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Informative Essay | Step by Step Ultimate Guide 2020 | RMH

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Informative Essay Step by Step Ultimate Guide

It might sound challenging to write an excellent informative essay. However; don't worry about it! RMH is providing the best guideline for writing an informative essay.

Assume that you need to write an informative essay in short notice, this guideline will be saving a lot of your time and grade!

Here, on this page; RMH is providing you with the detailed information about:

*What is an informative essay?

*How to write an informative essay?

-How to write one for university?

*An excellent sample of informative essay

*The purpose of informative writing

*Point by point informative essay

*Informative essay structure, outline, template

*How to write an informative essay introduction, thesis and conclusion?

*Informative essay for your education level;

-For middle school

-High school


Moreover; you will be getting more than 30 informative essay topic ideas at the end of the page.

As RMH, we aim to ease your informative essay writing process as much as possible. Are you ready to learn every detail of the informative essay?



What is an Informative Essay?

An informative essay is an academic writing type that aims to inform the reader about a particular subject. Writing an informative essay is one of the most assigned essay types by the teachers. Therefore; almost every student should master the informative essay in every detail.

The Informative paper should provide some essential elements. The first and initial necessity of an informative essay is to give specific information to the reader. The readers should be able to feel that they have informed about something new at the end of the paper.

The informative essay is an essay type that anyone can need to write at some point in their lives; whether they're students or not. Therefore; the meaning of the essay type should be known well to end up with an adequate paper. Since the main aim of writing an informative essay is to inform the reader; the preparation steps for writing are also necessary.

The rest of this page will enlighten you about these steps and everything about the informative essay. Keep reading!


How to Write an Informative Essay?

Even though it sounds basic to write an informative essay; it may become very challenging. If you aren't sure about the steps and purposes of the informative essay, you can easily confuse the informative essay with another essay type. Therefore; you need to know what is an informative essay. RMH is giving you the definition of informative essay in the following!

Informative essay is an academic writing type that aims to inform the reader about a particular subject. The subject can be an object, a person, a phenomenon or an experience.’

Now, after learning the definition of informative writing, we can move onto the steps for writing an informative essay. Here are the steps for how to write an informative essay:

Examine the sample essays on an informative paper.

If you choose your own topic, choose wisely.

Brainstorm about the paper topic.

Formulate the thesis statement.

Outline the essay.

Find a catchy title for the paper.

Start to write the introduction paragraph, then continue with body paragraphs and conclude with the conclusion.

Follow the steps above while writing an informative essay; we promise that it will lead you to the best paper!


Informative Essay on Writing

Writing is one of the most critical skills that a person should have. Almost in any field, people are asked to write essays. That's why practising and knowing all the essay types in detail are vital.

Informative writing essay should also be known well to master informative essay and have an excellent paper. Therefore; let's examine the informative essay on writing together!

Remember, the main aim of informative writing is to inform the readers about a particular thing. However; what can be that particular thing? The answer to that question is given in the following for you!

-An object

-A person

-A phenomenon

-An event

Informative writing also carries particular importance because it might be confused easily with another type of essays. A persuasive and descriptive essay can be confused with the informative essay. BUT great attention is needed not to confuse informative essay with others!

Therefore; informative writing is crucial that it should be known in detail very much. If the informative essay is not known well in detail, the paper can fail quickly. Therefore; keep reading this page to end up with the correct informative essay!


How to Write an Informative Essay for University

University level is the level that students are expected to write very professional essays. Moreover, some colleges might ask for an informative essay in the application essay. Therefore; every student must know how to write an informative paper for university. If you are looking for how to write an informative paper for a university, and don’t know where to start, here we are! RMH is here to help! Below, you will acquire a list of tips for how to write an informative essay.

-Make a list of topics that can be the topic of your essay: The essay topic is the first essential element of an informative essay. Make a list of topics that you would be confident to write about.

-Choose the topic: Choose the topic of your essay wisely from the topic list that you created. REMEMBER, you should find the topic that you would like to write interestingly and confidently.

-Brainstorm and research: After you find your topic, you should brainstorm and research about it. The research will provide liability to your paper. Be sure that you're liable.

-Formulate your thesis: The thesis statement is the most important. Formulate it before you start to write.

-Draft an outline: Plan the essay out of the notes that you took from the research. Place your thesis statement in your outline.

-Start to write your paper: Now you ready to write the main paragraphs; introduction, bodies and conclusion.

These steps are the answer to the question ‘How do you write a good informative essay?’ Follow these steps to achieve the best grade from your informative essay! You can do this!


Writing an Informative Essay

Informative writing is an essay type that has a lot of aspects. It helps to improve more than one skill when you practice writing it. Hence writing an informative paper is vital for many people.

