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Definition Essay HUB | 2021 Ultimate Step by Step Guide  

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In This Hub You’ll Find

Definition Essay HUB 

A definition essay is one of the most popular essay types. It might seem challenging to write a definition essay at the beginning. However, with the guide of RMH, it's not difficult anymore!

Are you struggling with writing a definition essay currently? No worries, we're here for you!

Here, on this page; you will acquire more detailed information about:

*What is a definition essay?

*How to write a definition essay?

-How to write one for university?

*The purpose of writing a definition essay

*Point by point definition essay

*Definition essay structure and outline

*Introduction, thesis, and conclusion for definition essay

*Definition essay for each education level


-Middle school

-High school


*Definition essay topics

At the end of the page, you will have more than 30 definition essay topic ideas in total.

Do you want to learn every single detail about writing an excellent definition paper? Let's begin to learn then!


What is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is a popular academic writing type. The definition essay aims to define a particular thing in detail to the readers. This particular thing can be 3 things; a term, an opinion, or a concept.

It might not sound straightforward to start to write a definition essay. However, it might become very manageable with some particular writing guide. That's why RMH provides one of the best writing guides that can be found free online.

Before beginning to write any essay, the writer should know what is the essay type mainly. Being aware of the meaning, purpose, structure of the definition essay will save both time and grade.

That's the reason why we start with explaining what a definition essay is before guidelines. A definition essay is a writing type that everyone might need to write anytime for anything. Also, the definition paper should define something widely, detailly, and clearly by giving examples.


Writing Guide for Definition Essay

Definition writing is complex writing. Understanding the main points of the definition essay can help you to achieve a good essay. RMH believes that before starting to read the guide, you should know the definition of the definition essay.

Therefore; in the following, there will be the definition essay definition for you:

'Definition essay is an academic writing type that aims to define a concept, a term, or an opinion.'

There are different aspects and definition strategies that can be used while writing. You can also find more detailed information about the general frame of definition essay below on this page!

Writing steps are significant in the process of guiding for a definition essay. It's possible to give the vital steps of writing a good definition essay before beginning. Thus, here are the steps and tips for how to write a definition essay!

1) Firstly, check the definition essay examples to understand the essay type better.

2) After that, choose your topic carefully and wisely.

3) Then check the primary sources for your topic.

4) Choose your way to define before writing; definition by function, examples, or negation.

5) Then draft the outline.

6) Eventually, start writing the introduction, continue with bodies, and conclude with the conclusion paragraph.

Hence, try to apply all of the tips and steps for writing a great definition essay. We assure you that you will find the whole process very easy with these steps!


How to Write a Definition Essay for University

University is a serious place when the matter is writing a paper. The university students are expected to know the writing essay very professionally. Therefore, it is possible for university students not to be given any guides in lecture time for essay writing. However, no worries about it because RMH is here with the great guideline.

It's okay if you are a college student who is very confused about writing a definition essay. Every student feels pressured and confused when it comes to definition essay writing.

Here is a list of steps and tips that you must follow when you’re writing a definition essay:

-Search for topics: Check the topic lists to see your options.

-Choose the most suitable topic for you: You need to find the topic you feel confident while writing. It's essential to decide on a topic that you're already familiar with.

-Check the primary sources for the topic's meaning: Check the dictionary meaning of the topic first. Checking encyclopedias can work, too.

-Research background information: Get deeper on the meaning, find other meanings, and more information.

-Classify the topic: Decide on the category of the thing that will be defined.

-Determine the definition strategy: Defining by function, defining by examples, or defining by negation. Choose the strategy.

-Outline the paper: Plan the paper.

-Start to write the paper: Start with an introduction paragraph, give the details in body paragraphs, end with a conclusion paragraph.

-Use vivid language with examples: Don't forget to use vivid language and give examples while explaining the topic.

You can save your grade and your time with the examples above. Try to apply them while writing the definition essay.


Writing Definition Essay

Does it sound challenging to write a good definition essay? No worries! Because RMH is here to make you realize that it’s not actually hard at all.

