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Classification Essay

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Classification Essay Ultimate 2020 Guide | Writing Tips | 40+ Topic Ideas

Classification essay is one of the common types of paper that is required mostly in high school and college.

It sometimes looks very challenging to write a proper classification essay.

If you are looking for a guide for a classification essay, you are in the right place!

Ride My Homework is here for you!

In this paper you will acquire detailed information about;

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Classification Essay

Starting with learning classification essay definition will help to understand the essay type better.

If the initial purpose of the paper is well known, you are one step closer to a good classification essay.

Classification essay is an academic essay type that classifies ideas, objects, or characters with shared features into particular categories or groups.

The classification definition is as simple and basic as it looks in the sentence above.


What is a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is a type of ordinary academic paper which requires organizing things into categories.

Giving examples of things that are connected to each category is also an essential requirement.

Therefore; doing good research, and using the research information effectively while writing classification paper is the key.

A classification essay aims to give information about a specific thing in a categorized way.

Hence, the reader should be informed in an organized way.

Classification of a specific thing is one of the most critical points of a successful classification essay.

Ride My Homework has prepared the rest of this paper to clear everything in your mind about the classification essay!

Classification Essay Examples

As it is also explained above; in the classification essay, all need to be done is to categorize the particular thing.

Let's make it more straightforward for you with an example!

Here is a sample classification essay:


Topic: Christmas Gifts

TITLE: Christmas Gifts

    Christmas is the time of the year that everyone is waiting impatiently. When the leaves fall from all the trees and everywhere start to turn to be yellow; only one question starts to occur in most of the people's minds: what will be this Christmas' gifts for this year? As it is fascinating to get gifts from family members and friends, it is also may be challenging to buy gifts for them. It can be said that three types of Christmas gifts will make people choose a great gift.

    The first type of gift is soft packages. Soft package gifts are usually including clothing, blankets, socks, etc. Most of the people at least one time in their lives got a pair of socks as a Christmas gift, and to admit; it is one of the most ideal and sincere gifts to give or to receive. In the wintertime who would not keep the loved ones warm with a warm pair of socks? Hand-made beanies are also an option for the soft package gifts. If one does not sure about the style of the clothing, the best option can be a gift card from a clothing shop. 

    The second type of gifts is hard packages. These kinds of gifts include toys, puzzles, jewellery, mugs, decorative objects, or electronic devices. If the gift is going to be for a child, toys can save the day! Also, buying a new mobile phone for a family member, buying a new necklace for the mother will make them very happy. These also are the ideal types of Christmas gifts. 

    The last type of Christmas gifts is consumable gifts. Baking something or prepare hand-made food, or sauces for the Christmas night will make everyone to enjoy the night and time very well. Making home-made mustard, baking a cake will make everyone enjoy them. In addition to these, a subscription box from a butcher's shop can make fathers who like to grill a lot. 

    Soft packages, hard packages, and consumable gifts are the three types of Christmas gifts that can be considered by the person who would like to buy a great gift to family or friends. Hand-made or home-made gifts can give a warmer atmosphere because Christmas is the time that is spent with family and beloved ones. However, whatever the present is the only matter at Christmas is to spend quality and fun time with the loved ones. 

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Division and Classification Essay Examples

Division and classification essays are the same essays with different names.

So that both of these essays' main idea is organizing the things into different categories

Using the tips that we are giving in this paper while writing a classification essay will lead you to a good paper.

Also, the essay example that is given in the headline above in this paper will inspire and guide you!


Outline & Structure of Classification Essay

Outlining the essay before starting to write will ease the essay writing process.

Like in every essay types; classification essay structure includes three main paragraphs;

Classification Essay Outline


Introduction of the thing that will be categorized

Giving the idea about the purpose of the essay

Thesis statement





1.      Body Paragraph: -Category 1

                                     a. The criteria should be explained

                                     b. Strengths or weaknesses should be discussed

                                     c. Examples that fit into the category should be given


2.      Body Paragraph: -Category 2

                                     a. The criteria should be explained

                                     b. Strengths or weaknesses should be discussed

                                      c. Examples that fit into the category should be given


3.      Body Paragraph: -Category 3

                                     a. The criteria should be explained

                                     b. Strengths or weaknesses should be discussed

                                     c. Examples that fit into the category should be given






A summary of the categories that mentioned in the body paragraphs

*An advice of one category over another can be added optionally in conclusion.



Writing Guide for the Classification Essay

Start to write the classification essay is not as simple as it seems.

Therefore; following the tips that are given below, will ease the confusion in your mind, and help you very much!