As it was highlighted before on this page as well, the main aim of the informative writing is to inform the reader about a particular thing. That particular thing can be an object, a phenomenon, a person or an event.

The informative paper needs to reply to the question "Why?" or "How?" Thus, if the paper was shaped according to answer one of those questions, it can achieve to be an excellent informative essay.

Writing an informative essay can make the author research more and explain better. Therefore; writing an informative essay isn't only helping with the writing skill but also communicating skill.

 There are many aspects and specific purposes for writing an informative paper. Later on, this page RMH is providing every detailed information about it! Let's learn together! Keep reading...

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Sample of an Informative Essay

Reading examples of the informative paper before beginning to write will be helping a lot. The more examples are read, the closer you will be to the best essay! Below, you will have the sample of an informative essay from RMH!


Topic: What is the role of exercising for a healthy life? Explain.

The Role of Exercising

          A healthy life is becoming to get more and more important in people's lives as time passes by. It’s the 21st Century and technology age is tiring everyone out hiddenly from inside. Since the technology advanced, the movement that we have in our daily lives become less each day. We forgot how it does feel like to use physical power to do and achieve things. Exercising is an integral part of our lives, and it should not be forgotten that it helps our lives. This paper will be explaining the significance of exercising to our lives which are physical benefits and mental benefits.

         The first important role of exercising in our lives is the physical benefits. Exercising can help a lot physically. Moreover, it is a fact that it helps health substantially. Therefore; a short time of exercising each day will lead you into a physically healthy life. The age can differ the daily exercising time. When younger people prefer to have heavier and longer exercises, older people can prefer lighter and shorter exercises. No matter what, it is for sure that exercising move everyone onto a healthy, and physically stronger life. That's why the role of it is crucial.

       The second significant role of exercising is the mental benefits. Exercising is not only helping physically. Mental help of exercising is non-negligible. Imagine that you had a hard day at work, and on your way back home, you need to walk. That walking can be counted as an exercise, and you can feel relief while you are walking back home. It is also a definitive statement that exercising, healthy and organized life helps to fight against depression and other mental disorders successfully. Therefore; the mental importance the exercising has a significant role in our lives.

       All in all, even though it seems like exercising became to seem less important in our lives in the 21st Century, it carries a significant role. Physically and mentally; exercising keeps us healthy, and health is an essential thing in people's lives. Therefore; we should give efficient importance to exercising in our daily lives.


What is the Purpose of Writing an Informative Essay?

Once writing an informative essay is decided, the writer should start to learn everything about the essay type. The meaning, definition, aspects and purpose of the informative essay should be understood well. Thus, here RMH is explaining the purpose of the informative essay in detail for you!

The initial purpose of writing an informative essay is to inform the readers on a particular subject such as a person, phenomenon, event or object. Therefore; the writer should aim to make the readers be able to know something new after reading the paper. The paper should be based on the answers to one of the questions that are given below:



The primary purpose is to inform. That's why the writer mustn't include any unique ideas in the essay!

Since the paper should be based on answering the questions of why and how the paper should revolve around the words given below:






The informative essay topics should contain one of the words above as well. Hence, you can understand what kind of essay type that you are supposed to write from the topic.


Point by Point Informative Essay

The informative essay can sound easy when we look at its purpose. However; it might become challenging when the time comes for writing. Every single detail should be known very well because it's straightforward to confuse informative essay with other essay types.

Therefore; let’s begin with what should an Informative essay provide? The informative essay should include at least one of the things in the following:

Provide new information, knowledge, ability, etc.

Explain a process of anything or doing something

Develop a particular concept

The paper must contain at least one of these elements that are given above. Since the primary purpose of writing an informative essay is to explain, inform or develop; avoiding the unique ideas will be the best.

The pre-writing steps before beginning to write also will save you time and grade. Because these steps are helping you to think more; brainstorm more, and develop the topic better. To understand the informative essay better; we can also list the possible focuses of it. See the list in following:

Clarifying a certain subject

Explaining the function of some device

Giving the answers to the questions why, and how

Detailing a fundamental element of a thing

Numerating and defining different types

Explaining an attitude

Now, with all the details and every point, you are ready to begin to write. However; before it, let’s examine the structure and outline of the informative essays together!


Informative Essay Structure

Essay structure is one of the crucial points of writing an essay. Even though every essay structure seems to be same, each essay type has its particular feature. Therefore; examining the informative essay structure together will be helpful to end up with an excellent paper.

Informative essay format requires to have 3 essential fundamental structural elements. These elements are given and explained in the following:

1.The Introduction paragraph: It’s the first paragraph that will be written in the paper. It aims to present the topic. The thesis statement should be placed at the end of this paragraph.