Writing a definition essay requires some particular effort and time. However, as long as you know everything about it, we're sure you can write it well. Therefore, RMH wants to make writing a definition essay process more manageable. The meaning, aim of the definition essay should be understood very clearly as the first step.

The definition of definition essay is already given to you earlier on this page. However, it's very likely that everyone to confuse it with the basic definition. There is a considerable difference between making a basic definition and writing a definition essay. Therefore, we're here to clear that difference for you!

Writing a definition essay is different from giving a basic definition. It's because that basic definition aims the define anything shortly and clearly. However, in a definition essay, you need to define the thing with different examples, different meanings, etc. In the definition essay, the origin of the thins should be searched and given. Hence, definition essay writing is much more expanded than giving the basic definition of something.


Example of a Definition Essay

Reading and checking out the example definition essays before starting to write is essential. That’s why RMH gives you a good definition essay example.

Here is a sample of a definition essay:


Topic: What does addiction mean?


     Even though we claim the opposite, human beings are always weak and emotionally easier to collapse. The behaviors and materials sometimes can be beneficial in every people's lives. With the advancement in technology and science, now everything is more comfortable to define and understand. Addiction is most of the time defined as an issue in people's lives. Moreover, it is actually an important issue. Do you know what addiction is exactly? Addiction is a complex condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. It is possible to cover addiction to different points.

    First of all, addiction can be considered a brain disease manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. Therefore, addiction is actually something that brings serious consequences. First of all, it can be hazardous to a person's physical health. More, it definitely harms a person's mental health. Hence, addiction is a severe disorder that is very harmful to people. The addiction can also be divided into two: substance and behavioral addiction.

    Substance addiction is a kind of addiction to substances such as alcohol or drugs. Frequent usage of these kinds of substances can make the person to end with severe addiction. In some severe conditions, the addiction can even lead to death. The addicted person in substance addiction can have a severe crisis in the lack of the substance. Moreover, it is a very devastating situation for the people around the addicted person. Hence, it is a serious and vital disorder for everyone.

    Behavioral addiction is a different and less known type of addiction. When addiction is said, the first thing in our minds is the addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, behavioral addiction is another severe addiction. In the 21st century, behavioral addiction became more common and more known. One of the most prevalent behavioral addictions is the addiction to video-games. Internet addiction, sex addiction, or social media addiction can be counted as other widespread behavioral addictions. This type of addiction is not different from substance addiction. It is a disorder related to the brain, and it is devastating for both the person who is addicted and for the people around that person.

     All in all, addiction is a serious disorder that means a complicated situation of being addicted to a substance, a thing, or an activity. Most people are even maybe unaware of their addiction. However, it is vital to treat addiction. Unfortunately, addiction is a severe condition, and if it is not treated, it can even end with death. Therefore, helping addicted people and support them to recover is carrying vital roles.

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What is the Purpose of Writing a Definition Essay?

The purpose of definition writing should be known fundamentally before beginning to write one. Once you know why you are writing that essay, it can be easier for you to write correctly.

So, the definition paper's aim is already given; however, let's remember it together again. A definition essay is a popular academic writing type that initially aims to define a particular thing. This particular thing can be a concept, an opinion, or a term. Also, there are strategies for defining something. Those strategies are definition by examples, definition by function, and definition by negation.

Whatever the strategy is chosen, the language of the paper should be very vivid. Moreover, the examples related to the thing that is defined in the paper should be given.

Therefore, writing a definition essay aims to define a particular thing from different perspectives with examples. Additionally, informing the readers about the different definitions and examples of a particular thing.

After the readers finished reading the paper, they should have clear and expanded information about the topic already.

Remember, your purpose is to grab the attention of readers and inform them as correct as possible.


Point by Point Definition Essay

RMH wants to explain every detail of the definition paper. The reason for it is that knowing every critical point of a definition essay can make you reach success. Everyone would like to write the perfect definition essay. Thus, if you want to get the highest grade, but if you don't have such advanced time for it; follow our guide!

Every vital point of the definition essay should be known to write an excellent paper. Therefore, let's start the critical points by answering the question, "what should a Definition essay provide?"