  1. Before starting to write, gather ideas.

Since the primary purpose is to classify the ideas, objects, characters with categorizing, or grouping, brainstorming is needed a lot.

Hence, think of the general things that can be categorized at first.

    This list can be very long...

   Brainstorming about the things, categorize them in mind while getting ideas will help you to write a good paper eventually.

  1. Outline the essay before starting to write.

After getting ideas about what to write about; outline the essay with a template.

Frame the essay outline and make little notes about what to mention in each paragraph.

Having a template of the essay which is designed in mind will make your writing process faster.

This step will make you save time while writing.

  1. Develop the thesis statement.

The thesis statement tells everything about the paper.

After deciding the topic of the paper, and outlining the essay; the thesis statement should be formulated.

The rest of the essay will shape the thesis statement.

  1. More research is needed.

While deciding the topic, there is research needed for how to categorize.

However, after the first three steps that are given above, more research should be done to exemplify the categories.

Categorize or group them correctly requires a lot of research.

After the research, now you can exemplify the categories, types, or groups more confident.

  1. Don't forget to do a review of the paper.

After doing enough research, and writing the paper according to the outline, finally; you need to review your points.

Going through all the points in the last paragraph will be a proper ending for a classification essay.

Nobody would like to end up with the incomplete paper, so that starts to give an extensive view of the paper, and summarize it.

Finally; read your essay one more time out loud; hence you can recognize any grammar mistakes if it's done any.

Remember! Don't use complicated phrases, and use the formal language as always!

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What are the 4 Main Types of Paragraphs?

The main 4 types of paragraphs are Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, and Persuasive paragraphs.

Narrative Paragraph

Tells stories or tells details of the events

Descriptive Paragraph

Describes something or someone in detail

Expository Paragraph

Explains things, gives information or instructions

Persuasive Paragraph

Tries to convince the reader on a specific subject



These are the 4 main paragraphs that are used in essay writing.

It is widespread to be asked to write in one of these paragraph types in the essays.

But as it is also seen that it is not very difficult with the guide of Ride My Homework.

In the classification essay, the expository paragraphs can be used to expose the categories.

Introduction Paragraph for Classification Essay

The introduction paragraph is the first and vital paragraph of a classification essay.

How you start the paper is very important; also, the thesis statement is written at the end of this paragraph.

Naming the thing that will be categorized, and giving some information about it will be a good start for the introduction paragraph.

Using a hook sentence to get the attention of the reader can be useful in this paragraph.

Hook for classification essay can include the things in the following:

Giving a hook in the introduction paragraph will make the reader get into the essay easier.

Thesis Statement for Classification Essay

Formulating the thesis statement before starting to write a classification essay will help to shape the paper easier.

The thesis statement tells about what the paper is going to be about.

Therefore, it is one of the most critical parts of the whole essay.

The thesis statement explains the thing and how can it be categorized.

Following sentence can be taken as a classical thesis statement in classification essay:

There are (number) types of (something)”


Topic: Christmas Gifts

Thesis Statement: It can be said that three types of Christmas gifts will make people choose a great gift.

Body Paragraph for Classification Essay

The classification essay requires more than one body paragraph.

Each body paragraph should explain each category.

Therefore it can also be said like in the following sentence:

The number of categories determines the number of body paragraphs.

Hence; if there are 5 types of the thing that you are writing about, there should also be 5 body paragraphs.

Also, another essential point in body paragraphs is that the categories should be exemplified.

Follow the following steps in body paragraphs for a classification essay:

With the help of these tips; now you know the path which goes to the best classification essay body paragraphs.


Conclusion Paragraph for Classification Essay

It is crucial how to end an essay correctly.

Nobody would like to leave the essay incomplete.

Therefore; the conclusion essay will make you complete the paper.

Conclusion paragraph for classification essay must clarify the categories and criteria.

It should start by briefly mentioning each category, then pull all of them together.

A recommendation about a category over another can also be given optionally in the conclusion paragraph.

DON’T FORGET! The conclusion paragraph is the last step, so keep it short and only give a summary of the paper.


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Classification Ideas

Choosing the right and ideal topic for the classification essay is the key to a good paper.

Getting ideas about the topic that can be written requires brainstorming.

Ride My Homework guiding you on how to choose the right topic to write for classification essay!

Here are 5 tips for it...

  1. Gather Ideas:

Get ideas about the topics that you can write.

If you need to decide on your topic, it will be a little bit easier to end up with a satisfying essay.

Hence, think of the objects, characters, or anything that you can categorize, and get ideas about it.

  1. Brainstorm:

Make a list of things that comes in your mind!

Don’t censor or limit yourself while making this list.

This list can help you to reach a good classification essay idea.

