following:

-Who is my target audience, and what's their skill level?

-What are the materials and sources that I will need?

-How can I divide a process into small steps?

*After deciding the answers of the questions, voila! You are ready to go to the next step!

  1. Create the correct outline of the paper:

The outlining the essay means making the plan of the whole paper. You are organizing the paper, and according to your outline, you can make little notes to what to mention in each part of the essay. This step can be beneficial while you start to write.

  1. Craft your introduction, body, conclusion paragraphs:

The essential structural elements of the process essay must be known well. In the introduction paragraph, you need to introduce the topic. In body paragraphs, the process should be revealed slowly. Then the conclusion paragraph should wrap up the paper.

Writing the craft of the paragraphs will ease your way to a successful process essay.

  1. Don’t miss the proofreading and editing part:

This step is one of the most critical steps. Editing and proofreading are the last touches to the process essay. They mustn't be forgotten. Give some time for yourself before editing and proofreading. Remember, these steps will make your paper better than ever!

Do You Have Troubles with Writing a Process Essay? Here is Our Sample of a Process Essay

The more you read the examples of a process essay, the more comfortable you will write. That’s why RMH is here with the great sample of a process essay!

Topic: How to quickly make more friends?

The Ways to Have More Friends

    Humankind is a social being. Socializing, and having people around is considered as a need today. That's why people have friendships and relationships. This rule is not changing in anywhere. It's all the same in all around the globe. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who suffer loneliness. One way of escaping loneliness is to make friends. Some of those people are struggling with making friends. However, there are some easy ways to become more social and make friends. This essay will be explaining the three easiest ways to make friends.

     The first way to make friends is to keep a close relationship with the family. Most of the people may be thinking of the opposite, but the best friends can be a family member. If you have cousins or siblings; try to spend time, and organize activities with them. Spending time with peer cousins or siblings is one of the most fun things in the world. Moreover, you don't need to seek for some strangers to involve your life. Therefore; keeping the close relationship between the family members is one of the easiest ways to make friends.

       Another way is to try socializing and making friends through social media. In social media platforms, it is very likely to meet people who have common interests with you. If you are a shy person, you can start a small conversation from social media and then you can meet with the person later on in real life. Additionally, it is also a possibility to hold friendship only on social media. Those kinds of platforms are also giving the chance to meet a lot of people all around the world. However, we have to warn you that if there will be a real-life meeting, make the meeting spot in public. Your safety is always number one.

     The last way to make friends is going out, parties, and events. The more you go out, the higher the chance you have more friends. If you are a student, you can chase the student parties to meet people and make friends. If you are not a student, you can look for the courses, such as cooking course, and make friends who have the same interests as you. All the events and parties can be an excellent place to make friends easily.

      All in all, even though it seems not easy to make friends so quickly if you want to have more friends, you can try the most comfortable three ways that are mentioned. Those three ways are keeping the close relation with the family members, using the social media platforms, and chasing the events or parties. We all are sociable creatures, and life is always fun with people around.

What Is the Purpose of Writing a Process Essay?

Process writing serves some particular purposes. To write the best paper, you should understand the purpose of a process essay. That's why we understand that if your question is What is the purpose of process writing?”  It's essential to clear the purpose of process essay out. If you are confused about what the essay you’re about to write about serves, you can’t be successful.

That’s why we think about you and answer your questions here! Let us make the process essay’s purpose clear!

A process essay aims to inform the reader about a particular thing; in short; it should tell how-to-do a particular thing.

The purpose is shortly to make the readers be able to do or achieve something after they read the essay. Therefore; the reader should be well-informed after reading the process essay.

Hence, the purpose of writing a process essay is to guide and inform the reader in the correct way.

The estimated time and proper steps must be given in every process essay. If you know about the correct purpose of writing a process essay, there's no way for you to get e low grade!

Point by Point Process Essay

Process essay can be seen hard to write because the writer should be sure for the information that is given. But there is nothing to be worried about. RMH is here to make the process essay writing to be more comfortable. We are explaining the process essay point by point in here! LET'S BEGIN!

First, we can start by answering the question “what should a Process essay provide?”

It should provide well-organized information about how-to-do something. It must inform the reader. Additionally, after reading it, the reader must be able to do the particular thing that is told in the essay.