A definition essay should provide more than one thing. Here are the things that a good definition essay should provide in a list:

-First of all, it should provide a basic definition as the thesis statement.

-Secondly, it should provide different meanings of the term.

-It also should provide examples for defining the topic.

-Lastly, it can provide the negation of the topic. Telling what the topic is not can be an effective way to highlight what the topic is.

For explaining all of the points of writing a definition essay. RMH also explains the question, "What are definition strategies?"

Definition strategies can be listed in 3, hence RMH listed them below:

-Defining by function: Your paper can be based on the function of the thing that will be defined in the essay.

-Definition by examples: You can define the thing based on the examples.

-Definition by negation: Giving negating a thing can be both tricky and effective while defining a particular thing.

Outline & Structure

Definition Essay Structure

The next critical point about the definition paper is the structure. The structure of the essay is fundamental to know. Even though all of the essay structures look the same, all of them have their unique features. However, the essential structural elements are usually called the same.

Here are the fundamental structural elements of a definition essay are coming for you:

1) Introduction paragraph: This is the first part of the essay. The topic should be released at the end of this paragraph.

2) Body paragraphs: Main part of the whole paper. The examples and all of the outcomes of the research should be written orderly here.

3) Conclusion paragraph: The part that you should end the paper.

Definition essay format can seem scary at the beginning. However, it's not more complex than any other essay types. Generally, the definition essay format has 5 paragraphs in total.

The uniqueness of the definition paper structure is the way of structuring the body paragraphs. In each body paragraph, another point about the topic should be covered. In addition to this, the vivid language and usage of examples are vital points of definition essay structure.


Definition Essay Outline

A definition outline is another critical point while writing a definition paper. Aren't you sure about what outline is? No worries, everyone can be confused about it! Outlining an essay means planning the essay before beginning to write. Once you have a draft of the essay, it will be easier to write the rest of the paper very well. Therefore, it's a strong recommendation to outline the essay in the pre-writing process.

Every essay outline is unique according to the topic and research of the writer. However, it's possible to have a basic outline template for each essay type. RMH provides an excellent definition essay template for you. Below, you can find the template of a definition essay outline.


5 paragraph definition essay outline



                            Hook sentence

                            A simple definition of the topic (Thesis statement)

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraph 1

                            Background information of the term

                            Historical information about it

                            Information about the term’s origin

Body paragraph 2

                            The examples of the definitions and listing the definitions that were found from the primary sources

Body paragraph 3

                              Defining the topic by the personal experience and examples


                              Summary of the general paper

                               Describing the influence of the term in the writer's life


*Shortly, customize your definition essay by using this outline template.


How to Start a Definition Essay?

Starting to write an essay is always a challenge for everyone. Being sure about everything and confident about writing have prominent roles in the writing process. As RMH, we give great pre-writing tips before starting to write. These tips will make you start writing sure and more confident!

Here are the terrific pre-writing tips for a definition essay:

-Read some definition essay examples before begin to write.

-List topic lists.

-Choose a topic from the list.

-Research the different meanings of the topic.

-Formulate the thesis statement. (Making the basic definition)

-Outline the paper.

After applying these tips, we’re sure you will be very confident and sure while writing your definition essay.

After these steps and tips, the way you should start writing the definition paper is the introduction paragraph. See the following headline for it.


Introduction for Definition Essay

The introduction of the definition paper is the first paragraph that you will be writing. It is also going to be the first paragraph that your reader will be reading. Therefore, this paragraph should be organized and written well enough to make readers read the paper interestingly.

Definition introduction examples would be beneficial to read before beginning to write. Also, there are some steps or rules that can be followed while writing this paragraph.

Here is the explanation of how to write the introduction for the definition essay:

1) First of all, start with giving general background information as the beginning.

2) Secondly, write a hook sentence to have a catchy introduction. A Hook sentence can be a quotation, a rhetorical question, or a statistical number.

3) Finally, make the basic definition of what will be defined in the rest of the paper. This basic definition is the thesis statement of the essay.