  1. Do research:

After making a list, research on the internet.

Check if you can find examples to support your categorization.

Remember; explaining the criteria with examples is the primary purpose!

  1. Make a list of weaknesses or strengths:

Choose a possible topic from the list that you made while brainstorming, and make another list.

This list should include;

Figuring out if the topic has enough weaknesses or strengths to write about will make you one step closer to a good topic.

  1. Be confident about the topic:

After you have done the first 4 tips above, you should be very sure that you have done enough research.

Detailed research will make you feel sure about the topic, and being confident about the topic is the key.

Now you can use the information that you had after research on your topic certainly, and start to write.


Classification and Division EssayTopic Ideas

If you are struggling with finding a classification essay topic for your paper, this comes for you...

Ride My Homework listed classification and division essay topics for you:

  1. Types of students in the library
  2. Types of hobbies
  3. Types of gardeners
  4. Types of shoppers
  5. Diets to lose weight effectively.
  6. What are the ways to quit smoking?
  7. Types of vacations in Nordic countries
  8. What kind of Youtube videos are there?
  9. Types of Instagram users
  10. TV shows

Classification Essay about Food

Everyone likes food.

Categorizing foods can make you feel hungry, but it will be fun to write!

Here are 5 classification essay topics about food:

  1. Asian Cuisines
  2. Types of pasta
  3. Fast Food restaurants
  4. Types of pizzas
  5. Desserts

We are sure that writing on these topics will inspire you very much!


Classification Essay About Movies

There are a lot of movie kinds to watch.

Movies are the source of killing time, enjoy the time, or get to be informed.

Categorizing the movies is a good idea to write in a classification essay.

Here is a list of 5 classification essay topics about movies:

  1. Types of animation movies
  2. Crime movies and documents
  3. Movie types which are watched by mostly women
  4. Movies which can be watched with family
  5. Thrilling movie types


Classification Essay on Sports

Sports have a huge role in people today.

Also, there are a lot of new or ancient sports which are performed all around the world by people.

Classifying sports on some sorts can be a nice essay topic.

Here is a list of 5 classification essay topics about sports:

  1. Indoor sports
  2. Outdoor sports
  3. Extreme Sports
  4. Types of sports for children under 10 years old
  5. Olympic sports

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Classification Essay on Friends

There are a lot of different types of people around us.

This is why it makes different kinds of friendships, relationships.

A lot of essays can be written about friends.

Here are 5 classification essay topics about friends:

  1. Types of roommates
  2. Types of classmates
  3. Friendships from summer camps
  4. Friends from societies and organizations
  5. Types of friends


Classification Essay on Holidays

All of us are looking for a holiday each year.

There can be a lot of things to write about holidays in a classification essay.

Here is a list of classification essay topics about holidays for you!

  1. Christmas gifts
  2. The ways of celebrating Thanksgiving
  3. Holiday destinations in Europe
  4. Holiday activities
  5. The ways of packing for a vacation


Classification Essay on Music

Music is everywhere in daily life.

It also has a massive influence on people.

Also, there are a lot of music genres that are popular in each region.

Writing a classification essay about music can lead you to a perfect paper!

5 Classification essay topics about music:

  1. Types of music which are ideal for listening while exercising, or jogging
  2. Music to concentrate while studying, working.
  3. Types of portable music players
  4. Types of earphones
  5. Music types in the United States


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Q & A about Classification Essay

Ride My Homework has answered the following questions for you!

  1. What is a classification in writing?

Classification in writing means classifying ideas, objects, or characters with shared features into particular categories or groups.

  1. What are classification and example?

Classification means to put a sure thing into categories or groups.

Above in this paper, you can find an example of a classification essay which is given by Ride My Homework.

  1. What is a classification and division essay?

Both classification and division essays are the same thing, and their main purposes are the same.

You can find detailed information about essay type on this page.

Ride My Homework has prepared a guideline about it.

  1. How do you create a classification?

To create a classification, you need to find a topic that you can explain with categorizing.

To classify means to put an idea, object, or character into categories according to their shared features.

If you put things into groups or categories; you could create a classification.

  1. What are the benefits of classifications?

It is a classic method of learning things in a categorized way.

Therefore; classifying the things will make the reader process the information more accessible.

  1. What is the purpose of classification in English?

 The main purpose of a classification essay is to classify the ideas, objects, characters with categorizing, or grouping with shared features.

  1. How do we use classification in everyday life?

Since the classification aims to classify and categorize certain things through some shared features; doing it everyday life is very likely.

We classify things in our daily lives unconsciously, hence it is in our everyday life.

For example, we can classify the food for each meal. This is a standard classification from our daily life.