To begin with; there are two types of writing a process essay. Those are given in the following:

  1. It can answer the question “HOW TO DO?”
  2. Or it can answer the question “HOW SOMETHING WORKS?

Therefore; the process essay should tell a particular process. Moreover, it should provide information in the form of steps.

The steps should be revealed in the body paragraphs of the essay.

An example of a process essay topic can make everything clear. For instance, a process essay can be written under the topic of “how to quit smoking?” This essay should inform and guide the reader about quitting smoking.

When the readers are finished with reading the essay, they should be able to try the steps that you gave in the essay, and it must be helpful for them.

REMEMBER! You aim to inform the target audience about a specific subject.


Process Essay Outline & Structure

In every process essay format, the essay structure needs to have essential elements. The structural elements of the essay type must be known to write a good paper. That's why, as RMH, we care about the essentials of a good paper, and inform you according to that.

There are 3 bare essentials elements of a process essay. These elements are given below:

  1. The introduction paragraph:

The introduction is the section that you start to tell your process. The practical background information should be given, and the topic must be presented in this paragraph. Most importantly, the thesis should be at the end of this paragraph!

  1. The body paragraph(s):

 In the body paragraphs, you start to tell the steps. You can either mention more than one step in each paragraph or one step in each paragraph. This decision only depends on how you organize your paper. 

  1. The conclusion paragraph:

In conclusion, you must wrap your essay up. The last but relevant words should be told. The way you conclude the paper is significant, so be careful.


Process Essay Outline

Drafting the outline of the essay is one of the most crucial steps of the pre-writing section of the process essay. When you outline the essay; you might feel the easiness that it brings. Outlining essay means planning each step of the paper, and organizing it before beginning to write.

As RMH, we are giving you a simple process essay outline. So, if you're seeking for 5 paragraphed Process essay outline; here it comes...

Process essay template


  1. Introduction

               Thesis Statement


  1. Body
  2. Body Paragraph 1
  3. Step 1

            Topic sentence



  1. Body Paragraph 2
  2. Step 2

            Topic sentence




  1. Body Paragraph 3
  2. Step 3

            Topic sentence




Now, with the example template above, you can personalize your process essay easily!


Process Essay Writing Guide

How to Start a Process Essay?

It’s never easy to start an essay. The pre-writing steps should be done carefully, and the writer must be confident enough to start to write.

Except for the pre-writing steps, there is one other decision that the writer should also make. The essay’s point of view should be decided very carefully.

The point of view options that can be used in the process essay are listed in the following:

  1. The first-person point of view:

The subject “I” can be used while writing the process essay.

  1. Second-person point of view:

The writer can address the reader saying “you” in the process essay.

These are the options that can be used. Also, the writer can prefer to use passive voice through all paper.

ATTENTION! Even the first or second person point of view used, the language shouldn’t include any informal or slang words. REMEMBER! You are writing a professional paper.

After deciding these points, you can start to write your paper with the introduction paragraph.

Introduction for Process Essay

Process essay introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. It can be challenging to start to write the introduction paragraph sometimes. However, don’t worry! With the tips that RMH gives on this page ease your process.

Hence, what an introduction paragraph should provide in a process essay? The answer to this question is given below:

The introduction paragraph introduces the topic and informs the reader about what will the paper is going to be about.

Always, a well-organized and written introduction paragraph shapes the destiny of the paper. Therefore; if you have the correctly written introduction paragraph, it means you are close to having a good essay.

REMEMBER! The thesis statement is always written at the end of the introduction paragraph.

Do you want to have a process essay introduction example of enlightening the idea? You can check the sample essay that is given earlier in this page!

Process Essay Thesis

Process essay thesis statement is one of the most crucial sentences of the process essay. It is the essential statement of the process essay, and it mustn't be forgotten to write.

There are some essentials that the thesis statement of a process essay should have. These necessities are listed in the following for you.

The thesis statement should include several steps.

It ought to include the difficulty level of each step.

It should tell about the total estimated time of the process.

Then finally, it should inform the reader about the purpose of giving those steps.

In the thesis statement, the writer should avoid writing like “I will teach you how to do this.” The writer can use a better language like guiding the reader, such as "If you follow the steps that are given in this essay, you will achieve this.”

REMEMBER! The thesis statement is critical, and if it is forgotten, it means you end up with an incomplete essay!

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for a Process Essay with Examples?

The conclusion paragraph is also one of the crucial parts of a process essay. The way you end your essay is crucial because you need to leave the reader informed.