2.The body paragraph(s): All the details about the topic should be written in body paragraphs. Usually, 2 or 3 body paragraphs are enough for a good paper. The information should be given in order. The details should be exact.

3.The conclusion paragraph: The way you should conclude the essay is a reasonable conclusion essay. It's the end of the essay. Therefore; it should be brief and summarizing.

Knowing all of the features of the structural elements of the informative essay is very vital. If you want to end up with a good paper and impress the reader, you should use this information wisely. Don't skip any point because it's essential to use the structural elements correct and in its place.


Informative Essay Template

Outlining the informative essay before beginning to write is one of the essential things to do. Planning the paper before writing will make you save time, and have better ideas about the topic. The reason for it is that you need to brainstorm more when you are drafting the essay.

At this point, you might be asking or looking for the informative essay template. As we also gave the structural elements in the previous headline, in the template, the structural elements should be organized.

Why do we need to outline the essay before we write? Do you wonder? It’s because that organizing the paper saves the grades! Once you have the ideas and details from your research and brainstorming process, you need to put them in order. Informative outline template is for this purpose.

Follow the next headline to see RMH’s free informative outline template!


Informative Essay Outline

The informative essay outline is fundamental. The outlining means planning the essay before starting to write the actual paper. Therefore; every writer should outline the essay before beginning to write. Thinking about what to write and where to write the information that you gathered from the research will make you achieve succession.

Generally, the informative essay format has 5 paragraphs in total. Hence, RMH provides the outline according to the general format. Below, you will acquire the raw informative essay format.

5 paragraph informative essay outline




Thesis Statement


First Body Paragraph:

First main point

Topic Sentence

Supporting Sentence

Second Body Paragraph:

First main point

Topic Sentence

Supporting Sentence

Third Body Paragraph:

First main point

Topic Sentence

Supporting Sentence


Restatement of the thesis

Summary of the key points


Feel free to benefit from RMH’s outline template! REMEMBER! You need to customize the outline template with your own notes.

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How to Start an Informative Essay?

It's never easy starting to write quickly. Before beginning to write, a preparation process is essential for writing an informative essay. You should start to write an informative essay with an introduction paragraph, but before that; the pre-writing steps are coming for you! Here it comes...

*Make a list of topics that you can choose for your paper: List the topics that you might like to write.

*Decide on the topic from the list: Choose the best topic that you can write confidently. It's crucial that you should be interested in the topic that you're writing as well.

*Brainstorm about the topic: Think about your topic. Brainstorm about the details, ideas.

*Research a lot about the topic: You should inform the readers correct. That’s why you need to research a lot to give the right information.

*Find an intriguing title: The paper should start to be catchy even from the title. Find an exciting title that will attract the readers.

*Formulate the thesis: The thesis statement is the sentence that presents the topic. Formulate it at the beginning so you will know the main subject for sure.

*Draft an outline: Plan the paper. Take notes about the ideas, outline the essay.

Now you are ready to move onto the introduction essay. Follow the steps above to write a good start.


An Introduction for Informative Essay

The introduction paragraph is the first paragraph that you will be writing. Therefore; there are some significant elements that the introduction paragraph should include. Those crucial elements are listed below:

*It should start with background information.

*The introduction should grab the attention of the readers, so the hook sentence is a need.

*It should introduce the topic slowly and present it briefly.

*The thesis statement must be placed at the end of the introduction.

Informative Essay Introduction Examples can be advantageous to read. The examples will be helping you to understand how an introduction paragraph should be. Check the sample essay on this page to see an example for an introduction paragraph.

REMEMBER! The introduction paragraph is also the first paragraph that your readers will be reading. Hence, it's the first glimpse and impression for the readers. Try to make an exciting and catchy introduction to make the readers read the rest of the paper interestingly.


Informative Essay Thesis

The thesis statement is the most crucial in an informative essay. It's very vital because if the thesis statement is formulated wrong, the whole paper can fail quickly. Therefore; it should be formulated wisely and carefully.

However; what's the purpose of the thesis statement in the informative essay? Here is the answer in the following:

-It should explain the topic and the purpose of the paper.

-The thesis should frame the topic of the paper for the reader.

-It should identify the topic.

The readers will be reading the introduction paragraph thoroughly, and at the end, they should be aware of the subject that you will be covering in the paper. Therefore; it's crucial to identify the topic in the thesis statement rightly.

Moreover, the thesis statement MUSTN'T be forgotten! If the thesis statement is missing, the paper can fail so quickly.

REMEMBER! The thesis statement shouldn't be longer than 1 or 2 sentences. Be brief and wise while you're identifying your topic.