Remember, you shouldn't write a very long introduction. A catchy and brief introduction will be enough.


Definition Essay Thesis

The thesis statement is one of the most important sentences of the definition paper. The mission of the thesis is to reveal the topic as straightforward as possible to the readers. In the definition essay, the thesis statement carries extra importance because it's different from the others.

The thesis statement must be at the end of the introduction paragraph. Moreover, the initial purpose of writing the thesis is to frame the rest of the essay. Hence, it can be said that the thesis statement determines the destiny of the paper. If it is formulated wrong, the paper can fail quickly. That's the biggest reason why you should formulate the thesis very carefully.

Here are two general formulas for formulating the thesis statement for the definition essay:

Term, classifying the term, definition.”

“Term, meaning, the common definition that is used a lot.”

Therefore; remember, making the basic definition should become the thesis of your paper.


How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for a Definition Essay with Examples

The way you end the essay is also as important as the beginning. The conclusion paragraph is the way you should end the essay. If the definition writing lacks the conclusion paragraph, your paper will be incomplete. Nobody wants to end up with an incomplete essay, right? So, let's look at how to write a conclusion paragraph for a definition paper together!

1) Firstly, start the conclusion with a restatement of the thesis.

2) You can continue with summarizing the main points that are mentioned in body paragraphs.

3) Lastly, you can give personal experience related to the topic optionally.

Remember, a brief and short conclusion paragraph will be more than enough!


Definition Essay Examples for Your Education Level

A definition essay is a writing type that can be assigned to every student from every education level. It's also a trendy writing type. Every student needs to practice writing a definition essay. Definition writing can help everyone by explaining themselves better. Moreover, it's a great chance to advance in writing skills.

While writing a definition paper, the basic definition essay outline template can be used at every education level.

The topics, according to the education level, should show the difference in each education level. Therefore, RMH categorizes the education levels on writing a definition essay and is giving topics for each.

Keep reading the next headlines to have excellent definition writing topic examples. Eventually, you will have more than 30 topics in total at the end!


Definition Essay Examples for Middle School

Middle school students can find themselves in a situation of writing a definition essay. Thus, the things that middle school students can define in an organized way shouldn't be complicated and difficult.

Here are some examples of definition paper topics for middle school level:

1) What does maturity mean for you?

2) Explain why doing homework is boring.

3) Why do you think you should show respect to older people?

4) Define animal rights.

5) What does responsibility mean for you?


Definition Topics for College

College students need to write about topics that are very severe and professional. Therefore; here are some example definition topics for college level:

1) What is love for you?

2) Define a sense of humor.

3) Explain the concept of good leadership.

4) What are the outstanding features of a good professor?

5) Define a good college student.


Definition Essay Examples for Elementary

Elementary school students are not expected to write serious essays often. However, it might be possible to write a definition essay at the elementary level, as well.

The topics for the elementary level can be as easy as possible. It shouldn’t be so much complicated either.

Hence, here are examples of the topics for the elementary level:

1) What does grow up mean for you?

2) Explain the favorite fairy tale of you.

3) Define the hero of your life.

4) Define the best way of playing with friends.

5) What does “being an older sibling” mean for you?


Definition Essay Examples for High School

High school students should be careful while writing the definition paper. The colleges might ask for writing tasks on the application process. That’s the reason why high school students should practice writing more than anyone else.

Here are the definition paper topic examples for high school students:

1) Define the concept of optimism.

2) How does Wi-Fi work?

3) What does pessimism mean for you?

4) What is the role of having a college diploma in modern life?

5) Define the term “hate.”

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Definition Essay Topic Ideas

Here are more than 10 definition essay ideas for everyone!

1) Define the concept of “natural beauty.”

2) Explain the term “ambition.”

3) What does happiness mean for you?

4) Define the concept of “perfect couple.”

5) What does charisma mean?

6) Define kindness.

7) Explain the Northern Lights.

8) What is a weakness for you?

9) Define the ideal teacher.

10) Define unconditional love.

11) Explain the devastation of war.

12) Define the concept of “power.”

13) What is modern art?