It might seem confusing to write the best conclusion paragraph but don’t worry! RMH is guiding you!

Here is the list of what a process essay conclusion paragraph should include.

It should start with reference to opening information and thesis statement.

It ought to describe the final shape of the process.

It needs to include the total time of the steps and process.

Finally, it should be ended with an exciting and relevant last sentence.

REMEMBER! Writing about a completely new idea in the conclusion paragraph isn't going to be the wisest choice.

The conclusion paragraph serves to wrap up the essay. A good conclusion paragraph means being one step closer to a fair process essay.

For an excellent example of the process essay conclusion paragraph, check the sample essay that is given earlier on this page.

Here, you can find the ultimate guideline about how to write a process paragraph!


Process Essay Examples

Process Essay for Your Education Level

The instructors can ask process essay in every education level. It might sound hard to find the proper guideline for each education level. BUT RMH is here! Our topics and topic ideas for each education level can save grades!

In each education level, process essay outline can be the same. The body paragraph(s) can be less or more; it depends on the writer.

When it comes to a writing process essay, the only matter is the proper topics.

Therefore; RMH will be giving you more than 20 topics according to some specific categories and each education level.

Follow the next headlines for more!

Process Essay Examples for Middle School

Middle school is the proper level to assign students with the process essay. If the topics are interesting for them, they can even enjoy writing!

Here are the topics that are given by RMH to middle school students:

How to socialize in school?

How to manage timetables?

How to memorize the historical terms?

How to ride a bike safely in the city?

It will be pleasing for middle school students to write about the subjects that are given above!

 Process Essay Topics for College

The college students need to write more informative and severe essays in their academic lives. The process essay is one of the excellent essay types that they can express themselves and inform the reader.

Choosing the right topic is always the most challenging one. But luckily, RMH gives options!

Here is the list of process analysis essay topics for college students:

How to upgrade a smartphone?

How to become an idealist teacher?

How to use and teach Windows Office Programs?

How to decide the lifetime career?

How to find the right book to read?

How to write a CV?


Process Essay Examples Elementary

It's challenging to find good essay examples and ideas for elementary school. However, elementary students should start to practice writing early.

It's not likely or possible for elementary students to write about the same topics with the college students. That's why we gathered the more accessible process essay topic examples for them.

Here is the list of process essay topic examples for elementary:

How to spend time in the summer holidays?

How to eat the Christmas candies?

How to play board games?

How to spend the weekend?

How to make the mathematics homework fun?

Process Essay Examples High School

High school students must be conscientious about process essay writing. When they are applying for colleges, they can be asked to write a process essay. That's why they need to practice for a long time.

As RMH, we have listed the best process essay topic examples for high school:

How to make future decisions?

How to write about art?

How to prevent bullying?

How to get a scholarship?

How to write a motivation letter?

 Here, you can find excellent process analysis essay topics for students!

Process Essay Cultural Identity

Everyone has their own cultural identity. Different cultures are the colours of our lives. Moreover, there are a lot of things that can be told about cultures. Different cultures can inspire everyone.

That's why writing a process essay about cultural identity can be interested in everyone.

Here is our list for process essay topics about cultural identity:

How do Japanese people greet each other?

How to cook the perfect Chinese food?

What should be done when meeting Muslim mother-in-law?

How to study French?

 Process Essay on Leadership

Leadership is one of the hot topics of all time. Everyone would like to lead something, but not everyone can lead. That's why process essays should be written about this subject to inform people.

Here is the list for process essay topics on leadership:

How to become a good leader?

How to lead a team effectively?

How to impress the leader of the team for promotion?


Process Essay Topic Ideas

Here are some bonus Process Essay Topics ideas for everyone who would like to write a process essay!

Explain how to sell your car.

How to apply for a loan?

How to become the prom queen?

How to shop online?

How to organize a paper?

How to write a reference on an academic paper?

How to find creative ideas for photography?

How to get an A grade?


Need Help or Q&A

Below, as RMH; we will be answering some frequently asked questions!

What are the types of a paragraph?

There are 4 types of a paragraph, and there are given in the following for you:

What are the three parts of a process paragraph?

There are three main parts of a process paragraph. These three parts are topic sentence, body sentences, and a closing sentence.

What is the process paragraph?

Process paragraph is a paragraph type that needs to tell about how-to-do a particular thing. It should be telling a process of something. It can also be telling about how does something work.