How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for an Informative Essay with Examples

The conclusion paragraph is the last paragraph that your paper will have. The way of ending the essay is as essential as the way of starting it. It should carry some elements. Those essential elements should be included in every conclusion paragraph for the informative essay. Here is the list of the requirements that a conclusion paragraph of an informative essay:

*It should begin with the restatement of the thesis statement. Thus, remind the main topic of the paper to your reader.

*Later, continue with the summarizing of the details that you mentioned in the body paragraphs.

*Try to summarize the main points.

*It should make a point of the main ideas BUT the personal ideas must be avoided.

The purpose of the conclusion paragraph should be preparing the readers to end of the essay. Therefore; DON'T make any new points, and DON'T includes any unique ideas.

All the conclusion paragraph should do is to wrap up the essay and finish the paper smoothly.

Reading an example of a conclusion paragraph can help a lot! Check out our sample essay that is given earlier in this page to have an example!


Informative Essay for Your Education Level

Writing an informative essay can be essential in every education level. It's a famous essay type for teachers to assign to the students. Moreover, practising to write an informative essay can help students to improve themselves not only at the writing skills but also communicating skills as well.

Therefore; all the students need to know how to write an informative essay effectively. Reading the guideline that RMH provided on this page will help them to understand every detail about the informative essay. As a next step; RMH provides perfect informative essay topic examples for each education level.

Use the guideline and try to write an essay with the topics that we are providing below!

Here it comes for all the students...

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Informative Essay Examples Middle School

Middle school students can slowly start to write an informative essay for their assignments. Here is the RMH's list for informative essay topics for middle school students:

1) Name three different popular vacation choices and describe them.

2) Explain the benefits of reading.

3) Give and describe the plot of your favourite movie.

4) Discuss the reasons for bullying in the school.

5) What is the first memory that you remember? Describe what you remember.

6) Describe the ways you go through when you’re doing homework.

7) How can we take care of the environment? Explain it in three ways.

Feel free to choose one of the topics above and start practising!


Informative Essay Topics for College

The college level is the level that students should be more severe with their writings. That's why they should have more and more topics to write.

RMH is giving you more than 5 topics for an informative essay! Feel free to inspire from them!

Here is the list for it:

1) Explain the benefits and disadvantages of videogames.

2) What is a vegan lifestyle? Discuss how it changed in time.

3) Describe the benefits of your department for your future.

4) Describe the Gothic architecture.

5) What is Socialism? How can it work?

6) Describe the political issues in your country.

7) Discuss the biggest earthquake in the world.


Informative Essay Examples Elementary

It might be less common to write an informative essay in elementary school. However; RMH is still providing 5 informative essay topics for elementary level.

Here is a list of informative essay examples for elementary students:

1) Pick your favourite animation film, and explain why it is your favourite.

2) Do you possess a wonderful hobby or talent? If you have, describe it.

3) Think about your favourite holiday, and explain how you celebrate it.

4) Who is the person you admire, and three reasons why you admire that person?

5) Pick a school rule, and explain why it is so important to obey it.


Informative Essay Examples High School

High school students should practice writing an informative essay more because they might face writing one for the application letter. Thus, to be accepted to a college, they must know how to write an informative essay.

Here is the informative essay topic example list for high school students:

1) Explain the folklores in your interest.

2) Describe and explain the Chernobyl accident.

3) Name a civil war general, and describe his achievements.

4) Explain why studying is essential.

5) Describe a famous advertising campaign that you think useful in society.

6) Discuss a critical tradition that your state has.


Informative Essay Topics

Here are bonus informative essay ideas for you to write:

1) Is diabetes so common among teens? Discuss diabetes among teens.

2) Discuss Bipolar Disorder and its treatment.

3) What kind of democracy is preferred by the government?

4) What is caffeine addiction? What causes it? Explain.

5)How can a person overcome stressful situations?

6) What can be done to become smarter?

7) What is the influence of Modern Art? Explain.

8) What is the importance of teamwork for a career? Discuss.

9) Is the money helping you with any situation?

10) Explain the 21st-century fashion. How did it evolve?

11) Why do children like Disney movies? Discuss.

12) Explain the domestic abuse. Is it common in the United States?

13) How did Van Gogh inspire the other artists?

14) How does prostitution work? Explain the laws about it.

15) What are the ways of turning a hobby into a job? Discuss.

16) The history of comic books. Discuss how and why it started to be written.

17) What is the biggest natural disaster that has happened in the last 5 years? Explain.

18) Discuss the history of the state that you live in.

19) What are the best sales methods? Explain in three ways.

20) What are the tactics in American Football? Discuss.